Walter Mondale

Great Campaign Ads, Ctd

From the 1984 presidential election campaign. the famous “Bear in the Woods

“There is a bear in the woods” was the opening line of a television commercial for the 1984?U.S. presidential?campaign of?Republican Party?candidate?Ronald Reagan. Before the ad was created, the public seemed more comfortable with the way Walter Mondale described how he would negotiate than they did with Reagan’s peace through strength platform. The public could not really see how peace could be realized through strength. Research by award-winning pollster,?Richard Wirthlin, detected the nation’s overriding concern about Russia and how to communicate the solution through subtlety.

The commercial featured a?brown bear?wandering through a forest accompanied by narration suggesting that the bear could be tame or dangerous and that it would be wise to be prepared for the latter. In the final scene a man appears and the bear takes a step back. The ad ends with a picture of Reagan and the tagline: “President Reagan: Prepared for Peace.”

Without directly mentioning opponent?Walter Mondale, defense spending, or the?Soviet Union?(traditionally?symbolized by a bear), the ad suggested that Reagan was better prepared to recognize and deal with threats to global stability.