Wowsers want you to stop that and ban ban ban some more

What is it this time? ?Rodeos

Photo/ Pete Belt

There are renewed calls to bans rodeos as thousands gear up to watch a New Year’s event in Warkworth.

Animal rights groups claim it’s horrific abuse, but rodeo organisers insist they’re ill-informed.

It’s man versus beast, cowboy against horse ? a tradition that goes back to the 1940s in New Zealand. But animal welfare organisations say it’s cruel.

“Animals will be poked with electric prods,” says Kathleen Lafferty of Direct Animal Action. “They have to wear tight flank straps around their abdomens. The cowboys wear spurs. There are a lot of things that do cause pain and distress.”

Direct Animal Action wants to see an end to it.

“We would like, ideally, the Government to put a total nationwide ban on rodeo.”

It is planning to make its voice heard in Warkworth, north of Auckland, when the rodeo comes to town on New Year’s Day.

At Warkworth in three days’ time, the hillside will be packed with thousands of spectators, but some say it’s not a sport at all, that it’s cruelty for the sake of entertainment. Read more »

Mark Mitchell isn’t afraid of a bit of bull

Mark Mitchell, the MP for Rodney isn’t anything like Lockwood Smith when it comes to sports.

Where Lockwood like to wear budgie smugglers and swim at the beach, Mark is into chaps and bulls and the arena of the Rodeo…

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