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Labour relaunches their Hobbit Hater policy

Labour has re-launched their Hobbit Hater policy at the behest of the unions, proving that their investment in purchasing David Cunliffe and the 20% vote for the leadership has provided a cash for policy arrangement that is giving their leaders sticky knickers.

The Labour Party wants to repeal the law changes that were ceded to Warner Bros over The Hobbit films, a move which the Government says would cripple the $3 billion screen industry.

Labour leader David Cunliffe and MP Andrew Little launched the party’s work and wages policy yesterday, which included a boost to the minimum wage, and a commission of inquiry into workplace conditions.

Here’s an idea…why don;t they just declare a wages crisis, and in short order National will fix the problem. Seems to have worked for manufacturing and housing…it’s worth a crack.

So Labour wants to kill off the film industry in NZ, Dotcom’s party just wants to steal it, and the Greens want to destroy the oil?and gas industry.

They really are the wrecking ball of the NZ economy.

But wait it gets worse…Labour also wants to kill jobs.? Read more »

Dotcom’s changing story, he’s got nothing and scamming media again

As a convicted fraudster and hacker Dotcom certainly has a history of lying.

Of course there was his famous pledge to a dying Paul Holmes that he wasn’t going to sue the Government (the NZ Taxpayer) before he changed his tune and decided that he would indeed claim cash from the long suffering Kiwi taxpayer. He also promised Team NZ cash and a new internet cable…none of those have materialised. The man just lies and the journalists repeat his lies like they are the Gospel of Kim.

The yesterday, in the world’s longest striptease (perish the thought), he again claimed he has the proof that John Key knew of his existence – before the Prime Minister says he did.

Quite why this even matters is beyond me.

But the problem for the German crook – is that once again he’s changed his story.

Previously Dotcom promised his ‘bombshell’ was so important to his extradition case that it would only be revealed in court… clearly he’s lied again.

The NZ Herald reported at the time:

Kim Dotcom claims he has proof that Prime Minister John Key lied about not knowing who the Megaupload millionaire was until just before the raid on his Coatesville mansion.

But Dotcom says he will not reveal his evidence until he is in court.? Read more »

Kim Dotcom’s assets under attack in civil action

Kim Dotcom, I suspect, is about to find out how Mark Hotchin feels with his assets under attack for a civil action.

The major difference of course is that Kim Dotcom also faces criminal charges and Mark Hotchin hasn’t had a single charge laid.

Hollywood studios are making a move to freeze Kim Dotcom’s assets pending the outcome of a new lawsuit lodged by the studios against the Megaupload founder last month.

In April Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Disney Enterprises, Paramount Pictures Corporation, Universal City Studios Productions, Columbia Pictures Industries, and Warner Bros Entertainment filed the suit against Dotcom in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia.

The studios claimed Dotcom “facilitated, encouraged, and profited” from illegal file-sharing on the Megaupload site.

Now the studios have filed applications to freeze Dotcom’s millions in the United States, Hong Kong and New Zealand. ?? Read more »

Another nail in a very large coffin

I'm coming to steal your democracy

I’m coming to steal your democracy

Kim Dotcom’s court room antics are coming unstuck on him.

After his evidence in the Banks trial was shown to be shonky he has been dealt another blow this week with a court slamming him over his “fishing expedition”.

Mega founder Kim Dotcom been denied access to evidence against him to be used in his upcoming extradition hearing.

Dotcom had applied for documents held by the Security Intelligence Service (SIS), Immigration New Zealand, police, Customs, Corrections and the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB), but a District Court decision released today has dismissed the application.

However, what is known as a record of case ? a list of sworn documents and a summary of evidence ? has had its prohibition on publication lifted. Because the record was not officially part of the court file, it was not allowed to be made public.


In declining the other documents, Judge Dawson said the evidence and submissions “fell well short” of what was needed to consider granting the applications.

He also said there was “no reasonable basis” for granting the application for the documents.

“It bears all the hallmarks of a fishing expedition that would involve an extensive amount of time and resources to satisfy with a very low likelihood of it producing evidence relevant to the extradition hearing.”

An application was also made to move the extradition hearing from July 7, but a decision on that will be made in a teleconference at a later date.

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Chickens coming home to roost for Kim Dotcom, MPAA and former staff suing

Last night Kim Dotcom tweeted about his former employee suing him for unpaid wages.

What Kim Dotcom doesn’t state is that he worked that staff member 90 hours per week at below the minimum wage. If he had paid his staff at or above the minimum wage while he continued to live a life of opulence then the staff member might have been able to save for himself rather than going cap in hand to Dotcom.

This is how Dotcom operates, he makes people dependent upon him, then hands out “gifts” instead of paying outstanding wages, and then when the staff decided to pursue him for the wages he slams them in public on twitter when there is a court process underway. The true mark of a sociopath treating people as play things, manipulating them emotionally and financially to keep them under control.

Then to heap misery on top of that lawsuit the MPAA has filed a massive lawsuit against him as well.? Read more »

Hooton on Labour’s version of crony capitalism

Corporate shill Matthew Hooton calls out David Cunliffe for his own version of crony capitalism.

The most disappointing aspect of John Key?s government is its tendency toward crony capitalism and corporate welfare.

Most passionately debated were the tax breaks and employment law changes for the movie industry after lobbying from?Sir Peter Jackson?andWarner Bros.

The?SkyCity deal?involved the government foregoing future revenues from casino relicensing to get a Convention Centre at no immediate cost.

The?Tiwai Point aluminium smelter, with annual revenues of over $1 billion, was given a one-off handout of $30 million, an amount which cannot materially improve its viability.

The government tried to keep prices for broadband and landlines artificially high to subsidise?Chorus.

These are the best-known examples but seldom does a week go by without?Steven Joyce?announcing a new handout to some chosen sector or firm.

I don’t subscribe to subsidies, but politicians love the pork.

In his first party conference speech as leader, Mr Cunliffe launched a fearsome assault on National for ?tilt[ing] the playing field even further? towards its ?mates.?

?[National]?s Hall of Shame,? Mr Cunliffe boomed, ?involves those shabby deals with Warner Brothers, Sky City, Rio Tinto and Chorus.?

Quite accurately, Mr Cunliffe reported businesspeople telling him they wanted no part of it. ?They want a level playing field that?s fair and transparent, not one set of rules for National?s mates and another for everyone else,? he said.

It was a superb issue for Labour because it unifies everyone from the anti-business far left to the New Zealand Initiative, the resurrected Business Roundtable.

Now Labour has gone and blown it.? Read more »

Peter Jackson slams the unions as OIA docs are released

Peter Jackson has slammed the unions in a press release today after OIA documents were released?today over the Hobbit deal:

WingNut Films welcomes the release of documents pertaining to the industrial action that was initiated by the Australian based trade union, the MEAA, against the film production of?The Hobbit?in 2010.

Whilst we would not personally seek to re-litigate this issue, it is our hope that these documents will lead to a better understanding of the events as they unfolded.? Read more »

Hobbit Hypocrisy Watch, Ctd

Hobbit hating hypocrite Grant Robertson was on RadioLive this morning talking up the movie premiere that he accepted free tickets to attend – even after voting against the legislation that allowed the movie to happen here in New Zealand.

Remember,?this?is what Grant Robertson said about the deal that secured the Hobbit for New Zealand.

“… acquiescing to the demands of a corporation in America in the form of Warner Bros, and about saying we will change our law and do whatever it takes, no matter what it is, to do what that corporation wants.?

?The Government has made it clear that our sovereignty and democracy are there for the highest bidder.?

He clearly has no shame, and it must have burned when Peter Jackson personally thanked Prime Minister John Key last night for helping to get the movie made in New Zealand.

Hobbit Hypocrisy Watch, Ctd

Here are our first three Hobbit hypocrites:

Three Labour MPs, including its leadership team of David Shearer and Grant Robertson, will attend the red-carpet premiere of The Hobbit tomorrow despite strong criticism over the deal to appease the movie’s makers, Warner Bros.

Labour’s leader and deputy leader, and Rongotai MP Annette King, have accepted invitations to the premiere in Wellington – joining six National Party Cabinet ministers, including the four who negotiated with Warner Bros executives in 2010 over tax breaks and an employment law change.

Labour’s criticism in 2010 earned them the nickname “Hobbit-haters” from National MPs, who claimed that Warner would film it elsewhere if the Government didn’t move to change the law.

Mr Robertson denied it was hypocritical to attend the event after criticising the deal with Warner Bros which included a change to employment law to set out the legal status of film workers as contractors rather than employees. “I remain staunchly opposed to the legislation passed by the National Government in this matter. We thought it was wrong and unnecessary and still do.

“But I’ve never been opposed to the movie or the story or anything like that, just to the way the law was changed.”

And if the law hadn’t been changed then the movie wouldn’t have been held there in his electorate. Robertson’s?hypocrisy?is matched only by his sanctimony.

The Greens are at their sanctimonious best:

The Green Party also criticised National at the time and a spokeswoman said none of its MPs were going.

The bounty still stands…if any of my loyal readers see any Hobbit Hypocrites then snap them and send the photos to the tipline.

They can stop bludging too

I hate subsidies and I fail to see why movie moguls, who make billions, need us to subsidise their movies. It is just corporate welfare and they need to stop bludging too. Bludgers are bludgers no matter what they look like:

The Government is under pressure to raise the 15 per cent subsidy it offers to lure foreign film and television companies, to compete with an Australian proposal raised by Hollywood heavyweights who dined with the Prime Minister this week.

John Key met the heads of Fox, Disney, Warner Bros, Universal, Sony and MGM studios at a dinner hosted by Avatar director James Cameron and his associate John Landau on Thursday with actor Cliff Curtis and Weta supremo Sir Richard Taylor.

The meal followed a day of meetings in Hollywood for Mr Key, including a visit to the set of TV show Body of Proof, where he was introduced to the cast, including former Desperate Housewives star Dana Delany.

Up for discussion at Thursday’s dinner at the Landau home were alleged internet pirate Kim Dotcom, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the 15 per cent subsidy NZ pays film companies to secure their business.

Taxpayers have spent more than $500 million in the past decade subsidising Hollywood productions, including Sir Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings. Subsidies for The Hobbit are expected to reach $60 million.