Warren Tucker

The best summary of facts over Phil Goff’s SIS briefing yet

Rodney Hide has done what no journalist has managed to do, written a summary of the failings of Phil Goff and the SIS briefing her got but said he never did.

And he only needed 450 words to do it.

Security Intelligence Service (SIS) boss Rebecca Kitteridge should have told Phil Goff to get stuffed. Instead she apologised. I wouldn’t have.

In election year 2011 – several Labour leaders ago – Goff was floundering about trying to get a hit on Prime Minister John Key. His attacks invariably backfired.

There was a kerfuffle about supposed suspicious activity by Israeli nationals. Key initially declined to comment, citing national security concerns. He subsequently explained that a security intelligence investigation uncovered nothing untoward.

Goff characteristically attacked, saying Key had made a hash of explaining the hitherto unknown concern and that people were asking: “Are we even now being told the truth?” This was a roundabout way of accusing Key of lying.

Further, Goff asserted he should have been briefed. “It’s not been part of any briefing to me.” Key said that wasn’t true. Oops.

Previous SIS boss Warren Tucker met Goff to refresh his memory. The result was Goff flailing about. “There was no briefing per se … I don’t recall at all seeing the document.”

Subsequently, Tucker provided a heavily redacted agenda note under the Official Information Act on his briefing of Goff and the relevant Security Intelligence report, called Investigation into Israeli Nationals in Christchurch, with Tucker’s handwritten note: “Read by/discussed with Mr Goff 14 March 11.”

Goff then attacked Tucker. “I was not shown the document … Warren Tucker is wrong … I was never ‘briefed’ by the SIS.”

It was election year. Goff was losing. He was lashing out. And he couldn’t say he had forgotten or hadn’t paid attention because that was one of his attack lines on Key.

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Another NewstalkZB staffer goes feral

There seems to be a cancer eating away at NewstalkZB…one of a lack of courage too, because Rachel Smalley and ?now James Robins are both giving me a good ?kicking.

You have to wonder if an edict has gone out from NZME.

But neither of them have the courage to say these sorts of things to my face…like many in the media they are spineless cowards.

James Robins goes on a defamatory rant…it really is quite funny. Dallas Gurney will be loving the ratings and traffic that a stoush?with me brings.

The Labour Party?s new leader Andrew Little may believe that the Prime Minister should ?stand up, take responsibility?apologise? and ?move on?. But there?s little chance of turning away from an ever-increasing barrage of evidence against the Government?s deeply disgusting, disturbing, and treacherous actions.

Inspector General Cheryl Gwyn?s inquiry sought to uncover allegations made against Warren Tucker (former head of the Security Intelligence Service), staffers in the Prime Minister?s office (like black-ops man Jason Ede), and Cameron Slater (a ?toxic? hatemonger and terminal ?reprobate? blogger) prior to the 2011 Election.

What?disgusting, disturbing, and treacherous actions….this is politics you numpty.

As for calling me a toxic hatemonger, have you been swallowing the seed of Martyn Martin Bradbury? I bet Larry Williams and Leighton Smith don’t agree with you…or even your own boss.

Then-Labour leader Phil Goff, mistakenly convinced that he hadn’t received an intelligence briefing about the actions of a few Israelis after the Christchurch earthquake, found himself under attack not during Question Time or from his enemies during a media stand-up but from the fly-blown pages of a deranged blog.

Released on Tuesday, Gwyn?s report entirely confirms (as if Nicky Hager?s claims needed more affirmation) that Slater received a tip-off about Goff?s folly, was coached through making an OIA request by Key?s staffer Jason Ede, received his politically-damaging treasure in record time thanks to Tucker?s inability to stay ?politically neutral?, and proceeded to lambast the Labour Party alongside the Government who gleefully kept their hands ?clean? of the entire affair.

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Good on John Key for telling Goff to naff off over apology

Regular readers will know that I’m not one for the current epidemic of drop kicks on twitter being outraged and demanding apologies.

It seems John Key is like me in that respect and has basically said Phil Goff isn’t going to get one from him.

Prime Minister John Key says he will not offer an apology to Labour’s Phil Goff and is defending his office against any claims of wrongdoing over the involvement in the OIA request by Whaleoil blogger Cam Slater to SIS head Warren Tucker.

A report on Dirty Politics allegations released this morning found former SIS director Warren Tucker failed to take adequate steps to maintain the spy agency’s political neutrality.

Speaking soon after the report’s release this morning, Mr Key said the Inspector General’s report had cleared his office of any wrongdoing and no apology was necessary.

“The report makes it absolutely crystal clear that my office did nothing that was either unprofessional or breached any of the requirements on them.”

He also countered Labour’s accusations he was using SIS information for political purposes, accusing Labour of leaking selected parts of the Inspector General’s report to the media yesterday in advance of its release. ?? Read more »

The only sorry Phil Goff deserves

It is now past 1000 so I can now speak about the SIS inquiry.

The time embargo didn’t stop Phil Goff shamelessly leaking to media yesterday and creating a storm and headlines ahead of the release.

I didn’t speak to media because I wasn’t allowed to. And today I won’t speak to media because I don’t have to.

But essentially the report finds that The PMs department colluded with me to ask an OIA that proved that Phil Goff lied about being briefed. Along the way the head of the SIS Dr. Warren Tucker got a bit political.

My response?

So bloody what!

None of this would have happened had Phil Goff told the truth when asked if he was briefed.

I am completely entitled as a citizen and voter to ask an OIA, and I did.

What is outrageous is that Phil Goff tried to stop the OIA release, interfere in a legitimate OIA request, all because he might get embarrassed. It is he who should be apologising. ?? Read more »

Face of the day

PM John Key

PM John Key


The media have been in such a lather determined to find dirt on John Key in the stolen e-mails. They kept failing to get any traction and then finally, FINALLY they had him. They waved their evidence around wetting their pants with excitement. They had him in a corner, he was dead as a Dodo, there was absolutely NOTHING he could say that would get him out of the corner they had painted him into.

Breathlessly we waited to see how John would reply………………..

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Throwing Stones in Glass Houses

Further to my earlier post about the conflicts of Bruce Ferguson.

I wonder how exactly he managed to go from being?the HR Manager at the third tier of the civil service to being the Chief of Defence, under Helen Clark?

Prime Minister Helen Clark today announced the appointment of Air Marshal Bruce Ferguson as Director of the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB).

Air Marshal Ferguson will take up his new role when the current Director, Dr Warren Tucker, takes up?his new role as Director of Security?on 1 November 2006. Mr Ferguson?s term of appointment is for four years.

Helen Clark said Air Marshal Bruce Ferguson, who is currently the Acting Director of the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management, retired earlier this year from a distinguished military career which culminated in four years as Chief of Defence Force.

?Air Marshal Ferguson is a skilled leader with strong relationship management abilities. He has proved himself in a demanding chief executive role as the Chief of Defence Force, and has a strong track record of achievement.

?He is experienced at senior levels in the security and intelligence community, with a sound understanding of security and intelligence matters, and a good understanding of the role of Director, GCSB,? Helen Clark said.

Do you think perhaps there might have been some shoulder tapping going on there?

Remember Warren Tucker too, the SIS head that Phil Goff accused of lying and then was proven to himself have lied in attacking a senior civil servant.

Whaleoil Redux 2011 – The SIS files

On July 25 Phil Goff made an extraordinary claim?in the media:

Labour leader Phil Goff denies he was briefed on the SIS investigation into suspicions that Israeli backpackers were spying in Christchurch. Goff is furious over the Prime Minister?s entire handling of the affair, including claims yesterday that the Labour leader was kept in the loop. Goff insists he was not briefed before, during or after the investigation and says he has texted the head of the SIS to complain about John Key?s comments? ?He said the Prime Minister has to understand the responsibilities of his office and cannot ?mouth off? without checking his facts first.

Phil Goff in trying to score a cheap political point against the Prime Minister was trying to say that the head of the SIS, Warren Tucker, had not followed the law. As I wrote at the time extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. Phil Goff has form in throwing civil servants under the bus in order to score a political point. It is now well known that he lied about a foreign affairs briefing to make his claims about the “gone by lunchtime” comment. Now he was saying that a?senior?civil servant hadn’t followed the law. I thought I would try and find out and so I sent an email to the SIS on 26 July, just the day after Phil Goff made his accusations:

Dr Warren Tucker
Director New Zealand Security Intelligence Service
Box 900

26 July 2011


Dear Dr. Tucker

Under the?Official?Information?Act 1982, I request a number of documents. If you require clarification on any of these requests, please do not hesitate to contact me on021 535 xxx.

  1. Copies of briefing notes and/or documents given and/or shown to The Leader of the Opposition during any briefing held in March 2011 regarding Israeli nationals.
  2. Copies of diary notes made at the time or subsequent to the March briefings to The Leader of the Opposition.
  3. Details of any acknowledgement by The Leader of the Opposition of having read or received any of the aforementioned briefing notes and/or documents.

If you wish to withhold any documents I request that you supply me with a list of documents withheld.

I also request that you supply electronic copies of any documents released via email to me.


Cameron Slater

Little did I know the storm that was about to be unleashed. As days went on Phil Goff dug a deeper and deeper hole with his public pronouncements on the matter. He couldn’t get enough press and he thought he was onto a king hit against the Prime Minister. I simply watched and waited, I had no idea what was going on except that which was in the media.

On August 4 Phil Goff issued a press statement that accused Warren Tucker full out of lying. He was saying that he had lost confidence in him. I didn’t know at this stage that Phil Goff had been told by the SIS that they were going to release the OIA request information to me on that day. I hadn’t heard a word at that stage and after writing that post I went my post box and cleared the mail. In the mail was a plain envelope with OHMS on it…I was gob-smacked. I raced back to the car and opened the letter. In that letter was the response from Warren Tucker to my OIA. I was sitting on a bombshell. It took me 20 minutes to drive to the office, in that time I made some phone calls to media. I agreed to release the documents to Tv3, little did I know Phil Goff at this point was busy feeding the media himself.

When I got to the office I hastily posted a few questions for Phil Goff, I still didn’t know that he had been advised by the SIS that the documents were being released. Those questions were designed to let Phil Goff that I had the documents, that they were about to be released and that they proved he had been lying. Phil Goff had a choice when he was advised by the SIS about the document release. He could have concocted a plausible story about forgetting the details, that he was more concerned with the details of Christchurch and so it slipped his mind. Or he could attack me, the head of the SIS and attempt to brazen it out. He choose poorly.

At 6pm on 4 August I dropped my bombshell and released the documents. (SIS-OIA pdf) Tv3 ran the story as their lead item. Phil Goff went on attack. Meanwhile I was on NewstalkZB with Larry Williams just after Barry Soper had run Goff’s attack lines. My segment followed.

It was now clear that Labour’s attack lines were against me and against Warren Tucker. They weren’t interested in the truth.

Labour and Phil Goff had dug a very deep hole. The hole also threatened to swallow Maryan Street and Annette King who had been put up by Goff to run the attacks against John Key. Their words were now damning them in the face of documentary evidence that Phil Goff had lied.

Maryan Street said she would apologise if she got anything wrong. I have yet to?receive?her apology. At this stage Phil Goff still had choices, he could apologise and move on or he could die in the ditch he had dug.

The attacks against me were flying thick and fast.?For some reason the left wing elements of the media, including Scoop, Barry Soper, John Pagani and to a lesser extent Chris Trotter?have?all tried to say that I should never have been given the documents. They all ignore?the?fact that I asked for the documents under the OIA and I asked for details that wouldn?t be secret,?I was very specific?and not only that I published the exact questions I asked.

Some in the media were upset that I was given the documents first, ignoring that all but one news outlet hadn’t actually asked for them. The one that did asked a week after I did and only at the prompting of Phil Goff and Labour. I guess the SIS figured that because I asked first I should get them first. I found out later that despite my request for them to be electronic they inf act posted them to me. I turned into a race between NZ Post delivering to me in Auckland and Stuff getting theirs delivered in Wellington. It was a race I had no knowledge of.

Instead of apologising fro making amistake Phil Goff decided to make an even bigger issue of the story.

Phil Goff said questions need to be asked:

Labour leader?Phil Goff says questions remain over how a right-wing blogger asked the SIS for a confidential document about a briefing he had with the spy agency.

Questions also remained over why the SIS released the material with such urgency ? four working days after receiving the request under the Official Information Act. Most requests are either rejected outright or take at least three weeks to action.

The simple answer to the how a right wing blogger asked the SIS is that?I simply asked for it. I watched Phil Goff and then Annette King change the story about the?briefing?he says he never had, but documents prove that he did. I was angered that Phil Goff was using?the?same tactics that he did when caught lying over the Darren Hughes affair, so?incensed?I wrote an email. That email proved to be Phil Goff’s undoing.

Their attack dogs are unleashed. John Pagani describes the SIS and a rogue agency committing treason. He and other left wing commentator ignore the fact that the SIS had to follow the law.

After I wrote that email the law took effect. The SIS had to, by law, answer my request. The leftwing, Phil Goff, the media all needed to ask themselves a very?pertinent?question.

Do they think that the SIS should selectively answer OIA requests based on the political views of the person asking and the political views of the opponents of the person asking?

They never answered that question because where it leads to is where they were trying to smear the SIS, that there was political involvement in the SIS when they know very clearly that there was not. If they were to answer in?the?affirmative then they supported the?politicization?of the SIS.

Phil Goff has a proven history of leaking, he has a proven history of lying and he just keeps on keeping the story alive. Phil Goff needed to accept he forgot about the briefing, got it wrong, and was wrong to attack a senior civil servant. There was a point where I could have accepted that Phil Goff just forgot. That point passed when he insisted that he and he alone has things right.

But pause for a moment and think about what Phil Goff was suggesting. If he was right and he was never shown anything, or even briefed. Remember his first contention was that he was never briefed, then it changed to he was briefed just a little bit. But think, about what Phil Goff was really suggesting.

He was suggesting that Warren Tucker had falsified?documents, made up minutes for?briefings?that never?occurred?and lied about it all. That really is too unbelievable. The alternate was that Phil Goff simply forgot about it, tried to make political capital, got sprung and then made some stuff up to cover for his faulty memory.

What was more believable? That the head of the SIS falsified documents and lied about meetings, or that Phil Goff forgot.

The sad thing for Phil Goff is that when confronted with the truth he continued to lie and continued to extend the lies. Now more than a few people have accused me of using too strong a description of Phil Goff’s actions. That they weren’t really lies. I could have accepted that at the start but when he continually insisted something didn’t occur when it demonstrably did, and then changes his story from ‘it never happened’ to ‘it happened but I never got any documents‘ and an attack on the?integrity?of a senior civil servant then that crosses over to lies. When he says he?received?different briefings and documents prove he?received?the same briefings then yes that is lying.

This issue, started with a little email OIA request proved without a shadow of a doubt that Phil Goff was and is a liar. I?believe?it was one of the defining moments of the year. On top of Phil Goff’s poor handling of the Darren Hughes affair this should hav been the issue that finished him off as leader, but for the cowardice of his caucus.

Whaleoil Redux 2011 – Q3

July 2011 – 309 posts

Phil Twyford started stealing underpants, I had to ring Rodney Hide for confirmation and after he got done with abusing me sorted out Phil Twyford’s strategy for him.

I busted Marlene Campbell for comparing Anne Tolley to Goebbels.

Trevor Mallard again makes defamatory and racist remarks on Red Alert. Not only that he is actively repeating gossip supplied to him by the same board member who actively manipulated events in Rodney and Coromandel. National will at some stage have to deal with this board member and his pals in Auckland. It is unconscionable that people in that position leak to Labour MPs so they can help their mates get selected.

I blog about the origins of the?Asymmetrical?War.

In July Labour released their capital gains tax and I took great delight in quoting their luminaries previous opposition to the tax.

Phil Goff’s and the NZEI’s contention that they don’t work together is well and truly busted.

Labour were referred to the Police after a complaint by me to the Electoral Commission. The Police have yet to announce any details. Labour have actually got away with repeated breaches of the Electoral Act. I point out why Trevor Mallard couldn’t front for Labour, because he had been warned before. To have him front meant they couldn’t use their lie about not knowing the rules. Their continued ignoring of the rules amounts to?willful?disobedience.

Labour bombs another campaign launch. Plus they steal the?intellectual?property of a photographer.

Their website woes continue.

Trevor Mallard sends an email to supporters imploring them not to panic, that their campaign is going brilliantly and to use patsy lines in Twitter. Unfortunately the intellectually infirm Labour supporters use the lines word for word and Twitter looks like a redux of Mallard’s email.

Labour didn’t want to get into details about their Capital Gains Tax plans. They didn’t want that because they simply hadn’t done the work. Almost every question was met with a response that the “Expert panel” would be looking at that. Unfortunately for Labour the public very?definitely?wanted details.

Mallard’s email was picked up by the media.

Labour start bombarding the public with taxpayer funded electioneering. I start writing letters. Still more letters.

Labour meanwhile, after insisting that they would start following the rules breaks them yet again?with another mail out. I complain to the Electoral Commission who subsequently refer labour, again, to the Police. The Police still haven’t done anything. Labour calculates that the Police won;t do anything and continues to break the law knowing that there are no consequences for them ever.

Trevor Mallard says “Labour can steal the election and they will”.

I bust the Kindergarten Associations and their millions of dollars of retained funds, at the same time they are crying poor.

Phil Goff says that he wasn’t briefed by the SIS about some Israeli tourists in the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquake. Things are about to get interesting which I will detail in a?separate?post. This becomes my second big story of the year.

I write yet another letter to Lockwood Smith about Labour’s spending rorts. And another one.

I start my countdown to the last possible day that Labour can roll Phil Goff before the election. I make a video a day highlighting the terrible?inconsistencies?of Phil Goff.

My son is assaulted at Rainbows End. The offenders have never been caught.

The SMOGs start to flow from Trevor Mallard. I still don’t know why?politicians?use Twitter.

August 2011 – 449 posts

Annette King goes nasty on Ali Ikram, Deborah Coddington and Patrick Gower on Twitter.

I announce NZ First’s North Shore candidate before NZ First does.

Sue Moroney provides yet another SMOG.

Winston Peters blames the media for Andrew Williams bad press. Of course it was actually me that?caused?all his bad press.

Stuart Nash provides a SMOG.

I publish my letter to Dr Tucker, the head of the SIS, this signals the opening of the SIS story I am about to unleash on Phil Goff. This will be covered in a?separate?post.

I explain what Colin Craig needs to do to win. He ignores every single part of my advice. He is now over a million dollars poorer and still not in parliament.

On 7 August I quit Citizen A and blogged about why. I have never once regretted quitting and resisted the constant begging to return.

I capture the Minister of Twitter in mid tweet at the National party conference.

The Electoral Commission refers the Labour party brochure to Police for breaching?the?Electoral Act. The Police still have not done anything.

I highlight a NZEI and Labour party nasty, their Whangarei candidate Pat Newman. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Darien Fenton embarks on her campaign of nasty by calling for a boycott of the band that played at National’s campaign dinner. She will do much worse in coming months.

Malcolm Harbrow tells Trevor Mallard what he thinks:

[blackbirdpie url=”103428469865721857″]

The Electoral Commission refers Charles Chauvel to the Police on the basis of my complaint. The Police are yet to do anything.

Trevor Mallard won the bike race. Meanwhile I won the war, having Labour campaign strategist focused entirely on beating me in a bike race for 6 weeks. I managed to come second in a 60km race against a professional cyclist and part time politician.

Clare Curran attacks the Greens for stealing Labour’s votes. Labour are in?meltdown?as they start to realise that their social media campaign is failing.

Just after Phil Goff declares that Labour will focus on the things that matter Sue Moroney lets rip on Twitter.

I blog about anti-depressants and how ineffective they were for me.

September 2011 – 530 posts

Trevor Mallard continues to show the nasty and delivers up another SMOG.

Clare Curran continued to show that Labour was focussed on important matters….like volume on adverts.

Trevor Mallard compares John Key to mass murdering dictators, proving that Twitter and politicians are the gift that keeps on giving.

I blog about Jim Anderton and his illegal letter to constituents. I complain to the Electoral Commission and they later refer the letter and Jim Anderton to Police.

Clare Curran continued to focus on the things that matter…like teletubbies.

Trevor Mallard and Clare Curran had a twitter fight about Cheese Rolls.

Jacinda Ardern complained about the congestion around the toaster at the airport lounge. Letting all us peasants know how important she is that she is in the lounge and troughing it up at the same time.

Labour’s new election posters were begging for a photoshop.

I blog about hugs being banned at my daughter’s school.

I introduce the concept of the Blink Test. Which politicians pass the Blink Test?

I suggest that Labour is waiting for the Langoliers.

I bust Greens candidate Max Coyle for the sad little story in the Waikato Times that he fed to them. The Greens withdraw Max from their candidate list. Tim McIndoe didn’t need a Greens candidate to win handsomely, he was benefiting from The Moroney Effect.

I wonder whether John Minto will get a 1000 votes. It turns out he couldn’t, getting just 461 people to vote for him.

Trevor Mallrd starts a smear campaign against Bryce Edwards. It ends up being called #bryceedwardsconspiracy on Twitter and shows Labour and Mallard are all at sea with their election strategy.

Chris Trotter asks why Trevor Mallard is Labour’s campaign strategist. The question remains unanswered.

Dimpost?provides?the comments of the week:

Oh the hours of endless speculation? Personally, I reckon Labour?s campaign strategy is being run by a crew of demented P-addict gerbils with a KFC fetish, whilst playing?Elton John?and Queen simultaneously. Of course, the gerbils could be running ACT?s campaign; Labour may be guided by a crack team of lemmings?

Darien Fenton launches her now infamous attack against The Mad Butcher.

Trevor Mallard continued to prove that his personal?demeanour?was more?suited?to drunken pub brawls than to Twitter. Yet he was trotting along to caucus and telling everyone that Labour would win using Social media.

On September 28 I relaunched the site with the help of Cre8D Design.

Sir Peter Leitch calls me to talk about Darien Fenton’s scurrilous attack on him. He says he was “gutted” by her comments.

Another of Phil's lies busted

Yet another of Phil Goff’s lies has been busted.

Asked if he would consider letting the Prime Minister sit in, Goff said: “The Prime Minister?would be very welcome to sit in. I would love to get all the same briefings that he gets.”

Note how he does that. Suggests that his briefing is somehow materially different from John Key. He is suggesting and cultivating the impression that poor Phil is left out.

However in another release and letter from the SIS to Scoop Media,?Warren Tucker buries that lie of Phil Goff’s.

[scanned document]

There it is in black and white, for all to see. The briefing Phil Goff receieved was “identical” to John Key’s briefing. Phil Goff’s comments about getting different briefings to the PM is exposed for the lie it was.

Phil Goff hasn’t told the truth, either deliberately or by?omission?from the get go in this whole sorry affair. He needs to come clean, or failing that apologise.

If he does not it shows quite clearly that the man is unfit for office. I wonder though why he is continuing to keep this issue in the public domain?


Phil can't take an ex-Minister

Phil Goff now says that he will take one of his current MPs, ostensibly an ex-Minister to meetings with Warren Tucker. He says they already have clearance. Let’s check this out against facts shall we, since Phil Goff and reality seem to be completely divorced.

Basically Phil Goff, as is usual these days,?gets it wrong. He claims he will take a former minister with an appropriate security clearance into briefings with Warren Tucker. There is a slight problem with that premise.

Ministers don’t get security clearances. Ministers aren’t even vetted. Ministerial staff are, but the clearance doesn’t survive the departure from ministerial services, so even though Grant Robertson had two clearances, initially for MFAT and then Ministerial Services, he currently has no clearance

No ministers ever get vetted and Former ministers don’t have clearances once they cease being a minister.

Basically Phil Goff is wanting to include somebody who isn’t even on the Security and Intelligence Committee in secret and top secret briefings from the Director, and is lying about that person having a security clearance.

Even if it was true that some of his current MPs had a previous clearance, it’s the employing agency that grants a clearance, not the SIS. Ministers don’t have an employing agency. It would be preposterous for a Prime Minister to consult or have the SIS pre-vet prospective Ministers before making ministerial appointments.

Worse still for Phil Goff’s silly premise that his MPs still?have?clearance is that the?Security?in the Government Sector manual [alternate link]?is very precise about security clearances.

Lapses and Transfers of Security Clearances

60.?A security clearance lapses after five years or when the holder leaves the organisation that granted it.

61. When an employee with a clearance transfers to another government organisation, the Chief Executive of the new organisation may grant a new clearance at the same or lower level, without further vetting, if:

  • the previous clearance is less than 12 months old, and
  • the employee’s duties, for which access is required, are broadly comparable to those of the position in the previous organisation.

62. When transferring a clearance, the expiry date of the new clearance should be made the same as that of the original clearance from the former organisation.

63. For advice about confirming original clearance expiry dates and other information relevant to security clearance transfers, consult the NZSIS.

As you can see it is impossible for Phil Goff to suggest he takes another of his MPs or even a staff member along with to see Warren Tucker. All Goff has done now is ensure a Mexican Standoff between himself and Warren Tucker.