Warwick Watkins

Yet another dodgy ALP ratbag charged

The ALP in Australia is fast becoming a joke with one ratbag after the next being charged for corruption offences.

If we ever needed confirmation for the establishment of an Independent Commission Against Corruption we only need to look at what they are uncovering in NSW with unions, politicians and other bent ratbags.

Former top NSW bureaucrat Warwick Watkins has been charged over a land deal that involved former Labor minister Tony Kelly, who has also been recommended for prosecution.

The corruption watchdog announced on Wednesday that the former chief executive of the Land and Property Management Authority (LPMA) has been charged with four offences relating to the LPMA’s $12.2 million purchase in 2011 of a union-owned retreat in Sydney’s northern beaches.

“Mr Watkins is being prosecuted for two counts of using a false document … and two counts of attempting to mislead the commission,” the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) said on its website.

He will appear in Downing Centre Local Court on July 2.

Why don’t we have an ICAC here?

One of the first things Judith Collins should do is look at the creation of an Independent Commission Against Corruption. Whining leftist will probably say we can’t afford it but if you put the SFO into the new ICAC that would go a long way to providing a budget for it. Australia has one and we should certainly be looking at something similar here. They are busy again charging former Ministers.

Former NSW planning minister Tony Kelly faces the prospect of criminal charges for forgery after the Independent Commission Against Corruption found he acted corruptly over the purchase of the former union retreat Currawong.

Mr Kelly will be expelled from the Labor party after the opposition leader, John Robertson, wrote to the NSW general secretary, Sam Dastyari, requesting that his membership be terminated.

”There’s no place under my leadership in the Labor party for anyone like that,” Mr Robertson said shortly after the report’s findings were released today

Mr Kelly and a senior public servant, Warwick Watkins, were investigated over the purchase of Currawong for $12.2 million on behalf of the state government, less than a fortnight before this year’s state election.

The historic Pittwater property was bought by Mr Watkins, who was then chief executive of the Land and Property Management Authority, on March 15 from a property developer, Eco Villages, when the government was in caretaker mode.

It is a long standing convention that major decisions are not taken while the government is in caretaker mode.

We could give it a cute name, something along the lines of the Winston Peters Memorial Commission.