Waste collection

The Huddle

I’m was on The Huddle last evening with Larry Williams and that filthy pinko David Farrar.

Our topics were

  • User pays plan for Aucklanders and their rubbish collections. There’s been a meeting today to discuss charging residents each time a bin is collected. This would be done through electronically tagging the bins and having a waste collection account for each household. I’m not sure if this means rates are going to drop as currently there’s already a charge for waste collection in the bill.
  • League tables  – all parents want is an effective way of knowing how well students are doing at a school. BUT teachers are opposed to that because it reflects on their performance!
  • Asset Sales too
  • And Andrew Little’s constant defaming of Judith Collins.

The morality of recycling

Dynamist Blog

This article is going to rip some pinkos undies. Adam Minter who is writing a book about recycling explains why it is rubbish:

One of the themes that I’m hitting very hard in my book is that recycling is a fundamentally economic activity. Nobody sorts somebody else’s garbage for free. Most of the developing world understands that, while the developed world – the EU and US, in particular – seems intent on seeing recycling as a moral activity (and a means of tribal identity) above all else. Unfortunately, when people view waste and recycling in moral terms, rather than economic ones, they have an unerring tendency to demand local governments set up recycling programs that are destined to lose money from the get-go (like curbside recycling in spread-out Houston). Meanwhile, the folks who know how to make money from recycling, like scrap yards, are denigrated and often subjected to totally unreasonable barriers to entry (and exit). Seems like similar dynamics at play in the glasses trade (with some obvious differences).

Right can we please just have one big wheelie bin for all our rubbish and ditch the facade of recycling.