Water pollution

Will Fenton “Jong-Un” Wilson take a dip in the Tukituki?


Has Fenton “Jong-un” Wilson got the stones to swim in the Tukituki River?

Come on Fenton, take a swim. It’s safe you know.

The cleanliness of the Tukituki River will purportedly be “proven” by Hawke’s Bay Regional and Hastings District councillors this weekend, when they go for a “spring swim” in it – a message proclaimed by posters dotted around Hastings.

The flyers, which went up in the CBD at the weekend, state that councillors will prove to the public that there is no contamination in the Tukituki, by taking a dip in it this Sunday.

Although they feature the logos of both councils on them, representatives have denied any council involvement.

Hastings mayor Lawrence Yule said “this certainly has nothing to do with the council, and it’s certainly not for real”. ? Read more »

Fat Tony fires up on the Dodgy Socialist Dam

Labour’s best ever fundraiser and solid operator behind the scene, Mike ‘Fat Tony’ Williams is fired up over the dodgy socialist dam.…and for a socialist that means something.

IT’S THE Local Authority Election season and I hope that given the contaminated water disaster in Havelock North, local voters will be more engaged with the process than they were last time round when only about four in ten eligible voters bothered to cast a ballot.

Having sold my property in Havelock North, I won’t have a vote this time, but as many of my family still makes its home in the Bay, I will be rattling many cages.

I will watch the results of the Regional Council election with great interest.

With the drinking water disaster in Havelock North, the local election should turn into a referendum on water management and as this a Regional Council responsibility; it is that Council that is and should be in the cross-hairs.

Yes, it should. It has become clear that the councils have no control over the waterways, either by design or through indolence and sloppy governance.

At present The Regional Council is divided five votes to four on the on the biggest water project, the proposed Ruataniwha Dam, with a narrow majority in favour of this massive gamble with your money.

The group of Councillors driving the project consists of Alan Dick, David Pipe and Christine Scott representing Napier, Chairman Fenton Wilson from Wairoa and Debbie Hewitt from Central Hawke’s Bay.

They would be desperately hoping that the whole matter was settled before the election which might well upset their plan for the dam.

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Dodgy ratbag council still failing to hold another dodgy polluting council to account

This is ironic, the Central Hawkes Bay District Council is still in breach of sewage discharge permits more than 10 years after the issue was highlighted and despite stringent testing and more than $6 million on a new waste treatment system.

Worse still it is the Hawkes Bay Regional Council, who want to turn the Tukituki river toxic with their own plans who are failing to hold the CHB District Council to account.

The Central Hawke’s Bay District Council is failing to clean up its wastewater plant which now breaches resource consent and discharges dangerous levels of bacteria into rivers.

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council resource-use manager Wayne Wright said the results were in and the facility had shown no improvement after testing was conducted on December 18 last year. “This means CHB District Council is now non-compliant with its resource consent.”

Last month Hawke’s Bay Today revealed a HBRC report which showed “serious concerns” with the redeveloped $6 million wastewater plant.

The study found, despite the recent upgrade, that harmful bacteria and wastewater were being released into the Tukituki River at unacceptable levels. HBRC said “urgent action” was required after raising concerns the nutrient Amm.N and SRP and E.Coli bacterium had now exceeded the limits.

Resource consents regulating the discharge of wastewater from the plants were changed on October 1, 2014, and required a significantly higher standard of wastewater.

Mr Wright said HBRC was now working with CHBDC to rectify the problem and to provide a timeframe for compliance.

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Dodgy Socialist Dam based on Dodgy Science

The Hawkes Bay Regional Council?s dodgy socialist dam looks like it is no longer viable after the board of inquiry gave them a good kick in the slats over their one nutrient management plan.

Something exceptionally dodgy is going on, as was noted by the Board of Inquiry. Marty Sharpe in the DomPost picks up on this point.

Critically, the board rejected the single nutrient control proposed by the council. This will have a significant impact on the type of farming that can occur in the area to be irrigated if the scheme proceeds. Farmers now need to consider whether they can work within the limits as well as being able to afford water and remain profitable.

One of the plan change’s fundamental premises was that increased nitrogen levels would not significantly add to algal growth in Tukituki River catchment.

The board said the evidence underlying this premise was “equivocal, to say the least” and it agreed with opponents such as Fish and Game that the approach was “unsatisfactory and does not give effect to the National Policy Statement on Freshwater Management”.

The board said it was surprised that many of the scientists now advocating the one nutrient approach had previously advised the best approach was to manage both nitrogen and phosphorous.? Read more »

Stop the dam and clean up the river top wine maker tells Council

Effluent pouring into the Waipawa river

Effluent pouring into the Waipawa river from the council treatment plant

John Buck is angry about the state of the Waipawa River and has written to the Hawkes Bay Regional Council to tell them to stop the dam, at least until they have fixed the problem of discharging sewage into river.

BayBuzz reports:

Yesterday, John Buck, owner of Te Mata Estate Winery, asked Councillor Rex Graham to share this message with other Regional Councillors ?

?The blog Whale Oil, currently the most widely read of New Zealand?s blogs, yesterday carried a colour photograph of human excrement being discharged from the Waipawa effluent ponds in to the Waipawa River. The accompanying text quotes a Steve Thrush who claims that despite making adjustments the plant is still meeting the conditions of its resource consent.? Read more »

Central Hawkes Bay Council thinks their sh*t doesn’t stink

Effluent pouring into the Waipawa river

Effluent pouring into the Waipawa river

The dodgy socialist council in Central Hawkes Bay keeps sticking their hand out for money to ?save? their district, as long as someone else pays for it.

They have bludged off the regional council so they can stop pouring shit into the rivers, because they won’t pay for it themselves.

Now they are claiming that their shit doesn?t stink, and hasn?t stunk up the river.

The council’s technical services manager, Steve Thrush, says the new plant in Waipawa has been offline for adjustments since before Christmas, but it is still meeting the conditions of its resource consent.? Read more »

Instead of policing paddling pools perhaps the council jobsworths should focus on contractors polluting waterways?”

Spotted this yesterday, and immediately thought of all the erosion, drainage and runoff control regulations builders and developers are faced with every day when working around waterways and stormwater drains. Surely polluting a waterway that drains into the Waitemata ?Harbour is more important than 30cm deep paddling pools?

Taking place at Trusts Stadium yesterday morning in Waitakere.

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This is what you get when you have a dodgy ratbag for a Mayor

Aldo Miccio is a ratbag local politician and he has featured in more than a few posts here at Whaleoil.

The other day there was the news that the Council was spilling raw sewage into the ocean and now it has happened again.

Following?Sunday’s sewage leak?that saw 15,000 cubic metres discharged into the Nelson Haven, the city council has confirmed another spill yesterday afternoon.

A further break in the Atawhai Drive sewer main was discovered at 1.20pm near Miyazu Gardens and Whakatu Marae.

It is not known at this stage whether the cause of the two leaks are related. The cause of the leak will be determined once repairs are complete.

Miyazu Gardens remains open as normal and there is no danger to the public.? Read more »

Why are Aggies so Thick?

Just to show that National do not have a monopoly on an inability to deal with the facts, Labour Party Agriculture spokesman Damien O?Connor now reckons that town sewerage plants are worse than farming.

Labour MP Damien O’Connor says farmers should not be the only ones held accountable for the pollution of rivers.

Mr O’Connor, Labour’s primary industries spokesman, said the public needed to be more aware that city and district councils’ wastewater treatment plants were more detrimental to the health of rivers than farmers were.

“In the past few years farmers have cleaned up their act incredibly. Now it’s time for the rest of the country to do the same.”

This is a big let down from Damien, who was so right on the gaggle of gays and self serving unionists. He has pulled this statement straight out his arse. Let’s just repeat his incredibly stupid statement for posterity.

Mr O’Connor, Labour’s primary industries spokesman, said the public needed to be more aware that city and district councils’ wastewater treatment plants were more detrimental to the health of rivers than farmers were.

A simple check of the facts, direct from Horizons, would show Damien that he needs to engage his brain before talking or he will get shown to be a bone headed clod hopper.

The sources of this enrichment are diffuse nutrient runoff from agricultural land use (80% of DRP and 98% of SIN are non point sourced) (McArthur, 2009), urban sewage discharges and industrial wastewater discharges (McArthur, 2009).

This comes from evidence presented by Horizons in the One Plan case, and obviously Damien hasn?t read it. In the event Damien is a bit slow with maths, 80% and 98% are really big numbers that are not possible to count even if you have your shoes off and your zip down.

When it says 80% and 98% come from non point source, the most the council sewerage treatment plants could be creating is 20% and 2% – or bugger all in the broad context. A smarter politician would have prepared properly, and realised what the actual numbers were, rather than making up a load of bullshit.

I believe in evidence, not making shit up. Damien O?Connor has had a shocker and probably should wear a dunce hat for a few days.

Plastic Bags aren’t Evil

? Real Clear Science

It looks like we have been conned again by greenie busybodies. Reminds of a George Carlin video:

Advocates of banning plastic grocery bags often cite impacts on marine life and mammals, but they rarely attempt to quantify that impact. Unfortunately, many attempts to quantify those impacts are simply false or misleading. For example, one city council in Washington state was told ?the ecological impacts of this plastic include over a million sea-birds and 100,000 marine mammals killed by either plastic ingestions or entanglement.?

In fact, the claim about harm to marine mammals and sea-birds has nothing to do with plastic bags.?NOAA corrected the claimabout seabirds on its web page saying, ?We are so far unable to find a scientific reference for this figure.? The only study NOAA can find does not deal with plastic bags or even marine debris, but ?active?fishing gear bycatch,? in other words, fishing nets that are being used at sea, not discarded plastic bags.

The Times?of London addressed this very issue in 2008, even?quoting a Greenpeace biologistsaying, ?It?s very unlikely that many animals are killed by plastic bags. The evidence shows just the opposite. We are not going to solve the problem of waste by focusing on plastic bags.?

One of the most commonly heard claims is that plastic bags, and other plastic, have created the ?Pacific Garbage Patch.? Some claim it is twice the size of Texas. This is simply false. Last year, Oregon State University reported that the actual amount is less than one percent the size of Texas. Oceanography professor Angel White?sent out a release last year?saying, ?There is no doubt that the amount of plastic in the world?s oceans is troubling, but this kind of exaggeration undermines the credibility of scientists.?

Additionally, White notes that the amount of plastic in the ocean hasn?t been increasing. For example, the Wood?s Hole Oceanographic Institute found the amount of plastic in the Atlantic Ocean hasn?t increased since the 1980s.