Wayne Tempero

An email from another of Kim Dotcom’s victims

Following on from the 3rd Degree special two nights ago, Jess Bushyhead writes:

Apparently Kim’s favorite phrase.?? Compare J.R.s firing:

“I told him I was very disappointed and that’s when Mr Dotcom blew up on me and said how could I be so ungrateful, how could I be so selfish. [He said] if it weren’t for him I would be a nobody; I would be nothing.”

with this portion from page 2 of my police report from January 5th 2012:


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Whose party?

Who owns the Internet Party and Laila Harre?

Is it the members?

Is it someone else?

Let’s look at the legal documents served on Radio Live and Sean Plunket, and taken from the undertaking given by Wayne Tempero in the High Court.


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Kim Dotcom trying to keep Wayne Tempero from speaking with media

From the Tipline:

Kim just issued a legal letter to Radio Live over Wayne’s interview

Shaun [Plunket] just read a bit out.

Basically trying to gag the media.

Don’t talk to Wayne they say.

…and so the pressure mounts.

Does show that Tempero is one of Kim Dotcom’s biggest thorns. ?Every time he speaks up, it generates more legal action from Kim Dotcom to try and stop him.


Transcribed: Sean Plunket and Wayne Tempero Interview 18 August 2014

Mon, 18 Aug 2014


Sean Plunket speaks with former bodyguard of Kim Dotcom Wayne Tempero, about his time with Dotcom and his views on Kim?s motivation for starting The Internet Party.

In a telling interview, Tempero says he used to respect Dotcom, but has since changed his opinions of him after seeing him buy himself favours, along with his way into New Zealand politics.

“His motives are to save himself and have nothing to do with politics in New Zealand,” says Tempero of his former employer.

Wayne agreed to come on the program this morning to have a discussion, I would thank him for doing so and I would welcome him to the program now..


Sean: ?Wayne very good morning to you?

Wayne: ?Good Morning?

Sean: ?Wayne can you first tell me, I just want to go background, you are, a body guard right? How long have you been doing that??

Wayne: When I heard that music, I laughed because it?s pretty common knowledge I looked after Whitney Huston for a while when I was working for the Royal family of Brunei, she was a very hard woman to look after, I tell ya, it?s not like the movie. Pardon?

Sean: oh so the movie was partly factual?

Wayne: Yeah yeah can be, some of it , the funny part I remember that when I went to pick her up in LA, in one of the private jets, she came up the stairs and she knew who I was because she had been told we would be meeting her there, and she had a bit of a smiley face, and she said you don?t look like a body guard and it was a play on the film I have never forgotten it, but she was a hard client to look after.

Sean: Alright Wayne, now how long have you been in this business?

Wayne: 24 years

Sean: and before that?

Wayne, Um before that, I was in Dunedin umm, like a lot of Dunedin people, when I learned, I went to the freezing works, Burnside freezing works, ?I was on the kill floor when in those days you made an awful lot of money and you were probably making moir? than doctors actually and I learnt my trade, what I did was umm I learnt with a guy ?called Jeff Todd in Dunedin and he?s the master hand to hand combat instructor for the worlds special forces believe it or not and he still lives in Dunedin and I was lucky enough to train with Jeff for over 15 years before I took the opportunity with him to do contracts overseas and got into this profession. ? Read more »

Face of the day


Wayne Tempero

Wayne Tempero

You have to be made of sterner stuff than most to be a body guard.
It also takes courage to stand up and be counted when the personal cost is so great.
He knows that this interview could damage his career but he did it anyway.


We all know by now that I had my emails hacked in February.

We also know that David Farrar has had his intellectual property stolen, and that Mark Mitchell had his personal emails hacked and his office broken into.

What I can also now reveal is that Tony Lentino, the businessman who formerly financially ?supported Kim Dotcom also had his office broken into.

On top of that Travis who works for the blog was also hacked along with?another media person who has been a vocal critic of Kim Dotcom.

Until now we haven’t had the proof, only a bunch of dots to join but we now have the complete picture.

Nicky Hager this morning admitted on Q+A that he didn’t have the full emails, that they were filtered as we suspected. Nicky Hager has become the latest victim of the puppet master.

Do I feel sympathy for him? Not one bit. He let his politics blinker his analysis and as a result it has destroyed his journalism.

Earlier today I received a call from Wayne Tempero.

He is Dotcom’s former personal protection manager and he was concerned.

Tempero was contacting me despite the early hour in Israel concerned about something that transpired on 17 June this year.

He had only now worked out what was meant by a text conversation he had with Dotcom on that date.

He had watched this week unfold and couldn’t believe what he had seen. Then he remembered the texts.

Remember just two days ago we released a text message from Kim Dotcom where he implied he was the one responsible. That text was sent to ?Wayne Tempero.


We can now reveal that there was an earlier text conversation in June. Here are screenshots of the text messages.


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John Armstrong on John Bank’s verdict

John Banks will take his conviction for electoral fraud hard – very hard.

His life has come full circle in a manner which he could never have predicted and which will torment him for long after the public tumult surrounding the case has subsided.

The all-powerful driving force in Banks’ life, which saw him carve out a successful career as an entrepreneur and and led to his natural progression into politics, has been the sheer awfulness of his parents’ sordid life of crime.

More precisely, it is his memory of the horror and ignominy of seeing his parents sentenced to prison after being convicted on back-street abortion charges.

Speaking after being forced to stand down as a minister last year – and coming close to breaking down in the process – Banks said he had devoted much of his life to trying “to balance the family ledger”.

To have himself ended up in court and on the receiving end of a guilty verdict will have convinced him that he has failed in life and failed miserably.

Banks has never been one to take the easy way out. ?To some degree that has ended up taking its toll. ? Read more »

The gobby German needs to gag himself

Kim Dotcom took to twitter yesterday to goad and gloat over ripping off his former staff.

Meanwhile in the High Court he was under attack on two fronts, in one case by Crown lawyers over his gobbing off on Twitter about details of the case and the other by Wayne Tempero’s lawyer seeking to overturn the gagging order.

Kim Dotcom’s use of social media to discuss his long-running legal battle is interfering with court processes, a Crown lawyer says.

Dotcom’s legal team returned to court today in a bid to access government documents to help the internet mogul’s case.

This latest request for documents came a week after the Supreme Court refused Dotcom’s request to access evidence the US Government has against him in his extradition case.

Crown lawyers raised Dotcom’s prolific use of Twitter as an issue during today’s legal proceedings in the High Court in Auckland.

This included concerns over Dotcom posting details of a confidential email between lawyers to more than 350,000 Twitter followers.

Crown lawyer Kristy McDonald, QC, said Dotcom’s use of Twitter has “demonstrated considerable disregard” for court processes.

“Is this about obtaining documents so they can be put out in the public arena?”? Read more »

HoS editorial on Dotcom’s dodgy deals

Patrick Gower should really be sinking his chipmunk teeth into finding out who the dodgy MP is that is skulking in his current party but looking at bailing out in June, dogging on his mates.

That MP is a traitor to his party and should be outed. Instead I fear we will have more stories from him and Corin Dann about how much milk there is or isn’t in the fridges of Oravida’s offices.

The Herald on Sunday makes a call for openness from Dotcom, but there is fat chance of that after he got a gagging order against his former head of security. That didn’t work in keeping his appalling employment practices secret, and it won’t work in keeping other dodgy behaviour secret either.

Dotcom is dangerous. He could threaten Key. But his private life could also explode in the face of potential allies like Labour, the Greens and Mana.

I don’t think he is dangerous, not with what I know and will release. His party will wither and die with coming revelations, my only hope is it also takes out all those who have bent their knee to Dotcom. If is hilarious to see Mana leap into bed with them when he rips off workers in such a blatant manner. I wonder what John Minto of the Unite union and a Mana party prospect thinks about Dotcom paying his staff less than the minimum wage as required by law.

He is fighting extradition to the United States to face copyright charges, and suffered a setback in that fight on Friday when the Supreme Court ruled he would not have access to details of the American prosecution case against him.

He has also gone to court this week to prevent disclosures by his disgruntled former head of security, Wayne Tempero, apparently angry at having his contract and pay cut. Tempero is threatening to lift the lid on Dotcom’s relationship with staff, debts, and allegedly embarrassing trivia such as what he keeps in his basement. Dotcom says he cannot (or will not) comment on the threatened Tempero disclosures, beyond dismissing them as a “smear campaign” and promising his creditors will be paid in full this week.? Read more »

[REVEALED] Kim Dotcom: The workers and their slave wages

“…full wrath of my legal capabilities … I’m going to destroy anybody…”

Kim Dotcom is looming large in the New Zealand political scene and is set to launch his political party soon.

No one knows what policies his party will have but it will be interesting to see what his and the party stance is on the minimum wage.

This is a story of slave wages, bullying, intimidation and the sheer effrontery of a man spending literally millions on himself but short-changing his most loyal staff.

Before the raid on the Dotcom mansion there was a staff of approximately 8 security guards working 40 hour weeks in shifts. These guards were in addition to the personal protection staff that included Wayne Tempero and Regan Stewart.

They were on the normal pay rates for static security guards, just a few dollars above the minimum wage but at least with some sort of regularity and job security.

After the raid on the mansion and the subsequent court orders limiting the finances of Dotcom, the security contingent was reduced to just 4 staff. The job still needed to be done and the remaining 4 workers worked in excess of 90 hours per week. But with a catch. Their pay was never increased.

Essentially these important and loyal staff were now working more than twice the hours they worked before but for the same amount that they worked for 40 hours.

They went from just above the minimum wage to well under. Sources have told WOBH that they were effectively working for $8-00 per hour.

After the raid, their existing contracts were essentially ripped up and new contracts put in place with Mona Dotcom. There was an understanding with these loyal and hard working staff, who had stuck by Kim Dotcom in the aftermath of the raid that the overtime would be treated as back pay and that they would be paid just as soon as money started to flow from Mega.

And the money did start to flow. Kim Dotcom, through his wife, has reportedly pulled in nearly $10 million from share sell downs, and have pretty much spent the lot on frivolities and personal vanity projects like his album, like Rhythm & Vines where he allegedly spent more than $500,000 in order to secure access to the main event and essentially hijack it. On top of that reports suggest that more than $2 million was spent on the album and there are confirmed reports of a not inconsequential amount being spent on another vanity project that is supposedly an “independent” documentary about the fabulous life of Kim Dotcom. In addition sources tell me that more than $1 million a month has been spent on forming the Internet party. These expenses and projects will become the subject of further stories in coming weeks. ? Read more »