Weasel Words

Can corporate weasel words cause strokes?

Did Christopher Luxon's corporate weasel words cause Bob Jones to have a stroke?

Did Christopher Luxon’s corporate weasel words cause Bob Jones to have a stroke?

National treasure, Bob Jones, thinks that corporate weasel words can cause strokes.

Worse, he thinks Air New Zealand’s CEO caused his stroke.

I was perusing the Herald?s farcical annual supplement, ?Mood of the Boardroom,? in which various public company chief executives? platitudes on the state of the nation are aired. That the Herald thinks these characters have anything meaningful to say says plenty about journalists? naivety.

Worldwide, the primary qualification for such positions is possessing a ?safe pair of hands,? and a kick-for-touch approach to everything. Having opinions on anything beyond established orthodoxy would mean automatic disqualification for the job. The exceptions are the likes of, say, Rod Duke who actually created their companies.

Anyway, there I was; someone who, according to my GP, has the fitness of a 40-year-old, regular health checks, satisfactory blood pressure and a strong heart, this all pertinent to what occurred, reading this guff when I encountered a heading, ?Strategic Thinking from Air New Zealand?s Chief Christopher Luxon,? this arguably the most banal nonsense ever to see the light of day since Gutenberg invented the printing press. I ploughed through with increasing outrage and, as my horror mounted, suddenly my brain turned to mush and I had a stroke.

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Read the small print to understand Labour’s weasel words

It must be hard attacking the government when they keep increasing the funding for health every single budget. One has to get pretty cunning to try to spin increases as a bad thing.

Fortunately for Labour they came up with a plan so cunning you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel. The plan is simple:

Use weasel words to create the impression that increases are actually cuts.

Here is what I was sent by Labour’s campaign team. It was not until I read the fine print that I realised what they had done.

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At last a journalist who understands what a real feminist is

Being an old-fashioned feminist it frustrates me beyond measure when the Media portray submission and control as feminism and choice. They only have this blind spot when it comes to Islam as they are quick to attack ultra-conservative Christian groups for their treatment of women and for how the women dress.

Journalist Peter Dournauf in his opinion piece discusses whether or not a niqab is a way to fight against the objectification of women and I just want to clap my hands and yell out “BRAVO”at the end of it. I have reproduced it in full because it simply is that good. He calls a spade a bloody shovel and the honesty and lack of political correctness is a breath of fresh air.

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World’s 7th best Mayor gives us a lesson in weasel words

Len Brown is, apparently, the world’s 7th top mayor, has given us a top-notch lesson in weasel words today, which probably goes a long to understanding just how he managed to get such a top placing.

Mr Brown said in a statement yesterday that legal costs had reduced since the 2010 amalgamation of councils. Prudent financial management across the Auckland Council organisation had also seen proposed rate increases fall for the third year in a row, the council’s international credit ratings upheld, and forecast savings and efficiencies of $1.7 billion across the 10 years of the current long-term plan.

Look at that…the legal costs for Watercare are a massive $10,000 per day, but legal costs across all of the city are supposedly down…and his rates hikes are described as falling…I mean WTF!

How on earth can you describe rates increases of the maximum,?artificially?and arbitrarily set 10% falling.

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