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Guest Post – Douglas wrong about National

A guest post from Lindsay Mitchell.

Making some otherwise sound recommendations to his old party, Labour, Sir Roger Douglas made this statement:

??National’s do-nothing, status-quo approach to economic and social policy provides Labour with a real opportunity to get back up on its feet.?

In the last six years National has done more to address working-age welfare dependence than Labour did in the prior nine.

A Labour supporter would reject my claim on the basis that numbers on the unemployment benefit took a nosedive over their incumbency. That?s true. Work and Income put enormous effort into those on an unemployment benefit, and Labour luckily oversaw an economic boom (giving them full credit for which is as questionable as blaming National for the GFC.)

But chronic welfare dependence, a crippling social and economic issue for New Zealand, lies in the other main benefits:? pre-reform they were the DPB ?and Sickness/Invalid benefits combined.

In 2009, National set up the Welfare Working Group, and from there, commissioned the Taylor Fry actuarial work which exposed where long-term reliance is concentrated. The revelation that teen parents and other young?beneficiaries entering the system at 16 or 17 would stay there the longest was no surprise.

Through the early 2000s, while only 2-3 percent of the DPB total at any given time was teenagers, between a third and a half of all recipients had begun on welfare aged under twenty. Throughout Labour?s administration I argued that average stays on welfare were much longer than government issued figures. Point-in-time data produces much longer averages than data collected over a period of time, but it suited Labour politically to use the latter data to minimise average stays and downplay dependence.

To understand this statistical phenomena imagine a hospital ward with 10 beds. Nine are occupied year around by chronically ill patients; one is occupied on a weekly basis. At any point-in-time?9 patients have an average stay of 12 months and one, an average stay of one week. But calculated over the year, 85 percent of total patients had an average stay of just 1 week. Equate this to spells on welfare and you can see how long-term dependence can be disguised.

Here is the huge difference between National and Labour.

National looked for what Labour had denied. ? Read more »

Compare and Contrast – The caring Left of New Zealand

The anonymous cowards at The Standard are big on ad hominen attacks, especially against me. They are also class A hypocrites.

None more so than the anonymous paid lap-blogger MartyG. Just four days ago he wrote a lengthy post about how evil the report from ?the Welfare Working Group was. (Note too, I have the courtesy to link, something they have a policy not to do).

The report harps on about 338,000 working age people getting benefits as if these are all fit, young people who just can?t be arsed getting a job.

Of course, we know?the truth is different:

85,000 are invalids, meaning they have severe physical or mental disabilities

58,000 are sick and are required to have medical certificates to prove it (if people are getting certificates they shouldn?t be, that?s not a reason to get rid of the benefit, it?s a problem with GPs)

112,000 are raising young children alone…..

And on and on and on.

Yet when he wants to mount an attack on me all of a sudden the very same people he is sticking up for are now all of a sudden “beneficiary bludgers”. Words that most likely he would be expecting me to use but don’t. This is classic socialism mouthpieces in action. Pretend to be all caring for “other people” but when it suits, the real person comes crawling out from under the rock. Instead of attacking my ideas, they attack my mental health, or my welfare status or even more bizarrely they try to attack me by using silly epithets like “Daddy’s Boy”. Their message is laughable from that point on. It is especially laughable since my father barely speaks with me or to me and only when he has to. They behave as?petulantly?as he does.

MartyG is a coward. He won’t own his own bullshit and he for sure won’t say anything of the sort to my face. Instead he sits there in the EPMU, the Goffice or the Labour research unit and dreams shit up. Know too now that the left really doesn’t care about anyone other than their greedy troughing selves.

Fuck you MartyG and those other anonymous c*nts that live with you in your ivory tower that you pretend to call a blog. I wouldn’t wish my health issues/troubles on even you lot. What a bunch of c*nts.