Wellington City

Watch out eastern Wellington, the Hippycrites are coming to steal your roads too

The Hippycrites are coming for more roads in Wellington.

Plans are afoot for a $6 million cycling upgrade in Wellington’s eastern suburbs, with city councillors saying they want to avoid repeating?the conflict that marred the Island Bay cycleway.

Wellington City Council is proposing to develop safe-cycling “corridors” between Seatoun, Miramar and the central city.

Exactly which roads the new cycle?lanes will run along is still up for debate. But?the main streets?of Miramar, Seatoun, Strathmore Park, Maupuia,?Kilbirnie and?Hataitai will likely feature in the discussion.

From early April, a website will be up and running that outlines the broad areas where cycling enhancements are proposed. The public will be able to provide feedback and make its own suggestions. ? Read more »

Gutless Wellington Chamber give up legal action against Council

The Wellington Chamber of Commerce have?shown abject cowardice in withdrawing legal action against the Wellington City Council.

Wellington Chamber of Commerce has backtracked on threats to take Wellington City Council to court over its living wage policy.

The council, which has been paying its own staff a living wage since 2013, voted in October to require its security services contractors do the same.

The chamber announced?it was concerned about the ability of the council to do that under the Local Government Act and sought a judicial review of the council’s living wage policy.

In a joint statement issued on Wednesday, both parties said legal proceedings had been halted and they were working towards finding a way to pay contractors the living wage that was acceptable to the council and the chamber. ? Read more »

Forcing public transport on to ratepayers against their will

Councils have to keep ?stealing? public roads to achieve it. ?This in turn causes more congestion – not less.

A survey of Island Bay residents has revealed overwhelming opposition to the southern suburb’s kerbside cycleway.

The Island Bay Residents’ Association sent out a survey to all the suburb’s?residents, and the results have revealed that 87 per cent of those who replied do not want the cycleway that has been constructed along The Parade.

The results?were presented to a packed public meeting on Wednesday night, at which people called on Wellington City Council to change the road layout back to the way it was before the cycleway was created.

Residents’ association president Vicki Greco? said the survey ? sent out to homes in January???should send a clear message to the council that it needed to change the cycleway, otherwise it risked losing the support of the suburb. ? Read more »

Farrar will get himself all excited over this

Wellington City Council are going to experiment with online voting.

Selection of Wellington City Council to participate in a trial for online voting at next year?s local body elections has been welcomed by the Mayor Celia Wade-Brown.

“We hope younger people and those with disabilities will take the opportunity to vote online and have their say in local body affairs,” she says.

Mayor Wade-Brown says engagement with the community is important for local authorities.

“We already use online mechanisms as a way of increasing participation in many council processes, from Smokefree issues to our Long Term Plan, so it makes sense for us to participate in the online voting trial. ?? Read more »

Wellingtonians lament paying too much for a subsidised public transport

Auckland will be happy to send Len Brown and the Auckland Council down next year to help with a gold plated transport system that is almost fully subsidised by people not using it.

The call for cheaper public transport fares across the Wellington region is growing louder?as new figures reveal some commuters have had to swallow price hikes of more than 50 per cent over the past decade.

Figures complied by the Green Party show the average bus and train fare has risen by more than 30 per cent since 2006.

Even when adjusted for inflation fares have still gone up across the board, with the hardest hit being passengers who cross between one and five zones ? the equivalent of a trip between Wellington and Lower Hutt or Porirua.

Public transport advocates have described the situation in Wellington city as “crazy” and pointed out that driving is actually cheaper than taking the bus into the CBD from the outer suburbs like Johnsonville, Karori and Island Bay. ?? Read more »

People don?t want to live in Wellington. As John Key said, it?s a dying city

Not being facetious at all, but with prices dropping in Wellington, it becomes the perfect location for first home buyers, immigrants and refugees. ?Absolutely, positively.

House prices in Wellington are dropping, with an average home heading down towards half a million dollars.

Wellington is the only major centre to see a drop in the Realestate.co.nz survey of asking prices, which saw an average Auckland home jump by more than $200,000 in two years.

In the first half of 2013, the average Wellington home was listed for $526,722.?Fast-forward to the same period of 2015 and the average house in the capital was listed for $512,258 ? a 2.75 per cent drop.

However, not every is buying into the figures. ?? Read more »

Green Mayor invites, promotes investment in Wellington from people with Chinky sounding names and companies

Someone has gone off the reservation.

The extension of Wellington Airport and housing projects in Shelly Bay are among the investment projects on the table when a delegation of business and Wellington City Council leaders visited China last week.

The council’s economic growth committee chair, Councillor Jo Coughlan, signed a memorandum of understanding with Fu Wah Properties and Beijing Construction Engineering Group (BCEG) during the visit.

It establishes a partnership to explore funding for proposals for Wellington International Airport’s expansion and hotel, a convention centre and hotel and housing developments in Shelly Bay.

The council owns 34 percent of the airport and infrastructure investor Infratil owns 66 percent and the projects have been mooted but not finalised. ? Read more »

Hopefully all the road maggots will move to Wellington

The Wellington City Council has in recent months, in conjunction with the Greater Wellington Regional Council cancelled the Basin Flyover,?wants to consider congestion?tolls in Wellington and now is devoting more that $100 million to an integrated series of cycle routes….none of which will actually help with congestion.

Worse they seem to be lumbering taxpayers from other regions for the bill.

After plenty of big talk about changing the face of cycling in Wellington, the council has written a big cheque to match.

The Wellington City Council has agreed to spend $101 million on new cycle lanes across the capital over the next 20 years, with $30m being spent in the first three years to really get the programme going.

Wellington’s ‘Master Plan’ for cycling, which was approved by the council’s transport and urban development committee on Wednesday, identifies the CBD, eastern suburbs and the route between the railway station and Ngauranga as the first areas for development. ?? Read more »

Wellington white water white elephant proposed

Another bludging white water event centre is being mooted – this time in Wellington.

Nobody needs these stupid centres and internationally nobody uses them. Former white water facilities that were built for Olympic events are basically overgrown with weeds and unused.

Stands at Kayaking venue at the Helliniko Olympic Complex, Athens, the water course is drained and abandoned

Stands at Kayaking venue at the Helliniko Olympic Complex, Athens, the water course is drained and abandoned

A $7 million whitewater park could be in the pipeline for Wellington, with a proposal that could turn the capital into a mecca for river sports enthusiasts.

The multipurpose Wellington Rapid River park is the brainchild of kayaker and inventor Timon Maxey, who will pitch it to Wellington City Council next week. ?? Read more »

Wellington doesn’t want a “Len” situation

The irony is that “Wellington” forced Auckland amalgamation, but now that “Wellington” wants Wellington to do the same, suddenly it isn’t a good idea?

There is little public appetite for an “uber council” that would span from Miramar to Masterton, says Wellington’s mayor.

Hutt City Council today released the results of a region-wide survey which showed more than 75 per cent of residents in Wellington City, Hutt City, Porirua, Upper Hutt, Kapiti and Wairarapa wanted council boundaries to remain unchanged.

The Local Government Commission has been investigating proposals for a merger between Wellington’s nine councils, with or without the three district councils in Wairarapa, which could merge into a separate unitary authority.

Yes, well. ?You can thank the totally dysfunctional Auckland Council for that “little public appetite”. ?And, sorry Rodney, I know you read me, we’ve learned some stuff from Auckland that ?people really don’t want to see repeated until they are fixed. ?Recall elections would have to be an absolute minimum. ? Read more »