Wendyl Nissen

What would you do?

Wendyl Nissen tries to explain that she would indeed stick around with a cheating husband…

None of us knows whether we would stand by our man until it happens to us.

As Colin Craig paraded his wife Helen in front of the media as evidence he is a very nice man, despite allegations of inappropriate behaviour and rumours of harassment, many women would have watched her strained performance and felt several things.

Pity for the position a man who supposedly loves her has put her in. Admiration for the strength it took her to do it and deep sadness that she is married to Craig and will continue to be.

And then they would have asked themselves the question. Would I stick around if that happened to me?

What we don’t know about women in Helen’s shoes is what has gone on before.

Let’s be realistic. If you’re married to a politician you don’t see a lot of him. It’s all meetings and phone calls, flights to catch, endless nights away, handshakes and beers, time massaging not only his ego but those of his people and party.

You never see him and when you do his head is in the cloud of self-love.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Helen’s appearance in front of the TV cameras was the most time she has spent with Craig in a very long time.

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Paul Little on the unseemly actions of the Labour party

Mr Wendyl Nissen, Paul Little, the man with bruised knees from all the time spent on the floor of his living room has finally written something where he gets something right.

He bangs on a bit about “Dirty Politics” and then ends his column with this smart observation.

Labour spent the week showing everyone who might have thought twice about not voting for the party that they made the right decision.

David Cunliffe, apparently not sufficiently humiliated by the defeat to which he led his team, was determined to heap more ridicule on himself and his few remaining MPs with a vainglorious attempt to hang on to his dying party’s leadership as it enters the palliative-care stage.

Labour is on the road to oblivion and the sooner the better, because at the moment this circus ? and I apologise to circus performers everywhere for the comparison ? has given the Government precious breathing space by diverting attention from scrutiny of the issues outlined above.

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Wendyl’s conspiracy theory – debunked

Wendyl Nissen chucked her toys?when she read Dirty Politics and connected dots?that didn’t actually happen. ? At the center of her misery? ?Me.

Now, there is no love lost here, from either side, but she’s made a huge mess over nothing. ?Check out this guest post:

Dear Cam,

In Wendyl’s recent article she said “I’m all for free speech when there are genuinely held views, but I believe that if you are paid to express them by big industry or politicians with an agenda, that is not fair”.

So, lets just clear something up. I am a University Student studying towards a career in Health. Like Wendyl, I too will one day be trusted, respected and eventually give out advice to help people live better lives. I am not paid, nor do I have anything against people who want to make the world a better place. I was concerned at some of the science behind Wendyl’s columns and the posts on her blog, so I have emailed you at times over the last year. My analysis has been posted on WhaleOil (along with some of your commentary and choice of headlines).

My first “genuinely held view” was that Wendyl’s link to a site promoting home-made baby formula made with chopped liver was unsafe. Another reader pointed out the dangers of raw milk and egg, and I picked up on the possible dangers of the liver. I did the maths, researched papers on Vitamin A toxicity in infants and came to the conclusion that this was potentially harmful, even deadly. This was backed up by an overseas developmental pharmacologist. I even posted on Wendyl’s website blog page (including links to references) to warn her and her readers, but there was no response or comment from her. ? Read more »

Dirty politics derangement syndrome – Wendyl Nissen


Better grab my box of tissues. Wendyl Nissen has had a big sook in the NZ Herald about wanting to be on the side of angels.

There is a lot of crap out there currently about dirty politics and it’s getting tedious.

Self-important luvvies getting in a tizzy thinking they are important enough to actually be targeted for treatment.

Both Cactus and I?confirm they were never paid by anyone to discredit Wendyl Nissen. All posts were a labour of love.

We?also add it was a mighty hard task to discredit her anyway as no one discredits Wendyl in print better than Wendyl herself.


Wendyl Nissen says that she hasn?t bothered to read the posts on WOBH about her articles, and doesn?t want anyone else to either.

We think she should.? That?s why the team at WOBH want to be helpful for people looking to see what we and other readers have said about Wendyl Nissen?s criticism of various food products and other issues she claims to be an expert in. ? Read more »

Face of the day

Wendyl Nissen

Wendyl Nissen

Would you throw away a regular slot on a Popular Radio Station because you didn’t like someone?

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Wendyl is the Green’s Goddess

Our favorite Green Goddess appeared yesterday on the Good Morning show trying to convince people to install solar panels.

Quite clearly she has been inhaling too many baking soda fumes lately, along with whoever it is at TVNZ that allows her on the show in the first place.

I’ve taken some quotes from her interview yesterday which do not make ANY sense.

“Couples as they get older and they’re heading towards retirement, might have a little bit of money stashed away. ? They spend $10,000 on a conservatory, or an overseas trip, or a swimming pool. None of these have a return. Whereas solar power, you get a return on it. ? It takes about six years to pay for itself and then you’re in your retirement and you’re not paying for any power.”

Wendyl’s ideas, as usual, don’t quite add up here – even the Green Party Solar scheme says that a $10,000 system will produce $1000 worth of power per year and will be financed over 15 years.

“Your energy supplier will pay you for the power that you feed back in the grid. ?So on a big sunny day, you’ve got more than you need, it goes back into the supplier and?they pay you, not much actually, ‘cos its not really in their interest. ? And then at night, if you need a bit extra you can take it back so it ends up?pretty much breaking even”

They don’t pay much, you pay more and then you break even? ? Now I’m really confused. ?Didn’t you just say we weren’t paying for any power in our retirement?

“The thing you have to think about is increasingly we’re still using coal throughout the world to make electricity. ?54% of the power in the world is made from coal. ? So if you’re worried about spending $10,000, you’re also doing a really good thing for the planet because its free energy”

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First Gareth, now Wendyl wants to kill your cats


My correspondent from yesterday writes about Wendyl Nissen’s wish to kill cats with natural flea treatment.

Dear Cam,

Further to my email yesterday I noticed that Wendyl has now changed her chocolate pudding in her Herald column so instead of 2 cups of sugar, it only has 1.5 cups… could be mere coincidence of course since it was pointed out yesterday. ? But it was definitely two cups originally as I remember double checking all my calculations.

Anyway… I have come across yet another gem of wisdom from the Green Goddess which I thought you would also appreciate. ? Unfortunately the family cat won’t appreciate her advice while its being poisoned to death by her “all-natural treatment?

“Summer is here and so are the fleas. You can reduce the incidence of fleas on your cats by combing them daily with a flea comb and feeding them my anit-flea powder. I believe that if you combine these two all-natural treatments you will greatly reduce the chance of fleas taking hold and you won?t need to pour chemicals on your pets.” ?? Read more »


Wendyl must have shares in Chelsea Sugar Refinery touting this recipe

A reader emails about Wendyl Nissen.

Dear Cam,

I know how much of a fan you are of Wendyl and her columns, so I thought you would find this amusing:

Our dear friend Wendyl is quick to point out in big headline letters that there is “plenty of sugar” in Aunt Betty’s Chocolate Pudding – in fact 9 teaspoons of sugar per serving.

She then kindly provides her own “preferred” family recipe for Chocolate Pudding which contains 1 cup of white sugar and 1 cup of brown sugar.? Read more »

I bet Wendyl Nissen will be into this for her cats and dog


Yesterday I blogged about Wendyl Nissen’s belief in homeopathy for her pets. I wonder of she has the guts to use it herself.

Anyway I saw and article on The Daily Beast about treating animals with cannabis, and immediately thought that this would be right up her alley.

As acceptance of medical marijuana grows, pet owners increasingly are using the drug to ease the suffering of their furry friends.

Nikita was diagnosed with terminal cancer and she was in pain. She wouldn?t eat, barely moved and constantly whimpered. Removing the tumors from her body didn?t do much, nor did the medicine prescriptions she was given?but what did help was marijuana.?? Read more »

Babies will die if they follow Wendyl Nissen’s advice

Via the Tip Line

Regular readers will know I?m no fan of Wendyl Nissen, but her latest?rant is nothing short of irresponsible and should be retracted immediately.

The toxin found in Fonterra?s whey which was then used in baby formula teaches us a valuable lesson. Don?t trust corporations to make our food.

A keen WOBH reader has just sent this to me via the tip line -?Wendyl?s musings about homemade infant formula and link to this lunatic site?is dangerous and places babies at risk.

?In my old Plunket books which I used to researchMother?s Little Helper?there are numerous recipes for milk formula or ?humanized milk? as it was called then. They used cream, whey, water and sugar, and also evaporated milk with water and sugar added. Perhaps Plunket could offer up a recipe mothers could try as an alternative to being dependent on tins of tainted formula? The?Weston A Price Foundationwhich is a strong advocate for natural unprocessed foods has some recipes on their website but they look very complicated and I?m not sure most mothers would have access to the ingredients… Read more »