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It is not just an item of clothing it is a costume and a message

As I waited in line at the post office yesterday my eye was caught by a poster on the wall. At first?glance, it appeared to show a Muslim family. The mother in a head scarf and flowing robes, the father with tea towel like headgear and a thick beard and the child sleeping peacefully swaddled in fabric that only showed his face. Then it hit me. It was a nativity calendar and the family depicted was the first ever Christian family.

I then reflected on how Christians no longer dress in historical Arab clothing but that many Muslims still wear it even if they are not Arabs and were born in Indonesia or India or another non-Arab country.Even Muslim families where the men dress in western clothes they often grow unfashionable historical style beards and the women continue to wear the historical headscarves from hundreds of years ago. A clear example of this is these two New Zealand converts to Islam. The man grew?a beard and the woman covered herself with a head scarf.

Here in New Zealand just last week, the New Zealand herald ran an article featuring two New Zealand converts.

Here in New Zealand just last week, the New Zealand herald ran an article featuring two New Zealand converts.

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Face of the day

Michael Woodhouse (by Simon Wong)

Michael Woodhouse (by Simon Wong)

Today’s face of the day has dismissed legitimate and realistic concerns about the ideology of Islam with the following words.

He said the public sentiment toward refugees was “overwhelmingly positive”.

And he was direct in his response to those who opposed refugee settlement.

“There will always be those who are biased by their own fears, apprehension and bigotry… I think they need to learn a bit more about what’s going on. We are a country of 232 ethnicities. We have a bicultural basis. We are now literally a world country.”

– Stuff

The only person who needs to learn a bit more about what is going on, is Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse. By all means let’s help genuine refugees but let’s not be suicidal about it. Islam and Western values go together like oil and water. There are millions of refugees who will assimilate into our society and contribute to it. There is no logical reason to take those who won’t.

Islam does not believe in democracy. It is a total system of government. The majority of the New Zealand public support democracy, but they will never support sharia law. We can all see what is happening in Europe, and now Australia, because of Muslim immigration. Is the National government as suicidal as Merkel’s or as stupid as Malcolm Turnbull’s? By all means let’s celebrate being a multi-ethnic country but our culture is, and should proudly remain, democratic and western. That cannot happen if our leaders turn a blind eye to the reality of Islam.