Western Springs College

$47,000 per student why aren’t the Teacher Unions outraged?



The PPTA in particular loves to compare apples with pears in an attempt to show that Charter Schools are funded more per student than State schools. This is not actually the case as we have shown in past articles.
The cold hard facts have not stopped both Labour and Teacher Unions ?from complaining that Charter Schools are expensive at less than $4000 set up per student.In contrast?State Schools are massively expensive. There has just been a refurbishment and redevelopment (i.e. not even a land purchase or initial building) for Western Springs College of $80 million. That works out at $47,000 per student.
Are you as a taxpayer happy with this comparison? Why is the PPTA silent about this? Could it be that they are like Kelvin Davis who only attacks privately run prisons and ignores the problems in State run prisons?

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