Westpac Stadium

Gareth Morgan FC (aka the Phoenix) eye smaller venue

Having insulted virtually every Phoenix supporter, it seems Mad Gareth Morgan is left with a hard core of 1,000 according to the Dom Post:

?The Welnix consortium has had talks with Wellington City Council about downsizing from the 34,500-seat stadium and shifting to Newtown Park, which has 1000 seats, no floodlights, and limited parking.?

I called it right last Thursday when our answer to Sir Alex Fergusson invoked?his novel marketing tactic of calling Phoenix supporters thick just for wanting them to win a game.??When Morgan said on Radio Sport that a ?more attractive, possession-based passing style, was required for success in the long-term?.

I said:

?No, not if you a). Not have any fans,?b). right-size to a public park to fit attendance?and c). have decent players avoiding your LOSER team like the plague.?

It turns out?Option B was right on the button according to the Dom Post.? Read more »