Idiots of the Week

These idiots used the courier bags in the same place they stole them from.

A couple who stole courier packs and stamps from a post shop returned an hour later to post one of the packs.

Phillip James Morley, 33, unemployed and Kelly Smith, 17, were expecting a baby and had ordered baby clothes online.

After the clothes arrived they needed to return some but they had no money to send them back, their lawyer George Linder, said.

The couple appeared in Westport District Court last week and pleaded guilty to shoplifting charges.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Michelle Payne said that on May 4 the pair went to the Westport PostShop and uplifted courier packs and stamps to the value of $105 without paying for them. ? Read more »

Nelson to Westport road – if you build it, they will come?

by Pete

Buller’s local government is set to debate whether a new road link between Westport and Nelson should be investigated as a means to boost tourism in its district.

The proposal to evaluate whether a 56km road running from Little Wanganui through to the Motueka Valley would be feasible has been backed by the Tasman and Buller mayors.

A discussion about the motion will be on the agenda at a Buller District Council this week.

“The council needs the facts before any emotional debate emerges, and if tourism is going to develop in Buller and contribute to Buller’s economic future to help replace its historical dependence on mining, we need a northern link road,” Buller Mayor Garry Howard said.

The road would largely follow the route of the existing Wangapeka Track through Kahurangi National Park.

If the proposal to investigate is approved, it would require environmental assessment, cost/benefit analysis and community impact reports to be completed.

Personally I am strongly opposed to cutting a road through virgin forest park, but not necessarily for the reasons you might expect.

The idea behind this road is that Wesport is dying. ?As their economy is mostly coal driven, and coal being on the way out, they’re looking at tourism as their saviour. ? But, the problem is that Westport and beyond is a bit on a dead-end road, so they don’t benefit from through traffic like Greymouth, and a lesser degree Hokitika. ? Read more »

Sometimes being Feral is useful

Westport has run the rapist of a 7 year old out of town. It is times like this that being a bunch if ferals is actually quite useful. Once the?angry mob with pitchforks get going there really is no way to stop them.

A sex offender – whose presence in a West Coast town sparked outrage – has been relocated.

Westport News revealed last Wednesday the man, whose 20-page rap sheet features over 500 convictions including the rape of a seven-year-old girl, was living next door to a family with children, less than three blocks from a pre-school facility and less than 700 metres from a local primary school. ? Read more »


Ferals be ferals


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Nothing like a bunch of idiots making a town look like backward ferals

“Incendiary devices”, namely fireworks, thrown under a campervan parked at Westport’s North Beach are not “the welcome mat” the town wants to present to visitors, Buller Mayor Garry Howard says.

Late last week four devices were thrown under a New Zealand Motor Caravan Association (NZMCA) campervan parked up at North Beach, Westport, while the occupants were asleep inside.

Motor Caravan Association West Coast area chairman Godfrey Constable, of Greymouth, said today the incident was symptomatic of “an element” in Westport who did not welcome motorhome users.

The victims were parked in a fenced off area open only to association members, Mr Constable said.

He described the perpetrators as “brain dead individuals”.

Freedom camping is hard enough in this country with locals taking it upon themselves to police what they see as tourists destroying our country, but most are highly responsible, respectful, and even park in designated areas. ? Not that the “brain dead” ferals care. ? Read more »

Fact checking is irrelevant

The Maruia Falls are as “near Nelson” as…

Let’s see how this goes wrong

A search has resumed this morning for a man missing after being sucked over a waterfall at Maruia Falls, near Nelson, last night.

About 6pm two men became trapped in the water due to strong currents and one of the men, a 55-year-old from Christchurch, was rescued by onlookers and taken to Nelson Hospital.

The Police Dive Squad is expected to assist with the search today when they arrive from Wellington about midday.

Let’s have a look how “near” the falls are to Nelson


They are in fact closer to Westport ? Read more »

More good news for the economy

No doubt the Greens will be against it but for those on the West Coast the news that Bathhurst has gained consent to start mining on the Denniston Plateau will be well received.

Australian miner Bathurst Resources has hopes of gaining access to the Escarpment coal mining site by Christmas after receiving final Environment Court approval for the controversial project on West Coast conservation land.

The court’s final approval was granted yesterday. It had said on August 8 that it intended to grant consent to the Escarpment mine on the Denniston Plateau, near Westport. However, the approval may be appealed. An appeal must be lodged within 15 days.

Buller District Council Mayor Garry Howard said locals were reluctant to rely on the decision because many others had been appealed, stretching out the process for two years.

Howard said the council had been represented at many of the appeals and that had cost ratepayers. The mine would be a national resource so appeals against it should be funded by?central Government, he said.

The Government welcomed the court’s decision, labelling it exactly the type of investment the country needed to create jobs and higher incomes.

Of course the Greens are upset…they always are.

The Green Party decried the sacrificing of the Denniston Plateau and its unique landscape and threatened species for an open cast coal mine.

The Greens are luddites, anti-progress in any form.

Denniston Plateau coal mine appeal thrown out

Forest and Bird’s appeal against the Denniston Plateau coal mine has been tossed out.

If he’s true to form we can no doubt expect Nasty Norman to threaten Bathurst with an instant closure of Denniston should the Greens form a government in 2014.

Comments please Damian O’Connor – is it to be jobs for Coasters or will you be kowtowing to the Greens?

Conservationists fighting a decision to allow an Australian mining company to dig for coal on the West Coast’s Denniston Plateau have suffered a major setback today with a High Court appeal being thrown out.

The Royal Forest & Bird Protection Society appealed interim resource consent given to Bathurst Resources Limited for an 188ha open-cast mine on the plateau near Westport.

It argued that the Environment Court did not give proper consideration to the possibility of there being two open-cast coal mines simultaneously working the area when it gave Bathurst the go-ahead.? Read more »

A funeral for a tree?

Seriously…they are…the?weirdo?tree hugging loons of Buller…going to hold a funeral for a tree:

Buller conservationists plan to hold a wake for a 500-year-old kahikatea tree that was felled by the Department of Conservation so it could extend a nearby tramping hut.

DoC is adamant the tree had to go to keep trampers staying at the Mokihinui Forks Hut safe.

However, Westport conservationist Peter Lusk is horrified, and says the tree had stood firm for centuries.

“It was here when Abel Tasman sailed past,” Mr Lusk said today.? Read more »

Now we have the 4th idea

Len Brown has a truth problem

Len Brown has a truth problem

Len Brown made lots of promises in order to get elected. So far he is disappointing on many fronts.

Once of his big brain-farts was to have “100 Programmes in 100 Days.” So far we are 3 days into the second month and only have had 3 previous items.

  1. Instruct council officials to do some paperwoirk for his trainset
  2. Clean the town hall windows
  3. Conduct a witch hunt for concerned citizens wanting higher levels of?transparency?and honesty than Len Brown is prepared to give.

Clearly he is falling woefully behind in his schedule, not surprising as he jetted off to Westport yesterday to afoist himself upon the poor unfortunates involved in the Pike River mining disaster. I mean haven’t the poor bastards suffered already without a pallid, secretive midget cringing up to them for a photo opportunity.

Thirty three days into his 100 days and we now know what the 4th big idea is.

Supercity Mayor Len Brown is considering broadcasts for Town Hall Telly.

Press secretary Glyn Jones – a former TVNZ news executive – said plans for broadcasts of Auckland Council meetings were in the formative stages.

The televising of meetings is part of Brown’s election promise to deliver progress on 100 Programmes in 100 Days.

It’s planned that the Town Hall Telly proposals – possibly including a trial – will be announced at a council meeting on December 16.

Parliament is televised on Freeview.

Jones said the new council represented 1.5 million people and the mayor was keen to promote inclusiveness and accessibility.

Len Brown really is a deluded twat. He wants to broadcast Council?Meetings in the interests of “inclusiveness and accessibility, yet on the other hand he is conducting witch-hunts to discover the identity of honest citizens who have a much higher standard of honesty and?transparency?than him. Why does he not apply the sane standards he demands of CCOs and their meetings to his own meetings and committees.

Len Brown is proving very rapidly that he simply isn’t, wasn’t and won’t ever be up to the task of running Auckland. Where are the other 29 projects that he hasn’t announced? Are they secret too along with a great deal of his other work.