Maharey caught fibbing again

Freeview advertisement ruled ‘misleading’ – 27 Jul 2007 – NZ Herald: Technology News from New Zealand and around the World

Maharey has stuffed up again, this time it is Freeview. He really is the reverse Midas of the labour party. everything he touches turns to poop.
[quote]An advertisement for digital television service Freeview has been canned after the Advertising Standards Authority agreed with complainants who said it was misleading.

The advertisement promised “crystal clear quality for free”, but complainants said viewers could only receive the Freeview signal after they had bought a set-top box.

They argued that the set-top boxes could cost up to $300, making the advertisement’s claims about a “free” service misleading. [/quote]

A majority of the ASA’s Complaints Board agreed the advertisement made an exaggerated claim, which omitted reference to an essential purchase, and was thereby misleading to the consumer.

Gee, what else has Maharey wanked on about that was free that in fact isn’t, oh that’s right 20Free!!!

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Freeview looks like yet another Maharey Cock-up

Scoop: Give us the numbers on Freeview

Jonathon Coleman raises a good point, in that it is two months since Freeview went live and we haven’t heard a peep from Maharey, waxing lyrical about how successful his little project has been.

[quote]”Just as with early childhood education, Mr Maharey won’t give a straight answer to a direct question asking how many households have signed up for Freeview, but I bet he’s got the numbers at his finger tips.”

“When $105 million of taxpayers’ money has been spent by the Minister on digital television, the public deserves to know what that money is delivering for the country.

“One thing is for sure: if the numbers were good, Mr Maharey would be telling us all about them.” [/quote]

Is this yet another Maharey cock-up?

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Minister of Smarm becomes Minister of Expletives