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Perhaps the best talkback call of the year

This has to be the best talkback call of the year.

The funny thing is it was a member of the Whale army who confessed to me a couple of days laters it was him. I told Sean Plunket over a beer, which was a silly thing to do since he sprayed it out his nose.

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Labour lauches billboard campaign funded by secret donors

Labour have launched an attack billboard campaign targeting government ministers. It is nothing more than advertising by proxy for and on behalf of Len Brown. It looks like Len Brown is going to campaign on the government halting his plans and using the Labour party to front it.

Labour NickSmith


Kate Sutton sent out this email a short time ago to supporters:

This is a special edition of the Auckland/Northland Labour News. Today, Labour launched a campaign against the National Government?s constant attacks and undermining of Aucklanders.

You can read more about the campaign here:?http://www.labour.org.nz/auckland

Today we erected a billboard on the southern motorway that features an image of the Hon Nick Smith and asks: Did you elect this man to run our city? Why is the Government undermining the Council you elected?

Housing Minister Nick Smith, who is the MP for Nelson, is the latest Minister to try to run Auckland from his office in Wellington with his threats to take away Auckland Council?s planning powers, and open the city up to uncontrolled sprawl.

On the two most important issues for Auckland – housing affordability and transport – the Government is telling Aucklanders what to do because its ideologically opposed to the Auckland Plan.

The Auckland Plan said that Aucklanders don’t want LA-style sprawl and they do want a modern public transport system. But the Government doesn’t want to listen. It is arrogant and out of touch.

Several more billboards will appear in the next few days.

You can message Nick Smith directly from here:?http://www.labour.org.nz/auckland

This campaign has been coordinated by Labour MPs and funded by donations from concerned Aucklanders.? Read more »

Correspondence about parking

A reader emails about my car parking posts.

Hi?Whale I’m a concerned reader?and? I find myself in complete agreement with your shaming of idiot parkers.

I’m?personally gutted that NZ on Air hasn’t thrown?truckloads of cash at you to create? the much needed TV Show – The Parking Hunt!

However, I am fearful of the omnipresent?Whale Army and know it was?going to be?matter of time before my own lack of parking prowess was exposed. Hence I?am dobbing myself in and throwing?my?failings?at the mercy of you and the Whale Army.

However, Whale, what I’m asking is am?I at fault, or is the Blue Holden Commodore criminally negligent?for taking up space at the front of my park?? Read more »

Able Courier C#nt – Nathan Cunliffe

via the tipline



There is a bit of a story to this. The photo was posted on “You’ve got my Car Park, want my Disability too?” and?predictably?garnered quite a response, which included some loyal Whale Army members.

Taken on Queen Street Wainuiomata, Lower Hutt yesterday (14/3/2013) at 4.50pm by a fan of our page who said, “I think he was shocked I dared to say anything to him, but getting lippy back to me didn’t help, I just whipped out the phone and snapped a pic! NEVER mess with a middleaged mum at the end of a long day!”

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Green Fashion Watch – Feed the Poor, Sell a Jacket


The makeover of Green Taliban co-leader Metiria Turei has not gone unnoticed by the Whale Army’s fashionistas.

Stung by last year’s good reviews for Russel Norman, Turei is trying to appear all grown?up and sophisticated – and has already elbowed out the?somewhat drab?Catherine Delahunty to try and get more air time and?score points in education.

Take, for example, the outfit she was wearing in the House today.

Yes, we can alll recognise a very posh outfit by top Auckland designer?Adrienne Winkelmann when we see one.? Read more »

A call to arms, your Union needs you NOW — UPDATE

Awesome job everyone. ?From 55.5% to 61.7% for a total approval rating of 70.0%

And if you haven’t voted yet, now’s the time.

(check the original story here)

Union 0 - Whale Army 1

Union 0 – Whale Army 1

A nice cat, owned by a commenter

Regular commenter, long time reader and full member of the Whale Army Lesley emails…apparently not only does she read the blog, but so does her cat!

Time you had a photo of a good cat. She can?t bear to look at the bad cats on your blog post. She loves us. She probably would love Gareth Morgan too ? and you!

She doesn?t like fresh meat. She tends to chase leaves and the birds chase her.

Cheers Lesley

Zeezee good cat


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Whale Week What Was

Steve Harris - Iron Maiden, Whale Oil Beef HookedSaturday started with a Face of the Day photo that was a bit hard to look at before breakfast. ?Cam finds a Frenchman worthy of respect, and is pleased to find they aren’t all cheese eating surrender monkeys.?Count Jacques le Bel de Penguilly does have a poofy name though. ?Five Lesbians Eating a Quiche is a play that Whale suggests David Farrar should review for his Womans Weekly blog. ?Australia charges its second Catholic Priest for child sex crimes, and this blog continues to ask: ?Why is New Zealand immune? ?We’re either better than the rest of the world or we’re still covering it up. ?Which is it, and why? ? Sadly, another Cry Baby post where we highlight those who aren’t taking personal responsibility. ?This time, people who booked on Jetstar had their flights cancelled are in the paper bleating they’ll never fly Jetstar again. ?If only they knew this could happen, eh? ?Sharing a public space is tough when the others are eating, playing music and talking on their phones. ?Cam Slater throws in a joke about an ERO school inspector and Hekia Parata, and follows it up with a post where he reveals that politicians lie. ?Yeah. ?Why do women wear high heels? ?It can get to the point of ridiculousness for sure. An interesting post showing that a Connecticut newspaper is still advertising guns right next to Sandy Hook School news. ?That was followed by a post of dash cam footage from 1927 as well as dash cam footage of a plane crash last week. ?Next a top drawer post about glow in the dark toilet paper and poop hand soap. ?Only on WOBH. ? An interesting BBC2 short about Gordon Buchanan turning himself potential into Polar Bear lunch?leads a post about Iron Maiden showing Steve Harris wearing a Whale Oil Beef Hooked T-Shirt. ?Perhaps we should avoid NZ Herald Stock tips: ?Australian shares are hot apparently? ?Especially those APN stocks. ?Oh, and Fairfax stocks are doing just great as well. ?And as we wind down towards the end of the Saturday, we have a post about a CK Stead letter in which he slams the Binnie report as having clear bias. ? Read more »

Ingrid Visser angry at hoax beached whale call

The Whale Army is everywhere…

Seen at Tawharanui Beach yesterday – Kim Dotcon on his inflatable?couches.

My god what a cocksmoker…inflatable couches.

He claims to want to be a Kiwi…well Kiwis don’t ponce around at the beach like cocks with inflatable couches.

Is that David Fisher just out of shot?

Beached Whale Dotcom

Beached Whale.com

I think calls for a video bonus…

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Whale Week What Was

682zoomWe started our Saturday by paying our respects to?Norman Schwarzkopf Jr., the hard-charging US Army general whose forces smashed the Iraqi army in the 1991 Gulf War. ?He died aged 78. ?At The Standard 2012 Worst Political Blog Mike Smith is told some home truths about long term grass-roots Labour families heading for the Greens. ?A quick vid on how to put out a boat fire the Kiwi way is next, followed by a vote for Best Minister. ?The winner, at 52%, is Judith Collins. ?The Whale Week That Was summarised all the stories this blog covered in the previous seven days. ?A quite active Saturday Debate (for the time of year especially) led a post calling for nominations for Best Political Blog. ?Those who see WOBH as any sort of threat to them (and those that don’t too), should take heed of this Malcolm Tucker quote: “marshal all the media forces of Darkness to hound them to an assisted suicide”.? A CNN piece showing Teachers in Utah taking a class on gun use shows some common sense around the gun debate. ?A reader has taken yesterday’s US Fiscal Cliff graphic and created one for New Zealand – great work. ?As Cameron Slater predicted from the outset, the Aussie Hoax DJs will not face charges. ?The NZ Herald continues to amuse – this time a car crashed into a poll. ?The blog then introduces us to two sexy taxidermists showing you don’t have to look like a front row forward to deal with dead animals. ?And you’d think we’re picking on an incompetent NZ Herald, and you would be right. ?This time they have Jesse Ryder beating himself at Eden Park in Wellington. ?Then a hilarious story about a Queensland woman who fell into the longdrop and was there for two hours before being discovered by her husband. ? Turns out that during the Falklands War the French tried to send missiles to Argentinia behind Margaret Thatcher‘s back. ?Commerce first eh? ?The last post of the day highlights a report of a man holding up a Countdown Supermarket with a hammer. ?Our readers get fired up about the idea of hammer banning.

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