whaleoil readership survey

Whaleoil readership survey results: If Whaleoil was a bird it would be a…

animal-dream.com Falcon - Photo#02

Falcon – Photo#02

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 10.36.45 AM Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 10.36.55 AM

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A snapshot of the Whaleoil readership

So what does a typical Whaleoil reader look like? ?I had a couple of theories and our Whaleoil readership survey has ?provided us with the facts.

My first theory was…

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 10.02.26 AM

Was I right or was I wrong? Let’s find out…

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Whaleoil readership survey results: Whaleoilers’ favourite food

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 8.14.28 AM


Our analysis of written responses reveals a love of vegetarian, home grown, fresh food,Italian and Indian food as well as bacon ( no surprises there )

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 8.14.00 AM

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 8.14.11 AM

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Brief Whaleoil Readership Survey because of poorly phrased original question

Dear Readers due to my inexperience I phrased a question poorly in the recent Whaleoil readership survey so the results were inaccurate.

Readers were able to select from a number of options as I wanted their age, gender, and sexual preference but I put it all in a single question instead of three and not every part of the question was answered by everyone.?I think readers felt that they had to select only one option which would explain why there were?786 in total who answered male or female but only 171 in total who selected heterosexual or homosexual.

In order to get an accurate picture I have redone that part of the survey and hope that you will all be so kind as to answer it for us.I have also added the option of not answering the sexual preference question.

I am asking the question because Whaleoil was a big supporter of the gay marriage bill but we have been accused of being homophobic by the left. I am interested to see how many gay readers we have for that reason. The results from the first inaccurate question, indicated that we have seven gay readers.

I have added a question about where our readers live as someone in the comments on the blog indicated that they would be interested to know that statistic.

My prediction for the results are as follows…

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Whaleoil readership survey results: The animal that most readers prefer



And the winner is……drum roll……

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Whaleoil readership survey results: The most popular posts on Whaleoil

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 9.04.11 AM

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 9.04.32 AM

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Whaleoil readership survey results: Does God exist?


Before this survey started I predicted that there would be a?60-40 split between those who believe in God and those who don?t. Was I right or was I wrong?

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Whaleoil readership survey results: Why do you read Whaleoil?







Responses to our set options for the question reveal that the main reason our readers read Whaleoil is?the range of serious and not-so-serious topics that we cover as it scored ?74%

The second most popular reason for reading Whaleoil was an enjoyment of political discussion which scored 44%.

In third place was because it is entertaining at 27%.

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The great Whaleoil Readership survey

newlogoFor the second Whaleoil survey my aim is to find out as much as possible about our readership. I have asked about your food preferences, your favourite animal, your favourite Whaleoil posts and much, much more. By the end of it we should know what age and sex most of our readers are, why they read Whaleoil and whether or not they believe in God as well as other important things such as who would be their dream date if they were a woman. Of course, if you are already a woman that won’t be necessary. Actually I am looking forward to seeing what the gender breakdown of our readers actually is.

Before I get the results I will make the following percentage predictions:


  1. 70-30 split between men and women

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