Two thirds of EQC ?customers? unhappy, and that?s not high enough

Natural disasters are natural, and disasters. ?The fact that some people find that they have taken a hit on their equity, or their bird bath is listing to one side isn?t a sufficient reason to get pissy. ?

The EQC system isn?t a 100% fix-it-as-new insurance scheme. ?As long as people are living in their home, are safe and dry, then the minor stuff is what they should take on the chin. ?Welcome to living on the Ring of Fire.

Customer satisfaction with the way the Earthquake Commission (EQC) handles claims has dropped.

The commission set itself a target for this year’s annual report of getting a tick from at least 50 percent of its customers, but the result was well short of that.

Its report for the year to June (PDF, 2.8MB – part two of two) showed about 34 percent were happy with their experience – a fall from last year, when 44 percent said they were satisfied.

Jennifer Dalziel is among the two thirds of clients unhappy about their experiences, after she approached the agency about its failure to properly repair her home.

“What they do is just keep fobbing people off, that it’s gone to the engineers, that it’s gone for a review and now we have to send someone else out, and there’s a six-month time lag between each of those things happening.

“So after three years people are no further ahead.”

Ms Dalziel had now decided to take EQC to court.? Read more »

Job offer: No whingers wanted

Why is this a story?

He didn’t say no gays, no blacks, no women. All he said is he doesn’t want whingers.

A Mosgiel man has advertised work for a pest controller on Trade Me with some explicit points about the type of person he wants to employ.

“Mustn’t be a whinger,” he writes in the job ad.

Duane Trafford runs Mosgiel-based pest control company, Predator Contracting LTD.

He needs more staff to run the company and has laid out the type of person he wants to employ in clear language.

“I am looking for possumers…not pig hunters…not people that tried hunting once…and thought they liked it…and thought they were having a midlife crisis..and decided they needed to get out of the office…..but Possumers……!!! ? Read more »

How can 20 people get so much media coverage?

Twenty losers, dropkicks and rowdies go and try to disrupt a Christmas party and all the news networks cover it like the whole of Auckland turned out to protest the National Party.


Auckland Action Against Poverty set its sights on National’s Christmas party today, taking aim at the Government’s management of the country’s poor.

Protestors tried to storm the venue in west Auckland, determined to put a stop to holiday celebrations.

It looked as though the National Party’s Christmas bash was over before it even began. It wasn’t Christmas carollers on National’s doorstep today, but protestors with a clear message, singing: “party’s over, time for change”.

The protesters came in force ? a large group of them turned up in vans before trying to storm the venue, with a number of them then chaining themselves to the front gate.

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They look like bottles of motor oil to me

Sad face dairy owner

Sad face dairy owner

Some people are never happy.

The perpetually outraged in our society simply run off their gobs on Twitter or cry to the Media Party who produce lots of sad face photos of the outraged people.

Consumers are souring to the taste of Anchor’s All Black Rugby World Cup promotional bottles of two-litre milk, Wellington dairy owners say.

Thakor Gopal, owner of Island Bay’s Hy-Grade dairy said the marketing campaign was costing him sales, which he estimated had dipped about 20 per cent since the black bottles were launched earlier this month

Gopal said some of his customers were put off by the idea of milk in a black bottle.

“They say it should not be in a black bottle – lots of people are unhappy.” ? Read more »


Pimping the Not So Poor; who just want more

Simon Collins is at it again this morning in the NZ Herald, Pimping the Poor, except this case it is the not so poor.

His story is about a woman moaning because her husband and sperm donor to 2 plus another on the way is having to up his payments to pay for a kid from a previous relationship. Simon Collins rolls out all the usual pimping the poor lines…but this is the new woman moaning about paying for her sperm donor’s other kid, so perhaps not the best example.

The husband doesn’t front, just the new missus with two kids and another on the way moaning about how terrible it is that her sperm donor should pay for the other kid he fathered.

A pregnant mother of two has been left with less than $300 a week to feed and clothe her family after a $50-a-week jump in the child support that her husband pays for another child.

The West Auckland family is one of many affected by a new formula for child support payments which came into force on April 1. Almost 33,000 liable parents will pay more under the new formula, 46,000 will pay less, and 58,000 are unaffected.

Sunnyvale mother Vanessa Runagall said her family’s budget was so tight that they simply couldn’t pay an increase in her husband Ross’ child support from $305 a month to $503.

“We were just managing,” she said. “We changed our bank earlier in the year to get a good interest rate [on the mortgage], and they told us that with what my husband earned, that we couldn’t live on that.

“We had to prove that we could live meanly … We don’t actually go anywhere, we don’t actually do any entertaining.”

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A new year email from a reader

Sometimes they are good sometimes they are bad.

Here is one I received today.

Name: hori

Message: Well Cameron,what a fuckwitt [sic] you truly have become. you [sic] probably started out with the idea that you could change things in the?world for the better,somehow I doubt it.

It would seem more likely?that you are a lazy bastard who has a one eyed opinion on everyone and?everything thing and being the technological age we live in you are?able to spew forth the misinformation and crap that you do. kiwis’??[sic]?living in Australia are not whining whingers’ or bludgers’, they are?the ones who decided to get off their arse and try to make a better?life for themselves and their families by going to Australia.

All they?are asking for is the same treatment an Australian gets if they come?to New Zealand, nothing more,nothing less. If you’re going to attack?someone like David Faulkner or Ozkiwi at least get off your fat?arse, do some work and find the facts first.

personally ?[sic]?I think you’re a?joke.? Read more »

Back in ya Box

Every day it seems there?s someone banging on about fatties and how it?s not their fault and it?s all some big, cunning conspiracy and ?corporate takeover? by manufacturers. [On the plus side at least there wasn’t a “sad face” in the article.]

What no sad face?

What no sad face?

This usually leads to calls from do-gooders for more regulation, more restrictions and more taxes. This has got me thinking.? Read more »

Cry Baby of the Day – Another whinger bleating

Cry Baby of the Day: Rose Black

Cry baby: Rose Black

Cry baby: Rose Black

The incident:?The police now have Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems being deployed in vehicles. Some people think that they will cause a disproportionate victimisation of poor people.

A new, hi-tech licence plate recognition system is copping flack from welfare groups who claim it could have a negative impact on the poor.

Police believe the all-new Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system is the key to identifying vehicles that are a potential hazard on the roads, and have been trialling the devices since late last year.

The ANPR – which sits on top of a patrol car – scans and records number plates of passing vehicles, instantly matching them to a police database.

If a vehicle is wanted for any reason – stolen vehicles, disqualified drivers, expired registration and wanted persons – a waiting patrol vehicle gives chase.

ANPR – which is capable of scanning up to 3000 number plates an hour – is an extension of the traditional process in which an officer would have to call a radio dispatcher to access information in the police database.? Read more »