Fight Dotcom At His Own Game

Whaleoil has proved that Kim Dotcom doesn’t like it back up him.

Apparently Hollywood studios want proof of Dotcom’s offshore assets and maybe even his onshore ones.

Well Kim started this little war so in my view it is game on.

Kim put up $5 million as a reward for any whistleblower who could help them in their case.

I say the Hollywood studios should match that for anyone who can help with theirs.

It is a rounding error on a balance sheet for each of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Disney Enterprises, Paramount Pictures Corporation, Universal City Studios Productions, Columbia Pictures Industries, Warner Bros Entertainment, Warner Music Group, UMG Recordings, Sony Music Entertainment and Capital Records.

$5 million would buy you a “whistleblower” in the offshore industry for sure.  Kim had and has midgets looking after his files offshore who are barely making a New Zealand minimum wage.

$5 million and those files may end up, well, anywhere really…….

Union ratbags threatening whistleblowers in corruption investigation

As Australia union corruption inquiry rumbles into life union ratbags are threatening whistleblowers and meeting to prepare evidence so they all sing from the same songsheet.

Even when under investigation their corruption continues.

Building union corruption whistleblowers have been threatened and warned not to co-operate with investigations into alleged criminal activity as the federal government prepares to launch a national police taskforce to examine the construction sector.

Fairfax Media can also reveal that corruption suspects have been meeting to plan their responses to the Abbott government’s royal commission into unions, raising concerns evidence has been destroyed and false stories agreed upon in a bid to stymie investigators.

Four prominent construction companies in NSW and Victoria have also launched internal investigations after Fairfax Media recently revealed links between their operations, underworld figures and allegedly corrupt officials in the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union.  Read more »

More news from Fraser House

whistleblowerAfter a little bit of an interlude the mice are squeaking again. Obviously they are worried about Labour’s own spy technology being installed to catch them.

However the news just in is interesting.

Helen Clark & David Shearer spend a good part of the weekend talking strategy for 2014.

It’s believed she has become part of a secret ‘kitchen cabinet’…and locked in her support behind the hapless David Shearer.  Read more »

The Edward Snowden of the restaurant business

and a follow up vid

Read more »

Does Len Brown even know what happens in his Council?

The Auckland Council is having to pay out over $300,000 for the actions of a bullying senior manager. Quite apart from the fact that the bully should be coughing out of his own pocket, after all it was he who did the bullying not the ratepayer, you have to wonder of Len Brown has actually got even a single clue as to what is going on inside his council.

A spokeswoman for Mayor Len Brown said the mayoral office was unaware of the matter and would not comment on employment matters.


Doesn’t Len Brown have a “no surprises” agreement with his Chief Executive?

Council chief executive Doug McKay said the matter was an employment issue that was subject to an investigation and had been resolved.

Mr McKay declined to comment on the payments to the two whistleblowers who resigned, and on other issues raised by the Weekend Herald.

I would have though that over $300,000 in payouts was a fucking big surprise, further I would hazard a guess that those amounts are way above normal sign of authority by the Chief Executive.

There goes Bob’s Knighthood

As regular readers know Bob Parker offered to take the fall for anything going wrong on the earthquake recovery for Big Gerry in exchange for a Knighthood and a job.

This doesn’t seem likely now though, with Gerry calling Bob a clown.

Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee has entered the political fray consuming the city council, calling Mayor Bob Parker a ”clown”.

In an unprecedented attack on Parker, Brownlee said he was not surprised ratepayers were fed up with the way Christchurch was being run.

Brownlee fired the shot at the mayor while responding to comments Parker made about the city’s rates.

Parker said last week there had been overtures from within the Treasury that there was scope for the city’s rates to be increased or for assets to be sold to pay for the quake recovery.

He said it could do this under the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (Cera) Act.

Brownlee said he was furious at the comment, calling Parker a “clown” for making it.

”That is an outrageous abdication of his responsibilities. The Cera Act specifically forbids that,” he said.

If someone really wants to piss off big Gerry they should pass on the details of the mayoress’ dealings with council employees who have been bribed to stay silent.

There is a whistleblower law these days protecting those who call foul on people in authority.

Witchhunt underway at SFO

via the tipline

I have been informed that Adam Feeley has instigated a witch hunt at the Serious Fraud Office in an attempt to find the leaks about Bridgecorp and Hubbard embarrassments. This is hugely ironic as one of the main methods getting their story out was leaks from Feeley himself to tame journalists.

Five Fingers Feeley has hired his top-end Northern Club mates at PriceWaterhouseCoopers to clone server and work laptops.

Staff emails are now monitored.

Staff are bemused that someone in his position can be under investigation – not be stood down – and now order his own inquisition to find the whistle-blowers.

I wonder how much that will cost the taxpayer?

It seems the biggest sin in Adam Feeley’s eyes is to be a whistleblower, rather than the actual indiscretions. Again hugely ironic considering that the SFO usually ends up with cases after someone spills the beans about corporate indiscretion.

Jacqui Dean in Wikipedia for all the wrong reasons

Wet behind the ears? – Opinion – The Southland Times

Heh, Well done ACT on Campus for nailing, metaphorically a dozy MP and her staff. I still can’t believe she fell for it. She can join Sue Kedgley in the DHMO Hall of Shame on Wikipedia.

Newsflash Dick, you lost!

Auckland Blog: Of course Dick Hubbard is angry….

Dick Hubbard is an angry bitter lonely man. He has tired of the loneliness of being a loser and decided to strike out, as usual he missed his target.

Cr Aaron Bhatnagar sums up “the Dick’s” woes quite well.
[quote]After three years of failed big projects (Aotea “Outside the Square”, flip flops (rates, Waterfront Stadium) and disastrous PR (too numerous to mentioN), the Hubbard Mayoral taskforce for Sustainability was his only campaign tool left – a grab bag of cliches, feelgood blah and things the council were doing already as a packaged policy.

And now it’s gone, much like Mr Hubbard’s old leased Prius.[/quote]

Newsflash Dick!!! We don’t want to hear one word, not one more word from your mealy little socialist mouth, bugger off.

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