Jemima Khan turns on Assange, gone from ‘admiration to demoralisation’

The worm is turning against Julian Assange, with former backers now publicly coming out against him. Jemima Khan is the first major celebrity to pour scorn on the fantasist, comparing him to L Ron Hubbard:

Jemima Khan became the first celebrity backer of Julian Assange to publicly criticise his decision to jump bail and seek refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

She said his ‘instantaneous rock-star status’ made him feel he was ‘above the law and exempt from criticism’, even likening him to Scientologist L Ron Hubbard.

Nearly eight months after the WikiLeaks founder took up residence in the diplomatic building, Miss Khan, who put up bail money for Assange, laid bare her frustrations at his attempts to dodge extradition to Sweden where he is wanted over rape and sex assault allegations. Read more »

Will a real journalist ask her about our SAS troops in Iraq?

Helen Clark is back and is accusing others of deceit. It is an interesting claim by Helen Clark.  No one but no one in the world has questione the veracity of the Wikileaks documents, not her former Labour colleagues, not even Sarah Palin, yet Helen Clark has decided to run the line that the story is false.

If the story is as false as she has made out then why has not a single member of Labour denounced it including Phil Goff?

However, since Helen Clark is talking about deceit what this blogger wants to know if there is any journalist who is going to give up the hagiography of St Helen and ask her the simple question:

“Did you send our NZSAS into combat in Iraq by seconding them to the British SAS?”

Lets get her on record, and then cross reference it with NZDF documentation. The we will see if there is any deceit.

Even the Americans can see Labour's problem

I’ve been going through Bryce Edwards posting of Wikileaks NZ documents. There is an amazing amount of information and some real gems. I particularly like this one though from 23 April 2009. There is a good summary about why Labour is rooted, but the kicker is in the tail. I have posted the hear to make searching the pdf easier…and just section 9 of the cable. Emphasis added is mine.

E.O. 12958: DECL: 04/22/2024




Classified By: Acting DCM Margaret McKean; Reason 1.4 (b) and (d)….

9. (C) Even in defeat, Helen Clark continued to cast a long shadow over the future of the Labour Party, despite her generally low profile after tranferring the leadership to Phil Goff. With her departure for New York, effective rebuilding can begin, but is likely to be done slowly and without fanfare for fear of endangering the Clark legacy, which many in Labour will find difficult to let go. Most analysts agree that Labour needs an influx of new blood; however, simply promoting younger Labour Party personalities may not be enough to change voting patterns without a fundamental rethink of how some of Labour’s policies were rejected by the electorate and that a more centrist approach to governance (as National has done) may be needed. The Labour Party also tends to attract its membership from the ranks of academics, unions and government workers. National’s younger candidates, in contrast, typified the cross section of younger New Zealand professionals and middle class families — and were candidates who attracted important swing voters in urban centers where Labour traditionally had strong support. Whether Labour can field a similar broad range of younger candidates among its traditional left-of-center pockets of support is in question. The party will also need to revamp its current parliamentary list, which is replete with tried, tested, and largely defeated Labour Party stalwarts. End Comment.
There doesn’t seem to be any sign of that rejuvenation coming anytime soon.

How to stop Julian Assange

Bruce Simpson at Aardvark has stumbled on the ultimate solution for stopping Julian Assange and Wikileaks.

The US government has a problem, a big problem.

Some little Aussie upstart by the name of Julian is telling all their secrets to an eager world.

He’s dumped hundreds of thousands of supposedly confidential communiques onto the internet and the US administration seem powerless to stop him.

Sure, they’ve exerted pressure on the likes of PayPal and MasterCard in an attempt to choke off the supply of money. They’ve recruited the patriotic support of Amazon to throw him out of their cloud, and they’ve even managed to coerce the English and Swedish authorities into arresting him on some allegations of sexual offending.

But so far, all this has proven is that the US government is completely incapable of reigning in the actions of Mr Assange and the Wikileaks organisation.

I think it’s time they called in the big guns.

And, when you consider how many people have been hung, drawn and quartered by the US justice system for allegedly downloading the occasional $1 music track, I think we know exactly who to call.

Heh…I can see where this is going.

The RIAA/MPAA consortium has been able to achieve things that nobody else in the world has.

They’ve been able to accuse people of crimes and then, with little more than anecdotal evidence, have those people hit with astoundingly high fines and penalties which far exceed the seriousness of their alleged crimes.

Surely, if they put the RIAA/MPAA in charge of handling the thorny issue of Assange, he’d already be rendered powerless and enjoying a little waterboarding in an off-shore US prison somewhere.

I mean, just look at this case and you’ll see what I mean.

The recording and movie industry has managed to extract such incredible protection from the US government that it is surely now the most powerful “anti-evil” force in the land and thus, the perfect group to scuttle Assange’s attempts to release material that must surely be *copyrighted*, by dint of having already been published to a select few within government.

Ironic isn’t it. For exactly the same reasons as the recording industry can’t stop file sharing Wikileaks is destined to continue. Simon Power should take note in his bizarre attempts to control the internet.

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