Man of the Year

Just went and saw "Man of the Year" with the missus.

We are on our nostalgia trip to Hamilton where we met 20 years ago.

Not much has changed in this dump (more on that tomorrow when I upload some photos), but we have been doing all the things we did as students, you know, pubs, drinking, sex, movies, sex, drinking, sex etc.

So we went to the movies tonight and we saw Robin Williams in Man of the Year. Reasonable movie, funny pisstake of politicians, was a bit flat in places but certainly gave me some ideas for a little project I am working on. 

The underlying Truth of Maori unemployment figures.

Labour has been propping up Jabba the Maori for far too long. The latest embarresment for Jabba are the Maori unemployment figures.

Labour has crowed how Maori unemployment has dropped from a record high of 18.9 percent to 8.6 percen. Thats fine and a reasonable achievement, but Hone Harawira has uncovered some "disgraceful" (to use the Ministers own term) statistics.

The Ministry of Social Development was telling us that the percentage of Maori on the Unemployment Benefit by region, were:

  • East Coast  03/2001 49.7% 03/2006 64.1%
  • Bay of Plenty 03/2001 49.1% 03/2006 66.2%
  • Northland 03/2001 53.1% 03/2006 64.1%
What is more disgraceful is that the East Coast is Jabba's own electorate.
And just check out Hansard for an indication of who is representing Maori better.
[quote]Hansard Record of Question time; Thursday 25 May 2006

Hone Harawira: Could the Minister please explain, in light of comments in this House associating Vote Māori Affairs baseline funding with the fact that Māori unemployment has dropped from a record high of 18.9 percent to 8.6 percent, why on the East Coast, his own electorate, in 2001, 50 percent of the population receiving the unemployment benefit were Māori, and in March 2006 that percentage had increased to 64 percent; why in Waiariki the percentage increase in Māori unemployment grew from 49 percent in 2001 to 66 percent in 2006; and why in my own electorate of Te Tai Tokerau the percentage increase in Māori unemployment also grew, from 53 percent in 2001 to 64 percent in 2006-and what will Te Puni Kōkiri be doing to address these disparities?

Hon PAREKURA HOROMIA: A number of issues are relevant to the statistical assumptions of my learned friend from Te Tai Tokerau.[/quote]