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Taranaki is saved!

In 2016 MBIE produced a report about the demand for electricity considering various scenarios going out to 2050.

Clearly, that was before the Comrade’s Captain’s Call Policy (CCCP) was announced and before Shaw committed us to Zero Carbon (whatever that might mean.)

Since gas, oil and coal are now out of the equation for electricity generation, what is going to get us from the installed capacity of 9,824 MW to the projected required installed capacity of 16,733 MW?? The extra capacity needed to bring online being 6,908 MW.? MBIE project that 279 MW will come from efficiencies and biogas, wood etc.

Clearly it all has to be renewables; we have been told that and Minister Woods assures us that we will have a ‘just transition” to said sources. Read more »


The Future of Energy: Wind Power


Today’s guest post by Whaleoil reader Bruce Alan Forbes is part of an article he wrote called The Future of Energy with predictions for 2040. As it is an in-depth analysis I divided it into six posts so that we could discuss each part separately.

62 Siemens wind turbines of the type SWT-2.3-101 turn here in the wind park West Wind near Wellington in New Zealand.?

Wind Power,

Wind power has been around for thousands of years. 200 years ago, the Fens in the UK were drained using wind-driven pumps. Because they were expensive to build and operate, and the wind often did not blow when needed, these were soon replaced by low-pressure steam driven pumping engines that, by today?s standards, were very inefficient and extremely expensive. The drive for efficiency and low cost led to their being replaced with higher-pressure steam engines, diesel engines and finally, by electric pumps.

Wind power today suffers from the same problems it did hundreds of years ago – expensive machinery, low average output and the vagaries of the wind.

Wind farms do not generate much in light winds and they must be shut down in strong winds. Typically, they generate less than 10% of their rated output for 30% of the time, and more than 80% for only about 5% of the time. A wind farm provides expensive electricity at unpredictable times – often when it is not needed.

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Steve Joyce could learn a thing or two from Tony Abbott


Steve Joyce is addicted to subsidies and corporate welfare. He just loves hurling the lolly about.

He would do well to learn from Tony Abbott who has just gassed the wind farm subsidies in Australia.

Australia has slammed the door shut on any new government-funded investment in renewable energy schemes as Prime Minister Tony Abbott extends his ?war on wind power?.

In doing so Mr Abbott has sent a clear message to the mendicant green renewable energy sector that there will be no more cheap state-supplied financing for its projects.

Fairfax Media reports Mr Abbott?s conservative coalition government has ordered the taxpayer-funded $10 billion Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) to immediately cease?any new investments in wind power projects. Treasurer Joe Hockey and Finance Minister Mathias Cormann issued the so-called green bank with a directive to change its investment strategy.

The funding ban?is just the latest salvo in the government?s attacks on the renewable energy sector which also includes small-scale solar projects.


Mr Hockey started the Abbott government?s campaign against wind farms?in 2014 when he told Sydney radio host?Alan Jones he found the massive?turbines ?utterly offensive?. Prime Minister Abbott reignited the debate last month, telling Jones he finds turbines ?visually awful?. He said he wanted to reduce the growth rate of the sector as much as?possible.

Joe Hockey has come good big time, clearly following the lead of his boss.

The decision will please anti-wind government members but wind industry insiders, who declined to comment on the record, told Fairfax Media?the decision is a ?big blow?. One said that while it will not sink the industry altogether, it will make things harder.

Head of Australia at Bloomberg New Energy Finance Kobad Bhavnagri? said the decision would have a ?significant? impact on the industry.

As Breitbart London reported last month, the UK-born Mr Abbott (his family moved to Australia from London when he was aged three), who once famously dismissed the argument behind anthropogenic climate change as ?absolute crap?, has never carried his disdain for wind farms lightly.

In June he told a radio interviewer a cycling trip to an island off the Western Australia state capital Perth had rammed home his personal dislike for wind generators. He added that he wants ?fewer? wind farms in Australia and is keen for an inquiry into their health impacts.

?When I?ve been up close to these things, not only are they visually awful, but they make a lot of noise,? Mr Abbott told Sydney broadcaster Alan Jones. ?Up close, they?re ugly, they?re noisy and they may have all sorts of other impacts.

?It?s right and proper that we?re having an inquiry into the health impacts of these things.?

I?wonder what the Libs would want as a trade for Abbott in exchange for Joyce?

We would probably have to give them half the All Black pack as well.


– Breibart

Evil bat killing wind turbines


It is time to put an end to the bird and now bat killing wind turbines.

WIND farms may be killing legally protected bats by causing internal organs to ?explode?, according to wildlife experts.

The Bat Conservation Trust says it has evidence that pressure caused by turbine blades causes the animals? lungs to “pop”, causing immediate death.

Bats are a protected species in the UK, and deliberately injuring or killing them carries the threat of six months in jail and a fine of up to ?5,000.

Conservationists believe bats are dying while hunting insects that are attracted by the heat generated by turbine blades.

They have suggested that even if the bats avoid the turbines, the change in pressure created by the spinning blades is capable of bursting their lungs.

Anne Youngman, Scottish officer of the Bat Conservation Trust, said: “People think that the danger is the bats getting hit by the blade, which does happen.

“But the danger to them is really barotrauma, were they are literally popped from the inside.? Read more »

Wind farms are a ‘complete scam’ – UK Environment Secretary

Green Energy?  Why is it that Greens don't believe in visual polution?

Green Energy? Why is it that Greens don’t believe in visual pollution?

Don’t expect to see the Green Taliban talking about their precious windmills like that, but in the UK Tory politicians have the courage to expose the fact the Green King is wearing no clothes:

Wind farms have been branded a ?complete scam? by Environment Secretary Owen Paterson, reigniting coalition battle over green power.

As the government unveiled new powers for local residents to block turbines blighting their villages, Mr Paterson condemned many planned schemes as ?deeply unpopular? and causing ?huge unhappiness? across the country.

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The pure folly of windfarms


The tide has turned on the desire for touchy feely green energy.

The climate bed-wetters are being discredited, as are their darling windfarms.

Is this really the future?

Wind farm companies operating in Scotland were paid more than ?1 million to shut down their turbines for a single day last month, it has emerged.

A total of ?1,146,614 was handed out to the operators of 13 Scottish wind farms, including almost ?300,000 for a development built on land owned by the Duke of Roxburghe.? Read more »

Obama tells some dodgy Chinese to stick it

Barack Obama is being sued by some dodgy Chinese company who is upset at being told the eff off. Apparently there is some sort of security risk…personally I’d ban them just because they are awful bird blenders junking up the skyline:

A Chinese-owned firm in the US is suing President Barack Obama after he blocked a wind farm deal on national security grounds.

Ralls Corp, a private firm, acquired four wind farm projects near a US naval facility in Oregon earlier this year.

Mr Obama signed the order blocking the deal last week. The lawsuit alleges the US government overstepped its authority.

It is the first foreign investment to be blocked in the US for 22 years.

The block on the wind farms comes just weeks ahead of November’s US presidential election.

China’s state-run news agency Xinhua said “China-bashing” in order “to woo some blue-collar voters” was the reason for the decision.

Mr Obama has been criticised by the Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, for not taking a tough enough line with China over trade and investment practices.

Indeed, Mr Romney has said he will label China as a “currency manipulator” if he is elected.

US politicians have long alleged that China keeps its currency artificially low giving its exports an unfair advantage and, in turn, costing the US jobs. That is denied by Beijing.

But many Chinese officials are now used to the four-year election cycle when increasingly China has become the whipping boy.

One official who worked at the Chinese embassy in Washington told me that the heated rhetoric is not taken too seriously in Beijing.

While the US election is being followed in China, the focus here is the country’s own once-in-a-decade leadership transition, which will get under way next month.

The move forced Ralls Corp to divest its stake in the projects, which were located near restricted airspace used by the Naval Weapons Systems Training Facility.

Gas is greener than Wind

? The Telegraph

This study is going to put the shits up the Greens…it appears that gas is greener than wind:

Building gas-fired power plants instead of more offshore wind farms could actually lead to greater carbon savings at a lower cost, a leading think-tank has claimed.

In a report today, Policy Exchange argued that the government should scrap 4GW of its planned 13GW target for offshore wind generation by 2020.

By building cheaper gas generation instead it could save ?700-?900m a year in costs that would have been passed onto billpayers, it calculated.

These savings could be redeployed by insulating hundreds of thousands more homes and doubling public funding for research and development in key low-carbon technologies, it said.

That would still leave enough money to ?buy and retire sufficient carbon permits each year to reduce emissions by six times as much as the 4GW of offshore wind?.

It argued: ?To achieve maximum overall emissions reduction and low carbon innovation, the electricity market needs to be allowed to invest in gas as a transition fuel, subject to a long-term EU emissions cap.?

Even if gas-fired power plants had to be retired early because of the EU?s emissions cap, it would still be a ?far cheaper? interim solution than building offshore wind while the costs remain so high, it said.

Meridian quits $2 billion wind project

Meridian Energy has bailed out of a $2 billion wind farm.

Maybe because wind farms are a crock, difficult to make money, wreck skylines and are generally bad for the environment.

But then I saw “greenie” (and hypocrite) Anton Oliver objected to the wind farm. FFS? is he a greenie – therefore should be pro-wind farms, or is he not?

So what I’d like to know is what it was that turned Anton oOliver against wind farms?

Perhaps, like Bio-fuels, electric cars, genetic engineering, and organic food, wind turbines are an utter and complete con and Meridian have come to understand this.


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