Winston Peters

It must be election year: Winston is scaring his constituents again

Winston Peters

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has warned Grey Power members that NZ Super is under threat – and dismissed Act Party leader David Seymour as Epsom’s “ventriloquist dummy”.

Peters rounded on Seymour as well as National and Labour in a speech to more than 100 Grey Power North Shore members today.

Covering familiar topics such as the bias of media, immigration levels – “a fatal pathway to disaster” – and law and order, Peters’ central message was that NZ Super was under threat.

Yup.  Winston’s back fanning the flames of fear among the infirm and befuddled.  Read more »

Vernon Small gets it, why can’t Bill?

Vernon Small can see smoke signals…shame Bill English can’t.

Prime Minister Bill English may make a decent fist of shearing, but when it comes to kicking for touch his style is more hack-it-and-see.

Faced with queries about the impact of the Maori-Mana non-aggression pact, announced on Monday, he punted them all into the distant future.

Would National continue its long-standing policy of not fielding candidates in the Maori seats?

“There is likely to be some discussion about that. We haven’t come to a conclusion but we didn’t stand last time.”

Every election was a bit different. He hadn’t thought about it in great detail.

Well then, what about abolishing the Maori seats?   Read more »

Chairman of Solid Energy says he’ll resign if forced to let people into Pike River

The current board chair of Solid Energy has said he will resign if forced to let people into the mine.

Andy Coupe, chairman of failed state-owned coal miner Solid Energy, said at a fiery select committee hearing yesterday that he would consider resigning if the Government ordered the company to re-enter the Pike River coal mine.

Solid Energy’s annual financial review at Parliament’s commerce select committee was dominated by questions about its decision to seal the mine, which has been closed since a gas explosion in 2010 killed 29 workers. The company’s chair appeared immediately after Fiona Kidman, who presented a petition asking the mine not be sealed. Family members and supporters packed the public gallery for both hearings. Prime Minister Bill English said this week sealing of the mine would be halted after he met with the families.

NZ First leader Winston Peters repeatedly criticised the committee’s chairwoman Melissa Lee for her allocation of questions — at one point saying she was chairing the meeting like a fascist — and clashed with Mr Coupe, interjecting during his initial presentation and when the chair was answering questions.

Mr Peters, who in December pledged to be first to re-enter the mine, quizzed Mr Coupe over the possibility of unmanned entry to the drift, and criticised him for not knowing the details of his coverage and premiums for his director’s insurance.

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Cunning, cunning, Winston

Winston Peters has the sort of low rat cunning that is often missing in politicians these days. It is something to be admired.

His latest idea is so cunning that you can put a tail on it and call it a weasel.

Richard Harman at Politik reports:

New Zealand First Leader Winston Peters has formally proposed that the position of Leader of the Opposition be abolished.

He has put the proposal to the high-powered Standing Orders’ Committee chaired by the Speaker, David Carter, which is currently conducting a review of Parliament’s standing orders – the rules which govern the way Parliament works.

The office of the Leader, Andrew Little, was bemused by Peters’ proposal and a spokesperson said that though the electoral system had changed the Westminster system had not and the position was an integral part of the Westminster system.   Read more »

Pike River hearing a “circus”, but not because of Winston

via 3 News

The New Zealand First leader clashed on numerous occasions with the new chair of the Commerce Committee, National MP Melissa Lee, who had to apologise to the submitters and the public for his behaviour.

“I’m not going allow you to turn this into a circus,” she told Mr Peters before turning to Pike families spokesman Bernie Monk, petitioner Dame Fiona Kidman, and mines expert Tony Forster. Read more »

Is Winston Peters NZ’s Donald Trump?

Chris Trotter writes:

So completely does Trump dominate the global news cycle that, even here, at the bottom of the world, political experts have begun speculating as to whether New Zealanders might be in line for an Antipodean version of “The Donald”.

Others object that the Americans have, as usual, come late to the party. New Zealanders, they insist, have had their very own populist political leader for nigh-on a quarter-century. His name? Winston Peters.

But identifying Peters as the New Zealand Trump merely pushes the question back one space. Instead of asking: Does NZ have its own Donald Trump? The question now becomes: Can Peters replicate Trump’s extraordinary success?

The short answer is: No. Trumpism could only be established in New Zealand by a politician drawn from the ranks of one of the major parties. Such a person would then have to take his or her party by storm: over-ruling and over-powering its existing power structures with the assistance of fanatical supporters drawn from both within and without the party.

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Good News for Winston

John Key doesn’t get his numbers wrong very often, and he has made this prediction for the post election negotiations.

Key told Roughan quitting was the hardest decision of his life but he remained convinced it was the right call. Read more »

Winston exposes Bill English’s utu on Judith Collins

Prime Minister Bill English admitted today he starved former Police Minister Judith Collins of money for additional frontline police as Finance Minister, says New Zealand First Leader and Northland MP Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“Ms Collins was a long standing rival for the prime ministership. Mr English made sure her chances were not boosted by gaining popularity and respect with the police and the public. Read more »

ACT better be careful. If National can get there with Winston alone…

Can New Zealanders trust ACT?   ACT that voted for more tax, increased government involvement and will not back decriminalisation of drugs?

Not saying ACT is bad.  I’m just saying that like National, it doesn’t behave according to its charter either


While Little has a tin ear, Winston gets it just right

Andrew Little’s tin ear over Waitangi, where Bill English lacks leadership for not going, but he will boycott if he doesn’t get the media he deserves has left the door open for Winston to get a word in edgeways.

Being Winston Peters he doesn’t need the door to be ajar, he just usually kicks it in. Fairfax reports:

Winston Peters won’t go on Te Tii Marae today and was threatened with arrest as he spoke to media outside the grounds.

“We’re not going to go that’s it, and I’m sorry about that. I think common sense will soon prevail here…but you cannot move this around the country as if Waitangi didn’t happen on February 6, 1840.”

Peters has been coming to Te Tii for six decades and in a political role for the last 40 years – this is the first time he hasn’t gone onto Te Tii.

“What’s going on here now is not part of tradition…it’s an abomination to Maoridom, it’s an abomination to history and to the significance of this event.”

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