Winston Peters

Why is Bill English still running interference for Murray McCully?

Winston Peters is holding Murray McCully to account, via Bill English.

Bill English may think this is a bit of a joke, but he knows that several large donors don’t think the same as him and have shut their wallets to National.

Prime Minister Bill English has confirmed Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully did not have approval from cabinet to support a United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution criticising Israel, says New Zealand First.   Read more »

And tell me Andrew, why would Winston pick up the phone in the first place?

In an interview on The Nation with that awful disgrace of a reporter, Lisa Owen, Andrew Little told us all about how serious he is in having a government with the Green party.

They will be called first and then some time later he will call Winston.

There is a massive flaw with both those statements.  Read more »

The UN responsible for changing New Zealand’s immigration policy

A politically correct opinion piece on Islamic immigration to New Zealand in The Dominion Post got lots of comments. Interestingly despite the politically correct stance taken by the writer the majority of commenters disagreed with what he said. It made me realise that Whaleoil readers are not the only New Zealanders who can see what folly it is to import a culture, religion and political ideology so at odds with everything we hold dear. We are not the only New Zealanders who have observed what happens in other Western countries when they import an ideology that thinks homosexuals should be killed, that women are second class and that want to spread their laws and values to New Zealand rather than assimilate to our laws and values.

The article interested me because it inadvertently explained that we had a sensible immigration policy until the United Nations put pressure on our government. Believe it or not, our governments all had sensible immigration policies until the United Nations opened New Zealand up to Muslim immigration.

…Discrimination on the basis of ethnicity and religion characterised New Zealand’s immigration and refugee policy until the late 1980s. The country wanted British immigrants. Small numbers of refugees from the Middle East began arriving in New Zealand from the late 1970s, comprising people of Baha’i and Christian backgrounds.

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Winston speaks out on so-called Treaty principles

If you are wanting to stop the Treaty gravy train then it looks like that only a vote for Winston is the way to do it.

He’s dead right in that the things Maori want to improve their lives are the SAME as everyone else.

Those are the right words that most of us want to hear.   Read more »

Winston speaks on McCully’s betrayal of Israel

Winston Peters has finally spoken on UNSC 2334 and the betrayal by Murray McCully and Bill English of Israel.  Read more »

Opotiki needs a fluent “Chinese” speaking service station manager

Flip-floppery over super all the rage

Vernon Small comments on the superannuation debate reignited by Bill English.

So the dance of hypocrisy takes another whirl.

The flip-flop-athon of superannuation policy continues.

Those of us condemned to remember, or report on, the 1980s and 1990s can recall Labour breaking an election promise by implementing a superannuation surcharge – effectively means testing the universal pension – and then National increasing the impost after promising “no ifs, no buts, no maybes” to abolish it. The upshot was a cross-party accord that went nuclear, as in Chernobyl.

We can also remember when National tried to argue that reducing the indexation link from 65 per cent of the net average wage to 60 per cent was not a cut – just a reduction in future upward adjustments.   Read more »

Pepe the Frog successfully trolls New Zealand Media

Pepe the frog as Donald Trump

Pepe had a starring role in the American election and now he has crossed the Tasman to upset the New Zealand media. Pepe is essentially a sad cartoon frog who became a meme. He was used in this recent video to promote Based Stickman (a new American Hero who physically defended protestors from the violence of Anti-Fascist group ANTIFA .) When reading about Pepe during the American election I came across a democrat supporter lamenting the fact that the Republicans had all the cool memes. Why he lamented can we not have a Pepe the frog?

NZ First leader Winston Peters says he knew the controversy surrounding an image when he signed a poster featuring it – but says what others have deemed a hate symbol is “essentially meaningless”.

Peters signed a poster featuring the online cartoon character Pepe the Frog, after speaking to a packed lecture theatre at Victoria University last night.

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Winston comes good over snowflake and media outrage

Winston Peters looks like the cat that has licked the cream at the moment.

Bill English gifted him the superannuation platform, and Nick Smith is handing over RMA reform control to Maori and now he’s come out against the fascist behaviours of the snowflakes at Auckland University and at AUT while giving the media a good swift kick in the cods:

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has questioned the media’s role in pressure that caused a controversial European Students Association club to disband.   Read more »

Told you, Winston craps on Bill’s super plans

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to work out Winston Peters wasn’t going to have a bar of Bill English’s never-never plan to increase the age of eligibility for superannuation.

New Zealand First’s leader Winston Peters has completely ruled out supporting legislation that would raise the age of entitlement for superannuation.

Prime Minister Bill English yesterday announced his intention to raise the super age from 65 to 67, in six-month increments from 2037 to 2040.

Every other party in Parliament, except ACT, opposes an increase in the age of eligibility.   Read more »