Winter Olympics

Winter Olympics – best highlights

Cossacks spray and whip Pussy Riot

This is playing during the Olympic Games in Scandinavia

I figured out why the Sochi Winter Olympics are such an omnishables

Mikaela Boag

Mikaela Boag

They’ve got Boag consulting for them.

What’s the most exciting sport at the Winter Olympics?

A star spangled middle finger

Obama is flipping the metaphoric bird at Vladimir Putin and his homophobia.

I’m not coming, have some lesbians instead.”

That may not be the exact wording of Obama’s RSVP to next year’s Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. But in picking tennis star and lesbian icon, Billie Jean King, along with gay hockey player Caitlin Cahow as his delegates, the U.S. President certainly seems to be giving homophobe extraordinaire, Vladimir Putin, a star spangled middle finger.  Read more »

Dodgy Russian ratbags

If there is an Olympics, there is corruption. If there are Russians and an Olympics there is huge corruption:

As much as $30bn (£20bn) has been stolen in preparations for next year’s Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russian opposition leaders say.

Boris Nemtsov and Leonid Martynyuk say the games are “a monstrous scam” and will be the most expensive in history, costing more than $50bn.

A lack of fair competition and secrecy sharply increased the cost, benefitting only businessmen close to President Vladimir Putin, they say in a report.

A Russian official dismissed the claim.  Read more »