No love, it’s called a winter storm

The Herald has really gone all in on global warming today, claiming that a dog that got swept way in a winter storm is a victim of climate change.

dog-climate change


A Jack Russell terrier swept under big waves near St Clair was a victim of rising tides and climate change, her owner says.

Debbie Bush, of Macandrew Bay, went for a walk with her dog along St Clair Beach just before high tide on Sunday.

The waves were bigger than any she had seen before, she said.

”I actually turned around to go back to the car, because I thought it was getting a bit dangerous.”

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And all these people live in State Houses?

The media are banging on about sick people in state houses, advocating on their behalf for the government to magic up new houses pronto because they whinged to the media in the midst of a so-called housing shortage.

In what can not really be a surprise to most people, winter has arrived. It does every year, and with it cold-related illnesses…that strangely global warming should fix, but the Greens – who also bang on about poverty and cold houses – want to stop happening.

Except at the Herald, the fact that winter has arrived seems to have escaped them.

Ministry of Health figures show 3342 people were admitted to hospital with pneumonia in the four months to April – 168 more than the same period last year, and almost 1000 more than in 2005.

Year-on-year figures show the number of people hospitalised with pneumonia has consistently increased each year since 2005, from 10,540 cases to 14,393 in 2014.

Elderly were most susceptible.

Pneumonia killed 3225 New Zealanders between 2005-2011, the ministry revealed, but data for the number of deaths over the past 3? years was not available.

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Global warming coming to Canada

After the Arctic was once agin not ice free this summer, despite being 3 years overdue from being free from ice forever, the Canadians are set to enjoy some real global warming.

Brace yourself: the Old Farmer?s Almanac has revealed its predictions for Canada?s upcoming winter season, and it?s not great news.

After last winter?s seemingly never-ending wickedly cold weather, residents in much of the country can expect more of the same in the coming months.

?We?re looking at the T-Rex of winters,? Jack Burnett, editor of the Old Farmer?s Almanac, said on CTV?s Canada AM on Thursday.

?It?s going to be colder, it?s going to be snowier ? it?s not pretty.?

According to the almanac, central Canada, in particular, is expected to experience winter?s nasty bite.

?From Calgary to Quebec, we?re going to be up to our neck,? Burnett said.

One of the few exceptions will be southwestern Ontario, which will be cold, but with below-normal snowfall.

Burnett said forecasts show that while Toronto and the surrounding region will experience a deep-freeze, it?s going to be drier this winter, with ?fluffier snow.?

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Global warming strikes again, wonder how many Eco-loons are snowed in?

A snowpocalypse has descended on the Northeast US.

Apparently the storm will drop temperatures so much it will?freeze skin in 15 mins…even a good freezer can’t do that

Almost 100 million people across the Northeast battened-down-the-hatches as the huge?winter storm dubbed Hercules slammed the Northeast with stiff winds and punishing cold temperatures on Thursday, dumping nearly 2 feet of snow in parts of the region and threatening more.

The National Weather Service said 21 inches of snow had fallen in Boxford, just north of Boston, by Thursday night, while other parts of the state had 17 or 18 inches. It added that parts of upstate New York had received 18 inches while New York City was on course to get about 8.

With bone-chilling conditions that could freeze exposed skin in 15 minutes expected in the aftermath of the snowfall, authorities warned people to stay indoors and to only travel when necessary.? Read more »

Looks like Global Warming is giving it a miss again

Several news items suggest that despite the moaning and propaganda of the warmists it appears that global warming is nowhere to be seen, even in the summer of the Antarctic.

An Antarctic-bound ship spent Christmas awaiting rescue after the ship became wedged in thick sheets of sea ice.

The ice-breaker Akademik Shokalski set sail for the sub- Antarctic and Antarctica from Bluff on a mission of science and discovery, which sailed on November 28.

The month-long Australasian Antarctic Expedition is following in the footsteps of explorer and scientist Sir Douglas Mawson, one century on.

Central Otago woman Nicole Kerr is one of the crew members.

Omakau-raised Ms Kerr was on board the Akademik Shokalski as a chef.

The ship had been on a multi-day tour from New Zealand to visit several sites along the edge of Antarctica.The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) received a distress call on this morning, notifying the rescue co-ordination centre that the ship was trapped in ice and would need help.

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Global Warming strikes the Middle East

For the time in more than 100 years snow has fallen in Egypt, and in Jerusalem.

Global Warming strikes again.

It’s a festive scene that’s adorned countless Christmas cards… and, for once, the Holy Land actually became a snow covered winter scene.

The ancient city of Jerusalem, which normally basks in fierce heat, was dusted with a light covering of snow during a freak blizzard.

And snow fell on the streets of Egypt for the first time in 112 years as one of the worst winter storms to hit the Middle East in living memory set in.

The rare sight of pristine white precipitation greeted stunned residents of Cairo this morning who took to social media to express their shock at the unsettling weather in the usually sweltering capital.

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Global Warming bites Britain in the arse, freezing weather kills thousands of pensioners

Balmy spring weather in Britain

Balmy spring weather in Britain

Britain is freezing in spring. The warmists still insist the planet is warming, and they want us to attempt to cool it down. Meanwhile the freezing temperatures have killed an extra 2000 pensioners.

When will the f*ckwits who think climate change making the earth cooler is a good thing start to apologise. History has shown us that civilisation flourishes in warm and ebbs away in the cold. Yet they insist on pushing us down the path of cooling the planet.

Freezing Britain’s unusually harsh winter could have cost thousands of pensioners their lives.

This month is on track to be the coldest March for 50 years ? and as the bitter Arctic conditions caused blackouts and traffic chaos yesterday, experts warned of an ‘horrendous’ death toll among the elderly.? Read more »

Face of the Day – Snot Gobbler

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I just love the booger hanging out of his nose.

Photo: by Ross Giblin