A correction on the use of Dago

A reader emails:


I strongly object to you calling Greeks Dagos.

They are not dagos. They are wogs, or at least they are if you live in Australia, or Grecians if you are George W Bush.

As you will see Dago is a degoratory name for Spanish or Portuguese not Greeks.

Dago (ˈdeɪɡəʊ)
— n  , pl -gos , -goes
derogatory  a member of a Latin race, esp a Spaniard or Portuguese

[C19: alteration of Diego,  a common Spanish name]   Read more »


More Wogistanis doing stuff to piss off Prosser

To quote Darryl Kerrigan, what is it with wogs? Here are more Wogistanis doing dodgy stuff in the UK. No wonder Richard Prosser is angry with Wogs.

A partner in a law firm has been jailed for a £20 million “industrial scale” immigration scam that saw about five sham marriages carried out a day over many years.

Tevfick Souleiman ran a “conveyor belt” of brides being flown in from eastern European countries, who would marry men they had never met from non-EU countries and be flown out the next day after being paid by the firm.  Read more »

Wog name but not a Wogistani at all, Xenophon detained in Malaysia

Independent Senator Nick Xenophon suggests if ...

Independent Senator Nick Xenophon  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Australian senator Nick Xenophon has been detained in Malaysia as a ‘‘security threat’’ and is going to be deported…I know he has a wog name, but he doesn’t look like a Wogistani at all.

Perhaps Richard Prosser is soon to be announced head of  Malaysian Immigration Department.

Independent Senator Nick Xenophon has been detained in Malaysia as a ‘‘security threat’’ and is to be deported back to Australia within hours.

Senator Xenophon, who has raised serious concerns about the probity of the upcoming Malaysian elections, was stopped by immigration officials this morning on his arrival at Kuala Lumpur airport and told he was on a “watchlist”.

Senator Xenophon was in Malaysia leading a bipartisan visit of Australian politicians for talks with the country’s opposition party about electoral systems. He has been highly critical of preparations for the election to be held later this year.

In particular, he’s pointed to serious concerns about the integrity of the country’s election rolls.

Sledge of the Day

Michael Laws gives David Fisher one right in the chook:



Nice retweet from Russell Brown too.

When’s Hone going to make his apology then?

White mother fuckers vs troglodytes from Wogistan… Hone Harawira says Prosser should go to the mosque to apologise in opposing his appeal to the house today.

“If he has an apology to make for his offensive remarks to the Muslim community, then he can make his way to the nearest mosque and ask forgiveness there.”

When’s Hone going to make his apology then?  Read more »

While Prosser insults Muslims, the Herald insults cheese cloth

Only from the Herald…they have changed it now but I already had a screenshot. Just as well they have “decent journalists, trained and skilled“.

What next evil Hindoos?


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David Prosser – Wog Boy

via the tipline:

Prosser Wog Boy


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Winston on Wogistan

Predictably there is outrage at Richard Prosser’s ‘Wogistan’ comments:

Peters said this afternoon Prosser had made a mistake.

He said he knew about the article three weeks ago, and told Prosser it wasn’t acceptable to present only one side of the argument.

“I’ve told him he cannot have a view that doesn’t have the balance in the other side of the argument.”  Read more »