FIFA: Bribery ok. Cheating ok. Wearing Poppies wrong

One of the most corrupt organisations on the planet, FIFA, is taking disciplinary action against players for wearing poppies on Armistice Day.

Fifa has commenced disciplinary proceedings against England and Scotland for wearing armbands featuring poppies on Armistice Day.

The issue sparked a national debate when Fifa indicated that wearing the symbol would be in contravention of its rules relating to the display of political symbols. The English and Scottish FAs said they planned to wear the armbands regardless for the World Cup qualifier at Wembley last Friday, which England won 3-0.

?We think they?re interpreting the rules wrongly. This is a law-of-the-game issue, not a Fifa competition issue,? said the FA chief executive Martin Glenn last week in the wake of the game.

?So, I?m very confident that our legal position?s right, our moral position?s certainly right, and ? you know what ? there are bigger things in the game for Fifa to worry about,? Glenn said.

?We?ll contest it strongly because we believe ? we?ve had QC opinion on this ? our case is absolutely rock solid.? Read more »


Bull thinks wogball is un-Australian

This has to be about the only way you can make wogball entertaining.

Ever wondered what it would be like to be the ball in a football match?

Yes, you read that right.

It’s a question local sports fans were asking themselves when a bull broke out of its paddock and charged into a football match in Maryborough, Queensland.

The impromptu rodeo began when the young animal sauntered out of the tree-line and wandered onto the pitch.

The cow then lowered his head and charged into the fray, chasing a number of players off the field. ? Read more »


Wogball president quits in disgrace just days after being re-elected

The world president of Wogball has finally quit as the corruption scandal engulfing the sport escalates.

The FBI and US prosecutors are investigating outgoing Fifa president Sepp Blatter in their corruption case against world football’s governing body.

US ABC News have reported the major development, citing sources familiar with the case. The news comes hours after Blatter stunned the football world announcing his resignation in Zurich.

Blatter’s unexpected resignation was met with mixed reaction with football leaders expressing relief, but also raising questions over the timing of the move – just four days after his re-election.

The 79-year-old announced the decision in Zurich on Tuesday (NZT Wednesday), in the face of a corruption investigation that has plunged football’s governing body into the worst crisis in its history.

The outgoing president said an election to choose his successor for the deeply troubled organisation would be held as soon as possible. A Fifa official said that could happen any time from December this year to March of next year.

“Fifa needs profound restructuring,” Blatter said. ?? Read more »