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More pimping of #dirtypolitics


Shaun Hendy writes today on stuff.co.nz saying Dirty Politics damages science.

While it?s a bit of a whaa whaaa whaaaa piece, it did make me wonder who Shaun Hendy is, particularly seeing that he?s now an expert in dirty politics and seems happy to enter the fray.

So for our WOBH readers, here?s a bit on who Shaun Hendy is.

Sean is a researcher with the MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and nanotechnology at The University of Auckland. He?s a smart cookie and has done well. Good for him.

He also blogs at Sciblogs where he attracts a monthly audience of more than 1000 readers, many of them policy makers in NZ?s innovation sector.? It?s here that he starts crossing over from being a theoretical physicist and expert in nanotechnology, to playing in the political environment.

In his post ?Scientists need to hold policy-makers to account? he pimps Nicky Hager?s stolen emails, and clearly is very supportive of a bunch of troughers who don?t like the Health Promotion Agency having industry representative Katherine Rich on its board. ? Read more »

Reading between the lines

As an ex English and History teacher I have a habit of reading between the lines. I automatically look for what is not said as well as what is said and also look for clues in photographs. A lot of information about History can be found in photographs and often students are asked to analyse what they see in a photograph and what it might mean. Also when we study advertising and film we look at camera angles and other techniques used to get a message across.

I was fascinated this weekend to read the article ‘ Why I had to leave Dotcom,’ that was published in Woman’s Day. I do not as a rule purchase Women’s Magazines but I had to make an exception in this case.

I will start my analysis with the photos. What image was Mona and Woman’s Day trying to create in the public’s mind about Mona?

Mona Dotcom

Mona Dotcom

The cover photo is a pose with her chin resting on the back of her hand, leaning slightly towards the viewer. This is a very flattering pose and also a very non threatening one. The body language is open and nonthreatening. She is smiling and looking directly at the viewer.She is also wearing virginal, innocent white which is symbolic of purity. The only indication that she is not an average person is the very large diamond studs in her ears. The overall impression is of a young, beautiful, non assertive woman.The background photo is of her with three children and Dotcom with them all dressed in white and lying on a white bed.

Inside the article the outfits are all very modest. The first dress has a high, straight neckline.The largest photo has her hands lightly clasped and held to the side of her cheek which is very childlike, ingenue pose.

Actress Mary Pickford often played the role of the ingenue

Actress Mary Pickford often played the role of the Ingenue

Typically, the ing?nue is beautiful, gentle, sweet, virginal, and often na?ve, in mental or emotional danger, or even physical danger, usually a target of The Cad; whom she may have mistaken for The Hero. Due to lack of independence, the ing?nue usually lives with her father or a father figure. The vamp (femme fatale) is often a foil for the ing?nue (or the damsel in distress).


The other photos continue the theme with one showing her whimsically twirling a lock of her hair, like a teenager.

Teenager twirling her hair.

Teenager twirling her hair.

I could go on all day about the photos but it is time to have a look at what was not said in the article as well as what was said.

The first thing that jumped out at me was the words she used to describe how she felt about Dotcom.

It was real marriage- the sex too.

I know some people say because I had my own bedroom, we were never together. But I always wanted to sleep with Kim, until he moved around so much it was impossible and then I would go to my own bedroom.

Kim gave me everything I have always wanted, so I could never complain, not ever

I was only 17 or 18 when we met.

He gave me emotional security. It was the first time I had felt loved by anyone, and I was super in love with him.

So what are we the reader to make from the above? I see Kim being carefully labelled as a Father figure rather than a lover. She feels that she has to explain that they actually did have sex. It is explained that she was very young when they met. She didn’t feel that she could complain about anything because she owed him so much. He gave her the emotional security that her actual biological family had not.

So what went wrong?

We had an amazing life where I was his Princess and when you are 19 or 20 that is cool. But then you grow up and want to explore the world and it doesn’t work anymore.

The humdrum details of ordinary life are a welcome revelation after her years with super protective Kim, when she was insulated from the outside world by a staff of up to 50 people.

She never learned to drive

Barely drank alcohol and felt she had to ask teetotaller Kim’s permission to leave the mansion for any reason.

Now I’m starting to breathe

It was living in a bubble

We never spent more than eight hours apart.

My interpretation of the above is more sinister. We are no longer referring to a father figure we are referring to a Cad. She has been isolated. She has not learned the skills that would enable her to be independent. She was treated as a Princess not as an equal as she had to ask his permission to do things.

She was controlled and she felt stifled, hence her comment that she is starting to breathe.

To add to the narrative of Mona the Ing?nue she is portrayed as being in emotional, or even physical danger.

It was 2am on a freezing night in May when Mona Dotcom finally escaped her husband’s mansion.

It was scary very scary

His distraught soon-to-be ex-wife was desperate not to raise the alarm

I was crying so hard, I was sick. I was standing in the street in Takapuna vomiting

Yet after the big escape she is now living next door in a guest house that she says allows her to focus on the children who remain her top priority. This point alone as well as the fact that some of her narrative about their life exactly mirrors extracts from Kim’s Autobiography , The Secret life of Kim Dotcom (as dictated to Mr David Fisher), makes me wonder if she really has ‘escaped’ Kim’s control.

One such extract that seems to be taken straight from the book is the tale of how he lost weight to impress her and she then deliberately fattened him up because she was jealous of the attention he was starting to get from other women.

In both the book and this article Kim’s first wife and their child have been given the once over lightly. Do any of you wonder as do I why the mother of first born Kaylo only gets to see her once a year? If Kim got custody of his child from his first marriage and only allows her access once a year, how free do you really think Mona is to leave if she wants regular access to her children?

My intuition also perked up at these interesting extracts:

Events were complicated by the fact that Kim….was already living with another Filipino woman, who he went on to marry in Hong Kong when she was pregnant with his first child.

When he told me how he felt about me, that he was starting to fall in love, I didn’t want it. I walked away. He had a girlfriend and she was my friend.

Only later, after Kaylo’s mother returned to Manila did Mona allow herself to fall for the giant German, moving into his vast penthouse. ”

Kaylo’s Mum wasn’t happy about it for sure-she was jealous.

Yes, I cannot imagine any wife being thrilled that her husband had installed his new mistress in a separate apartment in the same building!

Also the inference that Kim only married Kaylo’s Mum because she was pregnant does not ring true. Mona admits openly that she and Kim used IVF for all their children. If you need IVF to get your very young wife pregnant then you are very unlikely to accidentally get your previous girlfriend pregnant and be forced to marry her are you?

We planned everything together using IVF.

Another extract that points to Mona being still under Kim’s control and that makes me smile is this…

?It’s not that Kim is a bad man- he’s not. He is intelligent and passionate and Kiwis can trust him, but marriage is a different thing.


– Womans Day


Note to SB from Cactus Kate – you missed the best part! The headline which when read left to right very quickly screams “Kim Dotcom Sex”! ?I mean you just wouldn’t want to read more about that would you!!


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Rapid Fire Q+A on Len Brown story

Oderint Dum Metuant

Let them hate so long as they fear.

Some clarification in one location of my many media statements, mainly because there are great many conspiracy theories out there.

My story and answers have been the same throughout. But here is a summary for the record since I’m sick of having my words misconstrued ignored or deliberately lied about. I have been available to ALL media at all times, even Red Radio, without fear or favour.

Many people have defamed me and I am collecting their defamations of both me and father, but Brian Rudman, Martyn Bradbury and Peter Aranyi are amongst the worst offenders, their hatred of me has clouded their judgement seriously. Russell Brown disappointed me with his rant-fest including links to a crazed serial stalker and convicted harasser. Brenden ?Sheehan is also sailing close to the wind, but that ratbag has other issues far greater than with me.

So here is a rapid fire Q+A to answer questions that have been asked and answered many times but terminally stupid people or wilful liars like Greg Presland can’t seem to get through their thick skulls.

1. Did I get paid for the story by anyone? – No, categorically no.

2. Was Stephen Cook paid? ?- No, categorically no.

3. Was Bevan Chuang paid??- No, categorically no. Not by Stephen Cook or myself.

4. Was she offered jobs, cash, money for stories? ?- Not by me or Stephen Cook. She was made an offer from Woman’s Day, but no deal was arranged, only an email from Woman’s Day to me to pass on. She has however spoken to other sources of mine about being offered money, and interestingly after declaring on Facebook she would no longer be talking to media she has continued to drip feed information to the NZ Herald after being contacted by Lincoln Tan. I fully expect that we will see her appear soon in Woman’s Weekly, which coincidentally is another APN publication. One has to ask the Herald and APN if any deal has been struck, since despite her claims of not speaking to the media she has spent three days giving stories to them. It is hard to continue to believe she is a woman of her word.? Read more »

Top Shelf…yeah right

Yesterday I?received?an email from Top Shelf Productions:

From:?Mitch Nicholson
To: Whaleoil

Hi Cameron,

I am from a television programme called Starting Over which is being made by Top Shelf Productions. The show is about 8 woman who are wanting a new start in their careers and we help them to get it! They receive a whole lot of help from a life coach and careers coach as well as other people along the way and we were hoping you may be able to help us with one of the ladies journey.

Alex [redacted] is currently a tax advisor who loves languages and gardening. However she is a keen writer and we are hoping to get her writing her own blog about her journey on the show as well as all her hobbies and passions, a little like your own.

If you are interested we are wondering if you would be interested in Alex coming to learn a few things from you like what goes into writing a blog, research, setting up a blog account and any knowledge you have about the process. We would love to come and film some of this and would show how you have helped her to get a start on her own blog.

We are more than happy to put a link to your blog on our Starting Over website as well as the exposure your blog would get from the on screen time.

Please let me know if you are interested in helping us out,

Thanks so much,

Mitch Nicholson

Starting Over

Sounds interesting doesn’t it…however a few specifics were left out…like remuneration, recompense and time?commitment…so I made enquiries about some sort of advertising/fee arrangement for utilising my time and consulting…it seemed only fair.

Unfortunately Top Shelf cried poor…despite making hundreds of programmes it seems that their budgets are so tight that they can’t actually pay consultants or talent. Apparently we are all supposed to do this for the “exposure” and “publicity” or perhaps just for shits and giggles.

I didn’t think much more about this until i was copied in on an email from another blogger who also turned them down….but suggested that they talk to me. The email was similar but they had refined their offer somewhat after my contact with them.

We would love to come to a contra arrangement with you where in exchange for filming with Alex, giving tips and guidance on setting up a blog etc, we could provide you with exposure on the show. We could also offer a credit at the end of the episode and in addition we can include written information and pictures?on your blog [to be agreed by Producers] on the Starting Over website, as well as a link to your website from there.?For your information, during each episode of the show there will be an on-air directive pushing viewers to go to our website.

Some more information that you may be interested in.. Womens Day is our print partner. We will have articles on the series within the Womens Day Magazine which will attract more people to the Starting Over website and therefore to you. The Skywatch Magazine will advertise the series and have features. There will be stories in TV Guide also.

The episode will play on-air a total of 9 times on Vibe including 3 primetime transmissions and 6 off peak transmissions. Prime TV also have the option to rerun the series.

Air NZ are running the series inflight and we are hoping to sell the series overseas too.

The sponsors we have on board are Careers NZ, Caci Clinic, Contours Gym, Special K, Smashbox Cosmetics, Toni & Guy, Murad, the Newmarket Business Association and Progressive Enterprises.

So it seems these guys are trying to get a blogger to work for free for them, all the while presumably they are paid. The flip side is the blogger gets “exposure”….in Woman’s Day…oh please. You would think a major print sponsor would have at least had their details publicised properly.

I also love the Newmarket Business Association sponsorship…that will be a hoot….especially as they are focussing the show on “Starting Over”. They may want to background check in case there are blackmailing/stalker types still there.

I’ll bet you dollars to a knob of goat poo that the cameramen, sound people, make up producer and other staff aren’t doing it for free…so why should we?

I’d love to know if all the others that are “helping” like the life coaches and careers coaches are?likewise?doing it all for free…while Top Shelf makes a programme and sells it for a big fat profit to Sky TV….and others.

I sent Top Shelf a response to which I am yet to get a reply:

From: Whaleoil
To: Mitch Nicholson


Well this is awkward.

You emailed Danyl the exact same email you emailed me the day before…after I asked to be paid for the time I spent doing this, or at the least explored sponsorship/advertising options.

You claimed poverty and no budget….one wonders how your company manages to produce these hundreds of shows if you can’t pay “talent” a fair rate for time on air.

A link to my blog from you will hardly generate a blip…you should be begging for a link FROM my site.

I wonder now though just how many other bloggers you have shopped this too…won’t take me long to find out. You are aware that there is a Blogger’s Union?

Us bloggers are really rather tired of other people in the media/advertising taking us for a free ride, all the while being paid handsomely to do what they do.

The first lesson in being a blogger…don’t do something for free for someone who is getting paid. Radio stations and other media outlets including television and print media happily pay for mine and other bloggers contributions. For some reason you think you are exempt from this.

It pisses off media and people who rely on appearances to eat and it pisses off other bloggers.

I hardly think a production company, like Top Shelf, is making all these documentaries and shows from the goodness of your clearly troughing hearts. There has to be good coin in this otherwise why would you do it?

The fact you cry poverty for a fair hourly rate to interrupt my busy schedule for your show indicated that perhaps all is not well in Top Shelf despite the likely millions in NZ of Air funding that you are undoubtedly creaming.

Pissing off NZ’s top blogger wasn’t wise now was it?

Trust me on this?.the allure of appearing on television for me is distinctly yawn inducing?I don’t need publicity, I am publicity, and you are about to get plenty.

Perhaps Helen Kelly, the CTU and the?Media?Entertainment and Arts Alliance should look into your business practices to establish just how many of your talent work for “free”.

Mitch, Top Shelf really needs to treat bloggers with respect, and by respect I mean the only sort of respect anyone understands in the talent industry and that is sharing the coin. Hundreds are fine.

This response and your email will shortly be posted on my blog, all the other bloggers that matter have been bcc, even shameless whores like Matthew Hooton. NFWAB (Google it)

Maybe I could consider this?opportunity?to enhance your show. Perhaps if you would pop round and mow my lawns for three months for nothing…this would be of use to me as I would be of use to you….I can’t think of anything else that you would be of use for.

Kind regards

Cam Slater

I don’t think it is unreasonable to charge for my consulting time and coaching and the actual time spent involved with the show…having done plenty of stand ups and camera work for shows about me I understand just how much time it all takes and to add in a person new to blogging and a camera crew, the inevitable cuts and re-takes…well it takes up time and time is money as we all know.

Sure I may have been a bit rude in my response but I think it is much ruder to expect people to things for nothing when they aren’t doing it for nothing themselves.

If the “actors” want to do this for free they can go right ahead, but I fail to see why consultants and advisors should do so also. Top Shelf will be making a nice tidy profit…is it really that tight that we shouldn’t be paid?

I think I will OIA NZ on Air next for how much in funding they have?received?for all their shows for the past 3 years. That should be interesting. I’ll keep you posted.