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Redefining masculinity … are you brave enough to listen to the women in your life (and no, you don’t have to hand in your Man Card.? Yet.)


Photo of the Day

Dr. James C. Burt’s infamous “Love Surgeries” were anything but kind. ? ACHIM SASS/WESTEND61/CORBIS

This is Not a Love Surgery

?Warning this story may make you feel uncomfortable.

James Caird Burt is a former American gynaecologist who was sometimes nicknamed the “Love Surgeon.”

One of his patients recalled: ?after he delivered my baby, I did not wake up for 2? days, and he kept me hospitalized for a week. I asked him, ?What have you done to me?? Burt said, ?Oh, I just patched you up,? ? He told me by fixing me like he did, it would be just like being a virgin again.?

Dr Burt was a simple gynaecologist with a simple goal: to make life better for the husbands of women who just had their love-holes ruined by childbirth. And so, for more than 20 years starting in the mid-1960’s, Dr Burt would perform vagina-tightening surgery on his new mom patients without their consent. He called it “Love Surgery.” Burt’s “Love Surgery” was based on the doctor’s cockamamie idea that women are “structurally inadequate for intercourse” and that the only way to fix their “pathological condition” was through surgery that made the vagina and vulva more penis friendly.

Burt admitted that many of the women who first received the surgery were simply told after childbirth that they’d received episiotomies. Burt’s book says that “hundreds and hundreds” of women were treated this way, but other sources estimate that the number is actually in the thousands.

After practising for two decades while based in Dayton, Ohio, Burt was sued by female patients for altering their vulvas without their informed consent. Over 20 years, the ambitious doctor reportedly performed surgery on thousands of women, realigning the vagina and removing the skin from around the clitoris, leaving it exposed.

Burt boasted in a self-published 1975 book that the resulting improvements on nature would transform a woman from ?a scared, reluctant little house mouse? to ?a horny little house mouse.?

Far from turning them into orgasmic athletes, say his alleged victims, Burt?s surgery left them sexual cripples, suffering from a host of disabling problems.

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Diversity at Whaleoil is vast, like the right-wing conspiracy

We here at Whaleoil pride ourselves on our diversity. The Ferald has asked if different organisations are too white. We here at Whaleoil ask if our organisation is too diversely fabulous?

The staff who run Whaleoil like a well-oiled… er Whale come from all walks of life. We were founded by a Fijian coconut.

Fijian coconut

Fijian coconut

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Why don?t feminists fight for the freedom of Muslim women?

Guest Post

I have had to think about this for a few days and, again, this is a personal view as I cannot answer for other women.

When I was at high school I started my own fight against the patriarchy in a very low-key way, but it was the only way I knew how. ?I refused to stand and sing hymns in assembly that reflected colonialism, war or male dominance. ?Not that anyone noticed, but somehow I knew in my heart that if I repeated the mantras inherent in those hymns I might start believing it. ?Therefore, I never said it. It was quite astonishing how many good Presbyterian hymns there were that promoted one or another of those belief systems!

Over the following years I made my feminist protests in a similar low-key manner. ?I was too embarrassed by publicity to make my feelings to known publicly. ?I worked behind the scenes to make change, and if others wanted to take the credit that was fine by me. ?As long as change happened it didn?t matter who wanted the publicity.

I also made a point of ignoring being ignored by men. ?I remember one occasion at a launch of our new branch office (of financial planners) my guests, mostly women, were worth very much more than the male clients invited by my male colleague. ?Furthermore, I was wearing a vivid green dress and was highly visible, but none of the ?money boys? talked to me or my clients at all. They only talked to each other and other men. ?So, I developed my own network and power base that was much more valuable than those who ignored me.? Read more »


Photo Of The Day

FDR's mother Sara with her son and daughter-in-law Eleanor. Franklin Roosevelt was born in 1882. His father had been married previously and was already 54 years old with a 28 year-old son by then.

FDR’s mother Sara with her son and daughter-in-law Eleanor. Franklin Roosevelt was born in 1882. His father had been married previously and was already 54 years old with a 28 year-old son by then.

The Many Loves of?FDR

The Influence Of The Women Who Figured So Prominently in His Life

“They form and reveal him”?

In the early 1900?s, very few women were working outside the home. The Victorian ideal of the?angel in the house, a school of thought that promoted female domesticity, had crept into the new century. Women were just earning their right to vote, rarely received higher education, and if they wanted to work, were stuck with the limited options of teacher or secretary. Among these few working women was Lucy Mercer, mistress of Franklin D. Roosevelt and secretary to his wife, Eleanor.

FDR was a man who knew adversity ? he learned to live with?polio?at the age of 39, became president at the height of the Great Depression, was involved in two World Wars, and rescued the economy with his ?New Deal.? Despite these major achievements, an affair would make it impossible to save his own marriage.

When FDR proposed to his distant cousin Eleanor in 1905, his mother,?Sara Roosevelt, opposed the union vehemently. Though the future President was 23 years old, she maintained that he was too young to get married, and made herself an awkward presence in his newlywed life. The townhouse she built for them adjoined to hers on every floor, but despite these intrusions on their privacy, the couple had six children, the first four in rapid succession.

While FDR liked to socialize and was comfortable among the upper class, Eleanor preferred a simpler existence. Nevertheless, when her husband was made Assistant Secretary of the Navy in 1913, she had many public obligations to fulfill, and hired?Lucy Mercer?to be her social security. Mercer was fun, vivacious, and beautiful, and it wasn?t long before she was sleeping with her boss?s husband.

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“Too Many Pricks not enough Roses” on Left Wing Blogs


When I first started writing for Whaleoil both Pete and Cam encouraged and mentored me. They both wanted a female voice on the blog and wanted to continue to grow Whaleoil’s audience. I don’t really think that female writers necessarily attract female readers. I read articles that interest me without looking at the sex of the person who wrote them.

On The Daily Blog and The Standard there have been rumblings from within about male dominance of both blogs. Unsurprisingly they take gender balance very seriously over there. Considering that they all seem to share the same view points, I am not sure why gender balance is so important. You couldn’t find a more dedicated feminist that checks his white privilege at the door than Martyn Bradbury. But then again, all is not well on The Daily Blog according to a commenter at The Standard.

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Face of the day

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 10.08.37 pm

German feminists say they prefer migrant “rapists” to “racists”.

Today’s face of the day is a German feminist. I have no words…

UPDATE: Turns out the correct translation is, ” Will trade Racists for Refugees.”

The radical left in Germany has adopted a policy of ?diversity at all costs.?? This has proven hard to justify when you have male refugees running around raping and molesting young women.

One German feminist, however, had no problem with that fact.

A Facebook page for the radical left in Germany had a message for young women: ?diversity is more important than your security.?

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Photo Of The Day

Giacomo Casanova ?Worthy or not, my life is my subject, and my subject is my life.?

Giacomo Casanova. ??Worthy or not, my life is my subject, and my subject is my life.?

The Legendary Lover Casanova

Lotharios are not always what they seem

A little after midnight, armed with a hunting knife and a vengeful mood, the opera singer?s son sneaked into a cemetery and dug up a freshly buried body, hacking off an arm for a prank. It was all part of Giacomo Casanova?s plan to get payback for a trick an enemy had played on him earlier that day: A bridge he?d walked over was purposely weakened so that he?d fall, landing ?up to the chin in stinking mud.?

Casanova later hid under the bed of his victim, ready to frighten him with the ?ghost? of a corpse ? a far cry from the polished lothario,?Iliad?translator and escapee from Doge?s Palace we think of today. But the famed womanizer, in fact, led a troubled life and was plagued by countless?sexually?transmitted diseases, probably including gonorrhea and syphilis. He was tainted by scandals at every job he took and had police records of public controversies, fights and blasphemies against churches.

Casanova gained consent from and sought pleasure for his partners, which has not exactly been the standard throughout history. Casanova made love to an enormous amount of women during his life, at least by the preinflationary standards of the day.

Casanova’s womanizing certainly was not all innocent fun; he was accused of rape and battery, had numerous bouts with sexually transmitted diseases and most scandalously, may have fathered his own grandson with Leonilda. Casanova also had a penchant for deflowering virgins in such a way that he convinced them of his undying devotion before deserting them, which must have led to broken hearts across Europe. Casanova wounded a Polish Count in a duel he fought over an affair and the man was not afraid to turn his anger on a young woman that did not respond to his advances. Although Casanova claimed that he had to find his women both physically and mentally stimulating, he was not above having sex with the lowest of street prostitutes?or even complete strangers.

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Photo Of The Day

Photo: Berliner Zeitung Illustrite  "After arriving carefully." - One of the photographs of April 1, who did so much laughing readers of the Berliner Zeitung Illustrite , and exalted the souls of the subjects of the prince Charles II of Liechtenstein.

Photo: Berliner Zeitung Illustrite
“After arriving carefully.” – One of the photographs of April 1, who did so much laughing readers of the Berliner Zeitung Illustrite , and exalted the souls of the subjects of the prince Charles II of Liechtenstein.

The Brides for Liechtenstein

The posters said: “Carefully packaged”, “Treat with caution”, “Watch out for cars.”

One of the posters was drafted in French and said, “Anonymous Society for the export of brides”.

?The principality of people?in Liechtenstein?, a ?tiny country located between?Austria and?Switzerland?, were indignant because of an article published in the German magazine?Berliner Zeitung Illustrite?, one of the illustrated weeklies published in Germany?. First of all, it must be said that Liechtenstein men are famous for their physical strength, and women for their beauty.

?In 1928, the weekly German periodical?Berliner Illustrirte Zeitung?published an article in its early April issue about a Bride Import company that had been created to supply wives to the men of Liechtenstein. The small principality was losing women, the article explained, because they were all going to neighboring Switzerland and Austria to find work. As a result, the gender ratio of the country was becoming seriously unbalanced ? to such an extent that the government had decided to start this Bride Import company to prevent depopulation. Suitable women were found in cities and towns throughout Europe, and they were then transported to Liechtenstein in freight cars, where they were sold in marriage markets.

The?photo shows future brides of Liechtenstein being carried out of freight cars that were marked “Soci?t? Anonyme Pour L’Exportation De Fianc?es” (Corporation for the Export of Fiancees) and “Br?ute Vertriebs A.G.” (Bride Exports, Inc.).

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Photo Of The Day

Rare Historical Photos

Rare Historical Photos

775 Confirmed Kills In One Picture

When I first looked at this old photo, I thought it was a group of teenage Girl Guides on a fun field trip, they look pretty happy with smiling faces.

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