Wonder Woman

The correct comic book hero for the UN campaign doesn’t exist

What a complete joke. The UN have rejected Wonder Woman as the heroine to represent the UN because of her overt sexuality and the American flag on her outfit. This is the same UN who have passed a resolution engineered by an American president that will escalate violence against Israel by the terrorist organisation Hamas, who now believe that they have UN support to slaughter even more Jews.

Wonder Woman’s battle for equality for women and girls at the United Nations has come to a untimely end.The scantily clad, curvaceous comic book superhero has had her?appointment as a United Nations honorary ambassador?cut, less than two months into her controversial year-long gig, following protests.

A United Nations spokesman said the character’s role at the 193-member state organisation would end on Friday despite plans for Wonder Woman to be used in an empowerment campaign for women and girls into 2017.

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Amazing Real life Warrior attacked by Social Justice Warriors

Social Justice Warriors have become “triggered” by the actress selected to play Wonder Woman. Not only is the actress talented and beautiful, she amazingly does all her own stunts in the movie because she is a former soldier who served her country for two years. She is also clever as she studied Law. Social Justice Warriors want more strong female role models in movies but this one they have attacked. Can you guess why?

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Wonder Woman lunchboxes banned at US school for being too violent and poor role models


I’m not kidding. Wonder Woman is now banned at one US school?that thinks super heroes are poor role models who use violence to solve issues.

You know because banning lunch boxes will solve violence in schools.

A young student is no longer allowed to bring her Wonder Woman?lunchbox to school because it violates the school?s dress code and because the school bans images of any character who solves problems with violence,?ABC?reports.

An?Imgur user posted a letter?earlier this week reportedly sent from school officials to the parents of a daughter?named Laura, who brought the?Wonder Woman-themed lunchbox to school. (The school?s name and address are redacted in the letter, which was posted anonymously.) ?? Read more »