Work for the Dole

No more free dole money for teens says Conservative Party

Jobless youngsters will be forced to pick up litter or carry out other community work if they want to receive benefits, David Cameron will say today.

In a major speech on Tory welfare plans, the Prime Minister will claim it is wrong for them to be allowed to go straight on to the dole.

He will pledge that a future Tory government will introduce mandatory community work for unemployed youngsters in order to instil the ?discipline of turning up for work each day?.

Mr Cameron said last night that making young people work for their dole would help them ?make something of their lives? and ensure they gave something back to their community in return for ?help? from the government.

The move is part of Tory plans to ?abolish? the scourge of long-term youth unemployment. Read more »

Guest Post – Reclaiming the left

This guest post was emailed last night. I don’t agree with everything in here, but far be it from me to filter the voices of those on the left frustrated and zero traction.
How To Win It From Here – by Reclaiming the Left
So, it’s a bad time to be a leftie. Labour looks like losing the “election that couldn’t be lost.” And losing it badly. I had high hopes for Cunliffe, and I liked Goff too. Sigh.
I’ve been pissed off with a lot of the left for ages. There’s a lot of squabbling, but more importantly, very little focus.
Let’s get some things straight. Socialism is about the collective, not individuals or interest groups. Socialism is not about hippy bullshit. Many on the left have forgotten that. However, if we get back to our roots, and smash a few big-hitting policies straight off the bat, we might just do it.
The Big One: Work for the Dole
WfD is the best socialist policy there is. Everyone has a right to a job, but the government has the right to your labour as well. I’d do WfD right; good pay ($15/hr, 40hrs) with maybe 3 months on an infrastructure project then 1 month training on reduced pay. That sort of cycle would give people a chance to get back into the labour market easily enough. Yeah, it’d cost a bit (more on that later) but it’d break welfare dependency because it would turn the dole into a “community wage.”
And if you refuse it, and don’t have a disability? You get nothing.
The Next Big One: Revitalising the Provinces
Small town NZ is dying. Auckland is turning into a cancer, a tumour too big for the rest of the country to handle. Let’s revitalise the provinces – (1) special economic zones (e.g. zero corporate tax!) for places like Tokoroa and Kawerau, (2) moving some bureaucratic jobs into the provinces e.g. WINZ, (3) using WfD infrastructure projects, and (4) making sure all overseas immigrants settle in smalltowns. Try outmanouevring that, National.? Read more »

Great idea for the hordes of onesie clad benefit troughers in the UK

Perhaps we could implement something similar here.

I hope Paula Bennett is reading this news. The UK is moving to make sure the work-shy are pushed into work?and off benefits.

The long-term unemployed are to be told they must do an unpaid full-time job or be stripped of their benefits.

A dramatic extension of the conditions attached to unemployment handouts? will be unveiled at the Conservative party conference next week, according to well-placed sources.

Ministers are convinced a new US-style ?work for the dole? scheme will help to reduce? Britain?s vast benefits bill and curb the something-for-nothing culture. ? Read more »