World’s most livable cities

I have bad news: Len made Auckland even more livable



I?m in denial right now. ?In spite of everything Auckland Council has done over the last few years to drag the city into debt, and regardless of the pointless rail system, the charges for spreading ashes, parking meters out as far as Pukekohe, the fact you have to ask up to 11 Iwi and Hapu if the paint you chose for your house is culturally ok, nor the fact that the tree the council said you cut down springs a greenie infestation and then you are not allowed to cut it down.

In spite of all that, Auckland climbed one spot on the ?most liveable city in the world? list. ?

Auckland continues to be identified as one of the most liveable cities in the world.

Last week, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) released its report on 140 cities, and for the fifth year in a row Auckland has made it into the top 10. ? Read more »

Len’s got some competition for the world’s most liveable city


Len Brown has some competition for his dream of Auckland being the most liveable city…and from China no less.

Chinese internet users have mocked a report claiming that Beijing is the country?s most liveable city even as they enjoy unusually blue skies in the lead-up to a major military parade.

China?s capital city ranked 69th out of the world?s 140 most liveable cities in the Economist Intelligence Unit?s (EIU) semi-annual survey, released this week.

The city was ranked higher than any other Chinese city, just ahead of neighbouring Tianjin where a massive explosion last week has left a toxic aftermath in its port area.

?Best joke of the week,? said one user of Weibo, China?s Twitter.

?Did they get extra points for all the smog?? asked another wag. ?? Read more »