Worzel Gummidge

On the Wharf with David Henderson

Money makes the world go round so when the tipline received these shots of a man who made the money stop, we felt the public duty to mock senselessly the poor and needy.

This is David Henderson (Auckland). He owes a lot of people a lot of money. Some owe finance companies a lot of money who owe little people a lot of money whom everyone seems to have paid to bailout.

Henderson’s assets don’t seem to be frozen. He’s living it up at Euro wearing an outfit that could have only come from Worzel Gummidge’s tailor. From the creased linen look jacket to the white mafia look cum car-dealer shoes it makes you wonder how early he got up to choose that shirt.

Henderson should apply for a wharfies position. He sits around on his fat lazy arse on a wharf enough. Owing money everywhere and bullying those who try to do free business. He’s on the phone long enough to fund the split between Telecom and Chorus.

All our tipster said about the man was “cash upfront”.

Labour’s future

Readers from around the country have pointed out that they in a massive change for Labour they actually have women candidates who arent afraid of being feminine and looking good. The old standard of looking like the offspring of Worzel Gummidge?and one of the witches from MacBeth seems to no longer apply.

None of these women below will be elected in 2011 but the tipline says they are personable women who relate well to people and don?t have a big chip on their shoulder. They could be just the people to bring middle New Zealand back to Labour if only the new leader can clean out the deadwood and the talentless self servers and members of the gaggle.

Paula Gillion is running in Northcote:

Sehai Orgad is running in Hamilton East so Cancer has probably tried it on and he is known to only go for the lookers. While Annette King and Steve Chadwick have faces that curdle mother’s milk Sehai looks positively super-model like in contrast.

Julia Haydon-Carr is running in Tukituki:

Good on them for realising that modern New Zealand has moved on, and that being a woman in politics doesn?t mean you have to look like you have copped the tart tit.