Now they’re coming for your supermarket beer

beer and barbeque

A newspaper reports on the latest wowser study:

The study, released today, showed that around one in 14 ED attendances presented immediately after alcohol consumption or as a short-term effect of drinking and that rate had remained the same over a four-year period.

[…]Data for the study was collected in two waves – the first was in 2013, when legislation that gave local councils greater power to restrict the sale of alcohol had not come into affect, and the second in 2017 when the law changes were in place.

In 2017, about 25 per cent of those alcohol-related admissions had consumed more than 15 standard drinks before admission to ED and 18 per cent had consumed more than 20 drinks.

Head researcher James Foulds said that showed that the people who were presenting for alcohol-related reasons were consuming a very high amount.End of quote.

Wow, no shit Sherlock. Quote:

Quote:New laws introduced to curb alcohol harm have failed to make a dent on ED admissions, new research has found.

“And you’d think these were people stumbling out of bars at 2am in the morning but the majority had actually bought alcohol from a liquor store or supermarket and were drinking at a private location,” he said.

The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 allowed local councils the right to adopt their own alcohol policies, which could cover anything from the number and location of licenced premises to trading hours and one-way door restrictions.

[…]But Alcohol Health Watch executive director Dr Nicki Jackson said those laws didn’t include any evidence-based measures that the law commissioner recommended.

“We’ve seen alcohol become more affordable than ever before and we are paying the cost for that in our emergency departments,” Jackson said.

[…]”What we have seen is a shift away from on-licensed liquor to cheap liquor available at off-licensed premises.End of quote.

ie. Supermarkets. Quote:

“The difference off-licence and on-license prices is now huge and putting alcohol next to bread and milk normalises the product.”End of quote.

Shocking. They’ll be putting gut-rot whisky in the candy aisle next. Quote:

Christchurch Hospital ED senior doctor Scott Pearson said the study was very accurate to what he was seeing every day at work.

“We still see quite a lot of alcohol affected individuals that are predominantly after hours and that hasn’t changed in the last five years.”

He said the ED had had more than 5,000 alcohol-related admissions a year and more lately that’s been in addition to synthetic cannabis.

[…]Health Minister David Clark said it was “disturbing but unsurprising” there had been no reduction in alcohol-related presentations at emergency departments.

“New Zealand continues to face significant challenges with alcohol,” he said.End of quote.

Make no mistake. This is a veiled push to get grog out of the supermarkets and from one perspective they’re right. Stopping supermarket sales will mean fewer drunk idiots boozing it up too much at home and having their mates have to call the paramedics.

But here’s the thing. Statistics are meaningless without context. 5000 may sound a lot but the emergency department rate for alcohol is very low, something like 1 to 2% from memory. Putting it in context that’s seven times lower than cannabis. The only other drug that has as low emergency department rate is MDMA (but believe me, that’s another story).

This means that sure, they can take alcohol out of supermarkets but by far the people who will be hurt are responsible drinkers, which is, well, most of us.

Instead of focusing on sales what the government needs to do is focus on the idiots who drink too much and make a pain out of themselves. Where possible get them to pay for any medical treatment if they don’t already. Lump them with heavy fines and even a bit of cell time to let them know it’s not just a hangover they’re going to have to face the next day.

Basically, the wowsers want you to see alcohol abuse as a health issue. It’s not. Calling it a health issue gives those that drink too much a get-out-of-jail-free card. What it is is a behaviour-issue and we need to start making those that behave badly when it comes to alcohol pay for their bad behaviour.


Another dopey idea from Doug Sellman

Doug?Sellman seems to have the monopoly on dopey ideas.?

His latest mad rant is to call fast food an addiction.

Addiction expert and researcher Professor Doug Sellman is director of the National Addiction Centre in Christchurch.

He told Newshub the fast food industry thrives on people eating it more, and the moreishness of particular brands lies in the engineered combination of fat, sugar and salt in its products. These are all ingredients New Zealanders consume far too much of already.

“Fast food outlets facilitate overeating through convenience, low price and provision of energy-dense moreish food, and therefore are an important factor in the New Zealand population eating too much.

“Not everyone with food addiction is obese and not everyone with obesity has food addiction. However, in our experience there is a very strong relationship between the behaviour of food addiction and the medical condition of obesity.”

Prof Sellman says it is possible to become addicted to fast food. ? Read more »

Are they going to enforce bag checks too?

The wowsers want to wreck Pasifika Festival by banning and enforcing a soft drink ban:

The country’s biggest celebration of Pacific culture will be held at Western Springs this weekend.

Fighting Sugar in Soft Drinks (FIZZ) founder Gerhard Sundborn, who called for the ban, said 25 percent of a child’s sugar intake was from sugary drinks. ? Read more »

Harden up Masterton!

The wowsers just keep winning :\ ? First the skinny shop dummies, now a pub sign.

Signage for a new bar owned by a licensing trust has been criticised for promoting irresponsible drinking.

The Wairarapa District Health Board decided at its meeting this week to complain about a sign for The Farriers Bar & Eatery saying “Beer up Masterton”, displayed prominently at the town’s northern entrance.

“It seemed quite an inappropriate message when we’re trying to change the drinking culture in our community . . . it’s a huge sign that’s very visible,” board member Janine Vollebregt said.

Other members agreed, saying they had fielded complaints from the public about the sign. One member said a Rotary club also planned to complain to Trust House, the community enterprise that owns The Farriers and which is majority-owned by the Masterton Licensing Trust.

Health board chairman Derek Milne said public health officials would be asked to speak to Trust House chief executive Allan Pollard about the sign.

Pollard said the trust was aware of concerns about the sign and would move it and change its wording within a fortnight.

Oh for crying out loud. ?It’s not illegal. ?It isn’t offensive. ?”Beer up” is just fine. ? What a spineless bunch. ? Read more »

Gay beer pong with gay beer

via NZ Herald

via NZ Herald

This shows the true calibre of our media. ?Let’s make a big story about the PM having a few beers at a party.

Really NZ Herald? ?Really?

Prime Minister John Key has defended downing several cups of beer during a drinking game yesterday, saying it was not “too crazy” and in the spirit of fun. ? Read more »

The film that Helen Kelly and Labour didn’t want

Keeping in mind, most of the money was spent in New Zealand, this phenomenal success was well worth some tax and employment law changes.

Making the movie trilogy?The Hobbit?has cost more than half a billion dollars so far, double the amount spent on the three movies in the “The Lord of the Rings” series.

That figure includes the major 266 days of filming with actors that was completed last year, although it doesn’t include an additional two months or so of “pick-up” shoots done this year. There will likely also be additional post-production costs as the next two movies are completed. ? Read more »

Farrar finds a good story… but doesn’t go hard enough – again

Farrar found a good story but in the interests of maintaining his cordial relationship with the Labour party pulled his punches.

Andrew Little’s amendment had apparently time-travelled all the way from the 1920s and proposed off-licences shut at 8pm rather than the proposed 10pm.

The explanation for this early “lights out” was such a masterpiece of delicious, pious absurdity that it requires repeating: it was because people buying alcohol any later than 8pm were likely to be already a bit tipsy “and may not have the judgment and self-control necessary to make cogent decisions”.

Holy crap… Little is often touted as a potential leader for the Labour Party. ?Bottleshops closing at 8pm. ?Waitakere Man will love it. ?Again, Labour should campaign hard on this policy.

Really, I hope they do.

Fun Police out in Force

The Fun Police are out in force making sure people aren’t able to enjoy themselves:

Internal Affairs has mounted a crackdown on big spot prizes at expos and fishing competitions, warning organisers they constitute illegal gambling.

Officials have sent cease-and-desist letters to 15 organisations, informing them that events with an entry fee cannot have door giveaways, raffles or barrel draws with prizes worth more than $500.

Beach and Boat Fishing Competition organiser Tony Wheeler has put ticket sales to New Zealand’s biggest fishing tournament on hold, after receiving the letter this month. He is scrambling to figure out how to comply with the Department of Internal Affairs’ strict conditions.

Only certain licensed organisations, like the Lotteries Commission, charitable trusts and SkyCity casino, are allowed to run games of chance.

The crackdown comes after a complaint from a pokies trust, which argued that its business was being undermined by events like A&P shows and trade shows that give away spot prizes such as cars, boats and holidays.

Wheeler’s annual competition is the biggest fishing tournament in the country with 2100 competitors and more than $220,000 worth of spot prizes, including a boat and a car. The heavily-promoted $100,000 prize for catching a special snapper – tagged by the officials and thrown back in – is alleged to breach the Gambling Act.

Catching a tagged fish requires some knowledge or skill, but Internal Affairs believes winning relies on a large element of chance. Fishing competitions are still allowed to award prizes for catching the most fish, or the biggest fish, because this is regarded as skill.

It is obvious that this law is a throw back, and needs to be repealed.?Blatant?protectionism?of gambling rackets is what it is.

It's a dead possum! So what!

How seriously rooted has the PC brigade made our country? Whinging like poofs about a possum chucking competition.

Yeehaa! Possum throwing


A rural Manawatu school which held a possum throwing contest has drawn SPCA criticism and upset many in the community.

Children at Colyton School last week held possum carcasses by the tail in a contest to see who could throw them the furthest, theManawatu Standard reported.

Palmerston North SPCA centre manager Danny Auger said the school was not breaking any laws, but that did not mean children should be encouraged to mistreat dead possums.

“It’s morally wrong to throw a dead animal around. It’s about time that people wake up and smell 2010 and realise that these sorts of things shouldn’t be happening.”

Mr Augers was worried that children were not being taught to respect dead animals.

He would visit Colydon School to ask them to stop holding such events.

The school refused to comment.

The school should tell him to sling his hook. Possums are a pest, we destroy them in their millions with posion and shooting, they spread bovine tuberculosis and are a health risk as well.

If it wasn’t for the PC wowsers banning animal fur all over the world possums would be good for something other than target practice. Good on the school for finding something useful for dead possums to do.

No Conscience in Labour

The Labour caucus is blabbing, there aren’t happy campers in there, most notable is Grant “Daffyd” Robertson , the opposition spokesman for the homeless.

He has been caterwauling loudly (o loudly that The Whale has heard about it) that the Labour caucus is to be whipped on the drinking age with no allowance for a conscience vote. He is not at all happy with Goff’s conservatism over this issue. You heard it here first. Labour will NOT be allowing a conscience vote on the drinking age. Probably because none of them actually have a conscience.

Meanwhile the pin up boy for the campaign to restrict alcohol to minors is a dead thief and a liar who couldn’t handle his piss and killed himself.? I always said Kings boys were poofs.

A 16-year-old Auckland schoolboy who died in his sleep after drinking a bottle of vodka outside a party at the weekend had “everything to live for”, his uncle says.

King’s College student James Webster’s uncle, Donald Webster, said his nephew on Saturday told his father he was going to a friend’s house to study, but instead went to an 18-year-old’s birthday party with a bottle of vodka he may have taken from the house where he was staying.

The party organisers would not let him in with the alcohol so he sat in his car and drank the vodka straight from the bottle, possibly with friends.

Ok let’s dissect that hopeless repeating. A toffee-nosed school boy drank himself to death yet he “had everything to live for”. He lied about going to a friends house, he might have nicked a bottle of Vodka (poof’s drink) and possibly had some friends help him on his way. The only thing certain about the repeating is that the thief and liar is dead.

Now let’s get some things straight here.

  • The law is already set at 18 so he was drinking illegally anyway. Strike 1.
  • The law says you can’t can’t steal but he did that too. Strike 2.
  • He lied to his father. Strike 3.
  • The party organisers were the good guys.
  • His friends aren’t. Strike 4.

Nothing about this activity and the resulting death has anything to do with raising the age of access to alcohol. If that were to happen then this kid would have just died more illegal than he already was.

The wowsers and anti-fun police need to blame no-one but the kid who died. He has found out all too late just exactly what personal responsibility looks like. The law doesn’t need changing.