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Fritz and Doris Von Erich (front) with their sons, Left to right: Kerry, Chris, and Kevin.

Fritz and Doris Von Erich (front) with their sons, Left to right: Kerry, Chris, and Kevin.

The Tragedy of the Von Erich Brothers

Kevin Von Erich on being the last of his brothers left alive..

“My brothers and I lived real dangerously.

We were a really reckless group always showing off for each other – like walking on bridges in Japan and taking every chance we could. We were just young kids. I’m really surprised that I survived…

We used to have this thing called the ‘chance of the day’, where every day we’d take a chance on our lives. Dave was always too smart for that, so he’d just watch. We’d jump on wild bulls’ backs, jump on trains going fast. We’d get on a roof of a car at highway speed. You start thinking nothing can get you and you’re indestructible. That’s part of being in sports. We were blessed with good bodies and good balance. We felt like we could do anything and nothing would hurt us.

My father was not a real brutal man like they try to play him out to be in some of those gossip rags. I was there. I remember back when my dad was a bad guy in wrestling…my brothers and I would go to school and the bigger kids would watch wrestling on Saturday night and get even on Monday. We fought together and the family who fights together would not only get good at fighting, it gets really close.

I don’t remember my parents being really super strict or abusive in any way at all. I remember a real happy childhood full of running in the Texas sun, just us and nature. We didn’t even wear clothes until we went to school. We were so far out in the country. We didn’t even have any school chums.

Mike was into painkillers. All the brothers had painkillers prescribed by doctors. Kerry was the only one who got into illegal drugs [that weren’t prescribed.]

The best way to handle pain is to grit your teeth and put ice on it. If you take one pill, next time it’ll be two of them and the next it’s going to be three. It’s just a crack in the door. It’s just the crack in the door that gets wider and wider…

Kerry figured he didn’t have anything to live for. He was rootless. He had no home. Seeing me with my family made his pain greater. It reminded him of what he was missing. It was such a sad, tragic thing. He had his two beautiful daughters and a wife he loved, but then he’d come home and all his stuff would be moved out. She’d move all his stuff out. Kerry was no saint [but] they both treated each other kind of rough. He had pretty much come to an understanding the day he killed himself. He just left having lunch with Kathy, his wife. Kerry was going to jail and he was afraid of never seeing his girls again.

He said, ‘Kevin, I’m about to kill myself…’

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Photo Of The Day

Photo: Doshia

Photo: Doshia

Andre the Giant

What Life Was Really Like For Him

Andre’ The Giant, Holding Union 76 Race Stoppers, Valli and Doshia at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

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Nothing means nothing!

Wait until he teaches them to wrestle

You’ve heard the old saying about never wrestling with pigs…you will get dirty and the pig will enjoy it. Well, imagine if you installed a slide for the pigs.


A FARMER in The Netherlands has installed a mud slide for his pigs after being inspired by the flumes at a water park.

Erik Stegink mounted a disused slide he had bought from a nearby pool on his farmland.

And in no time at all his pigs were enjoying their own amusement park, but instead of water they were diving into mud.

Surely he is going to put in a wrestling ring next?

Source/ Twitter

Source/ Twitter


Dotcon Media Moment

“It is verry important zu have a firm grip on media matters.

Kim Dotcon — supplied

Wrestling Ain’t What It Used To Be

Perhaps this is the sort of thing to liven up a Labour Party conference?

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The Irish, after closing time

Says one wit, “This is what the earth will be like if there were no women at all”.


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If Dean Lonergan arranged a Sumo/Jello/Mud Wrestling Fight for Waitakere to break the tie and raise funds for reducing childhood obesity would you pay to view:

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What is it with Winston and Boxing and Rugby League?

What is becoming very apparent with the bizarre and crooked life of Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode is that seems to be several strings in this tangled web of corruption and graft.

Let us leave aside the donations saga for a moment and look at the interesting connections that keep arising about the murky underworld of boxing and WRP, 63, LMPONFA.

Previously on this blog and on Roar Prawn we have mentioned the strange goings on linked with one Johnny Glozier and WRP, 63, LMPONFA and some side trips to Las Vegas to watch boxing. (More to come on that later)

Today Roar Prawn again makes the link between boxing and WRP, 63, LMPONFA connection with the interesting financial activities of Marco Marinkovich (am I the only one who thinks that Winston has much too many friends whose surnames end in “ich”).

Now some more connections for you that you may find interesting;

1. Marco Marinkovich was the Trust Chariman of Yellow Ribbon Trust which was shut down by Jim Anderton.

2. The Yellow Ribbon Trust was linked to boxing and poker machines as a source of funding through Dean Lonergan – As an aside Eric Watson and Mark Hotchin (Hanover Finance issues) are tied up with rugby league (NZ Warriors) and boxing!!

3. Keith Pittman (now deceased) Board member New Zealand Rugby League March 2002 to July 2006 – was CEO of the Yellow Ribbon Trust at the time it was shut down, his resignation coincided with media attention relating to DIA investigation into the Actives Trust.

4. The issue around Keith Pittman was that he became an informant for DIA in the case against Actives Trust in August 2004 the same month that DIA produced a report on investigation into “two Wellington businessmen” and alleged pokie machine fraud that also investigated NZRL links with the two Wellington businessmen. This case went to trial but was disbanded by Judge Behrens one week into a three week trial due to the state of the DIA evidence. Court documents were then suppressed for 5 years!!

6. Keith Pittman was found in the Actives Trust Court documents to have benefited himself by $130,000.

So yesterday WRP, 63, LMPONFA added another loose thread for us to pull on and when we pull on it we find that there are even more loose threads, murky dealings, and large sums of money changing hands. I wonder what will happen when we pull on the loose threads associated with Rugby league where they may end up?