Not much to celebrate for Telecom customers


Widespread problems on their XT mobile network as well as yet another (we’ve lost count?) hack into the Yahoo!Xtra email

Yahoo have advised us that they are experiencing an email security threat, which we have reason to believe may have compromised some Xtra email customers? accounts.

It appears that as a result of this threat, attempts at unauthorised access of users? email accounts have been made. ? Read more »

WhaleTech: Still operating your Yahoo!Xtra email? Think again

Starting with the line that should close this post first: ?You really should sign up for a free Gmail account and start the process of bringing your email across while you can do it under non-emergency conditions. ?After all, how may “warnings” do you need?



Hot off the press, the next Yahoo security breach has been reported from Yahoo Japan, where 10% of their customer’s information has been?euphemistically?”leaked”

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HoS, reaches new low, consults with Labour on IT issues



As I reported yesterday, the cluster**** that is Yahoo!Xtra email continues to be a severe problem for both Xtra account holders that have had their accounts compromised, and the rest of us who are in some cases receiving a deluge of spam emails clogging up the normal daily routine.

It is only normal that the Herald On Sunday would run a piece on it.

One Telecom customer was getting 20 nuisance messages a minute.

Telecom’s troubled email service is suffering a fresh spate of problems just days after the New Zealand telco announced it would stick with Australian-based Yahoo.

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