Yanis Varoufakis

Understanding Greek bludgers and their attitude

Andrew Bolt finds the perfect metaphor for Greece’s problems:

Greece?s former finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, says family obligations will keep him away from Friday night?s parliament session to debate the government?s proposed reforms in return for a third bailout?

Varoufakis tweeted that he would be spending the weekend with his daughter before she returns to Australia, where she lives. He sent parliament a letter saying he was voting in favor of the motion.

A Leftist paid a state salary skips work. He farewells his daughter to safety abroad as he votes to load Greece with more debt.

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Bludging Greek Ratbags Tell Creditors to “Get their Act Together”

Apparently it is all the creditors’ fault that the Greeks have a tax system that doesn’t work, have been on the bludge for years and cannot afford to pay it back.

Yanis Varoufakis, the Greek finance minister, said on Tuesday that the country?s creditors must ?get their act together? as loan deadlines approach for the embattled country.

The government has until Friday to pay public sector salaries, a week before the first of a string of repayments to the International Monetary Fund, totalling around ?1.6bn (?1.1bn) in June alone, must be paid.

Nikos Voutsis, the Greek minister of the interior, said on Sunday that ?this money will not be given and is not there to be given?. But on Tuesday Mr Varoufakis insisted that ?we will make the payment because I have no doubt that we will have an agreement?.

The euro slipped by more than 0.7pc against the dollar, as traders digested these conflicting messages from the country?s left-wing Syriza officials.

Kit Juckes, of Societe Generale, said: ?The Greek government will need some form of deal in order to release further funds if it is to avoid missing payments to the IMF in June.?

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