YouTube Heroes

Release the Social Justice Bullies



Social justice bullies already interfere way too much in our lives. They boycott businesses that we use, they target individuals for having the wrong opinions and now thanks to YouTube’s ?Orwellian program ” Youtube Heroes” they can now control what you can and can’t see. ?The name of the program indicates that Youtube thinks that censors are heroes whose job is to protect us from ourselves.

Youtube have cleverly harnessed the passion and self-righteousness of the SJB’s for this program. By attracting the SJB’s they have attracted a workforce prepared to work for free in exchange for the kind of power that gives them sticky knickers. Even better, the very people who usually complain constantly to online businesses like Youtube are SJB’s so this program kills two birds with one stone. Youtube has handed over the powers of censorship to their most vocal critics.

YouTube has launched an Orwellian program for users to ?moderate content.? For ?YouTube Heroes,? volunteer contributors concerned about trollish or inappropriate content?or really anything they don?t like?can connect with other ?heroes? to get ?deplorable? videos shut down. The premise is that YouTube should be a place where everyone feels comfortable because ?you deserve a place you call home.?

Really? Is YouTube a safe space comparable to hanging out in your bedroom with a bunch of friends, or is it supposed to be a place where ideas are freely shared, even those we find offensive? Evidently not the latter.
Watch the introductory video for YouTube Heroes. It?s downright creepy.

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