Please let Steffan prove this wrong

Steffan Browning thinks that homeopathy can save people from ebola.

Perhaps he might like to comment on this:

International Development Minister Desmond Swayne has dismissed concerns that Ebola is spread by zombies.

The Tory front-bencher told the Commons he had to enlighten a constituent who believed zombies were responsible for the escalation of the killer virus. ? Read more »

Kansas prepares for the zombie apocalypse

What’s the matter with Kansas?

We should see if the Greens will run a zombie?apocalypse?preparedness?month.

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback wants his state to be ready when zombies arrive.

And to make sure Kansas takes the zombie apocalypse seriously, Brownback plans to officially declare October “Zombie Preparedness Month” during a ceremonial event Friday at the Kansas Statehouse.

Zombie Preparedness Month, however, is not actually about planning a defense for viral reincarnate flesh eaters.

Instead, Brownback’s administration wants to capitalize on pop culture’s zombie obsession to raise awareness about disaster planning and response. Read more »

Zombies beware, Mossberg releases new shotgun

Mossberg has released a new shotgun into production.

Specifically designed for defeating zombies, I imagine it is equally useful on druggies and other assorted scumbags.

Love them or hate them, there?s no denying that in recent years ?Zombie? products have made their mark within the shooting industry. We haven?t addressed any zombie-centric products yet on the Gun of the Week series, but we figured that now?with Halloween just a few days away?is as good a time as any. Enter the ZMB edition of the?Mossberg?500 Chainsaw.? Read more »

What would be your zombie plan?

The Herald has an interesting article about what looks to be a fun event.

I am a 39-year-old man in excess of 1.82m who is squealing like a little girl because a man in a zombie costume has just grabbed hold of his leg. To be fair, it is the middle of the night in the woods just outside Muriwai and I am busy trying to crawl away through a wet concrete tunnel, but still I should have expected something like this.

However many times I told myself during the Zombie Survival Challenge that none of this was real, I never quite shook the fear of the awful dull-coloured entities lurching out of the trees and into the trembling torchlight in my hands.

And it was great. ? Read more »


Why do we love Zombies?

The Atlantic investigates where the Zombie?phenomenon?comes from.

People turned to literature to frame their response, to seek solace, to organize chaos into meaning. Medical science? Modern management? None of those solutions even existed. But literature did, and offered something more important: a reason to keep going. A reason to live. The Western world survived literally because a single city survived:?Constantinople. But the people behind those great walls still had to keep believing.

Jewish,?Christian, and?Muslim?writers all lived through these times, and they tapped into the climate of fear and dread. But their “apocalypses” actually had a different practical utility. AsJohannes Fried?writes, “such rhetoric is neither hysterical nor the result of panic but rather is a discourse of action, one that urges specific kinds of action … in response to belief in the imminent end.”

Apocalyptic lit helps us conquer fear. And when we are no longer afraid, we can?do. So zombie tales tell us what we have to do in the next bottleneck, no matter what form it takes or how bad it is. It is not the message here that counts but the taking onboard of the message–repeatedly–that actually preps us emotionally and intellectually.

World War Z?captures the big threat:?people give up hope.? Read more »

Britain is ready, are we?

It seems that Britain is well prepared for the zombie apocalypse…but are we? What is John Key doing to prepare us?

I can see Gareth Hughes filling out OIA requests now to see what our preparedness is for the zombie apocalypse.

A zombie invasion is a problem that may seem to belong in a horror film rather than to real life, but, none the less, the British government believes it has worked out the best way to cope with one.

In the event of an apocalypse brought about by an army of the undead, civil servants would co-ordinate the military’s efforts to “return England to its pre-attack glory”, according to a Freedom of Information request that has revealed the country’s contingency plans.

The MoD would not lead efforts to plan for such a zombie attack or deal with the aftermath because that role rests with the Cabinet Office, which co-ordinates emergency planning for the Government.

Details about the authorities’ surprising level of readiness for a zombie onslaught emerged in a response to an inquiry from a member of the public.

The MoD replied: “In the event of an apocalyptic incident (eg zombies), any plans to rebuild and return England to its pre-attack glory would be led by the Cabinet Office, and thus any pre-planning activity would also taken place there.

“The Ministry of Defence’s role in any such event would be to provide military support to the civil authorities, not take the lead. Consequently, the Ministry of Defence holds no information on this matter.”

The Zombie Pumpkin Garden

Ray Villafane’s Zombie Pumpkin Garden at The New York Botanical Garden

Some pumpkin carvings are merely jack-o-lanterns. Others, like the zombie pumpkin created by master gourd sculptor Ray Villafane, are works of art.

Face of the Day

DeviantARTist?Clocktowerman?has a mashup collection of Zombie Disney characters.

What is your Zombie plan?

Andrew Sullivan is concerned about the ethics of killing Zombies…but aren’t they already the undead…or is it the living dead?

Kyle Munkittrick?runs?through the various ethical scenarios:

For those who are infected and in transition to the point of having lost lucidity, the moral action is immediate death. Whether you are considering the later possible harms of the zombie, the current harms of pain to the individual, or the dignity of the person being robbed by the transition, the lack of reasonable thought means that person’s protests and pleading are to be ignored. All thought is now the result of infection madness, through a haze of blinding pain, or the manifestation of the zombie micro-organism’s self-preservation function and are not to be considered in the way the pleading of a lucid person would be.

I’m all confused…I reckon we don’t take chances and ethics matter not and so we kill them all, so what is your Zombie plan?

I know one thing, my Zombie plan will include this ammunition: