A bit of humour to sell the Canadian Film Festival


Somehow the German accent makes this even more awesome

Zombies, Bad Coffee and Warm Beer

You can always count on our Ocker mates to turn out another classic in this genre:

About two years ago my brother and I came up with the idea to meld Mad Max with Dawn of the Dead and make the best zombie film ever produced in Australia. Cut to now and we?re about a third of the way through the film and still going strong.

We?ve assembled a cracking cast & crew of disgustingly talented actors, filmmakers & make-up artists who are all working their guts out in order to deliver a piece of ?Oz-ploitation? cult cinema that will sit easily next to the likes of Evil Dead, Bad Taste & 28 Days Later ?

We are super-passionate about this project and will stop at nothing to get the film done.

We meet up every month or so to film another slice of monster-mayhem ? this means twelve to sixteen hour days with the usual 3am wrap for night shoots, sticky-sweet fake blood spatter on every surface, cuts & bruises, bad coffee, run-ins with local police, 5am wake-up calls, cold pizza, mud-buckets, heat-stroke, faulty props, warm beer, stinging contact lenses and the frenetic, grinding stress that can only come when working to a horribly unrealistic & ambitious schedule.

We LOVE it.

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CPR makes you Undead

Cool ad from Canada about CPR:

CPR makes you undead ? that?s the message behind this brilliant PSA from the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada.

The video was created to raise awareness about the basics of CPR. A horde of zombies stopped chasing a woman to perform CPR after she suffered a heart attack, seemingly out of fear.

?The goal of the campaign is to raise public awareness and promote hands-only CPR,? said Mark Holland, Director of Health Promotion and Public Affairs of the Heart and Stroke Foundation in a press release. ?In Canada, the survival rate for out-of-hospital cardiac arrests barely exceeds five percent. We must do better, and we can, if we all learn CPR.?

Is the Zombie Apocalypse Upon Us?

? Stuff.co.nz

There are more and more of these types of attacks being reported. I’m starting to wondering if the zombie?apocalypse?is upon us:

A Chinese woman has had to undergo extensive plastic surgery after a crazed bus driver pinned her down and began chewing her face.

It is at least the sixth such bizarre and gruesome attack, with several stories about cannibalism recently making headlines across the world.

The UK’s?Independent?said the attack happened last week in the city of Wenzhou, south east China. Witnesses caught it on camera and posted footage on YouTube.

It was reported the man, known to locals as Dong, had been drinking heavily during a lunch with friends before running on to a busy street and stopping traffic.

He targeted a car being driven by a woman identified only as Du, jumping on her bonnet and hammering on the windscreen.

Witnesses said Du sat inside screaming but then scrambled out of the car. Dong chased her before leaping on top of her and biting and chewing her face.

Witnesses tried to pull the “crazed” Dong off her, but were unable to.

Police eventually arrived at the scene and restrained and arrested the man, but not before he had caused considerable damage to the woman’s face.

The attack is the latest in a string of “face chewing” incidents around the world.


Has the Zombie Apocalypse started?

? Palm Beach Post

Is this patient zero in?the?Zombie apocalypse?

One man was shot to death by Miami police, and another man is fighting for his life after he was attacked and his face allegedly half eaten, by a naked man on the MacArthur Causeway off ramp, police said.

The bloodshed began about 2 p.m. when a series of gunshots were heard on the ramp, which is along NE 13th Street, just south of The Miami Herald building. Witnesses said a woman saw the two men fighting and flagged down a police officer who was in the area.

The officer, who has not been identified, approached and saw that the naked man was actually chewing the other man?s head, according to witnesses. The officer ordered the naked man to back away, and when he continued the assault, the officer shot him. The attacker continued to eat the man, despite being shot, forcing the officer to continue firing. Witnesses said they heard at least a half dozen shots.

Miami police were on the scene, which was just south of The Miami Herald building on Biscayne Boulevard. The naked man who was killed lay face down on the pedestrian walkway just below the newspaper?s two-story parking garage. Police requested The Herald?s video surveillance tapes.

The other man was transported to the hospital with critical injuries, according to police. Their identities were not released.

Focussing on the things that Matter, Ctd

Labour and Clare Curran are foccusing on the things that matter to Kiwi voters…like a zombie?apocalypse:

Are Phil Goff and Annette King making a come back?

What is your Zombie plan?

Andrew Sullivan is concerned about the ethics of killing Zombies…but aren’t they already the undead…or is it the living dead?

Kyle Munkittrick?runs?through the various ethical scenarios:

For those who are infected and in transition to the point of having lost lucidity, the moral action is immediate death. Whether you are considering the later possible harms of the zombie, the current harms of pain to the individual, or the dignity of the person being robbed by the transition, the lack of reasonable thought means that person’s protests and pleading are to be ignored. All thought is now the result of infection madness, through a haze of blinding pain, or the manifestation of the zombie micro-organism’s self-preservation function and are not to be considered in the way the pleading of a lucid person would be.

I’m all confused…I reckon we don’t take chances and ethics matter not and so we kill them all, so what is your Zombie plan?

I know one thing, my Zombie plan will include this ammunition:

The Zombie Apocalypse

In 2008 New Zealand voted out Helen Clark and her failed regime.

She was replaced by her old failed team and they took Labour to a worse result in 2011.

Now they are talking about taking Labour through to the next election.

Supporting cast:

Jacinda Ardern: Young and glamorous. Lost narrowly in Auckland Central, but seen as a face for the future. May want to wait before she takes a tilt at the top echelons, but is being advised to grasp the chance when it comes. Could be a contender for deputy if Labour reaches for the change levers.

Trevor Mallard: Could fill in as finance spokesman if one of the other contenders bails out in a fit of pique. Strong debater and shadow leader of the House.

Shane Jones: Will probably get a prominent role because Labour is moving strongly to reclaim the Maori vote. Not in the front row of leadership contenders, and has lost many of his caucus advocates at the election. A powerful debater.

Annette King: Mother of the party and will be highly ranked ? Labour needs women in high places ? if she wants to stay.

Phil Goff: Can command a high spot and could take foreign affairs or leader of the House.

Only Jacinda is not a political zombie tarnished by close connections of the failed Clark regime. The others the public have decided are not for them and John Key must be thinking he is truly blessed if Labour keep King, Mallard and Goff in senior positions.

Labour need a clean out as the public have clearly showed over two elections. They need new people in senior positions so the public don?t see the same failed politicians trying to sell the same failed policies. Putting King, Mallard and Goff on the back bench would be the best thing a new leader could do to improve Labour?s chances.

Labour needs a “Zombie Survival Plan“?before?they need anything else. What are they going to do with their pending Zombie?Apocalypse.

Be prepared for the Zombie apocalypse

Hornady have just released some new anti-Zombie ammunition:

Be PREPARED ? supply yourself for the Zombie Apocalypse with Zombie Max? ammunition from Hornady?! Loaded with PROVEN Z-Max? bullets… yes PROVEN Z-Max? bullets (have you seen a Zombie?). Make sure your “bug out bag” is ready with nothing but the best!